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Digestive Diary - Recovering from Work Stress Posted 6 years ago
11:46 a.m.
Gluh. Last night I slept weird. All that stress from yesterday gave me weird, almost-bad dreams. I keep thinking my boss must hate my guts and totally want to get rid of me but just isn't saying so yet. Gah! I wish I could turn my brain off.

Luckily my guts are working fine. My morning shit was right on time. Guess some of the stress was still left... along with some of cutie pizza boy. >_< He wasn't quite so nasty today. Just two brown, wrinkly floaters and a LOT of gas. Glad no one lives here but me cause they'd be out the door by now. XD

Here's hoping that's the last of pizza boy. Luckily, I've found a little someone to take his place. ;3 She was sitting by herself at the cafe where I grabbed breakfast. We talked a bit. She was pretty...
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Digestive Diary - A Predator's Gastro-Journal! Posted 6 years ago
Warning! Dirty stuff following!

Note: This requires a bit of explanation. First off: I use the bathroom everyday. I know! It's a scandal, but it's true. And that happens to be when I do most of my vorish day dreaming. What can I say: getting rid of a meal makes me think about my next one. I'm pretty predatory and I'm also pretty fond of enjoying my meals going down AND coming out. I was also once diagnosed with an intestinal disease (misdiagnosis thankfully!) that made me very very aware of the workings of my guts. So, I've always thought it would be fun to have a "predator's health journal." A record of what went in and how it came out, like one would make to battle stomach problems, but from a pred's point of view. Now I have a blog on a vore site, why not start...
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