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hello eka's! i'm a writer and sometimes (read: very rarely) artist who has been stalking the site for some time and only finally worked up the courage to create an account and try to get into the community. vore is something i'm still sort of reserved about, but every time i think i've drifted away from it i end up coming right back. i'm not going to fib--i'm totally here for the porn, and that's probably what 99% of my gallery is going to be. my interests sort of swing from one month to the next and my submissions will probably reflect that, too, but you can expect to see a lot of furries, a lot of ladies, and a lot of both nonfatal passthrough and containment. i admit i get a lot of my encouragement from feedback, so if you even have a smidge of inclination to comment, go right for it. i love talking to people about my work. currently i'm still getting a feel for the site and how everything works, so excuse formatting mistakes or a lot of rambling in the submitter's comments--the former because i have to learn and the latter because hoo boy, new community makes me nervous and when i'm nervous i can go on forever. hopefully i'll get to meet some of you out there who share my interests. don't be shy, and i'll try my best not to be either! ♥

btw, call me whimsy. :)

on requests:
art: no
writing: yes

i am totally down for doing story requests, but i make no promises. just be aware that i'm uncomfortable with the consumption of bodily waste, underage characters, and real-life people (i.e. celebrities.) right now i'm not comfortable enough with my art to sell it or try to complete pieces to someone else's specifications. that might change in the future, but for now it's going to be no-exceptions.

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Splrrrt. Grrrgk.
The buizel sighs
happily, sprawled out on the hot white sand, cradling her rotund,
berry-stuffed belly in both paws. The feeling of her hungry tummy
packed full of delicious tropical fruit is nearly enough to send her
off to sleep right there in the open. She contemplates a
well-deserved nap; it’s not as though she risks being captured—this
island is and always has been a pokemon paradise. Thanks to a
peculiar ocean current, human ships (and the trainers aboard the

Mom and Dad,'
you're reading this, it's because I've decided...' Ugh. No. Wait. 'If
you're reading this, it means I'm...' Pfffff. 'I'm writing this
because--' No, no... Ugh. Fuck it.”
heaves a sigh and closes the word processor window on his computer,
roughly shoving his chair back away from the desk and letting his
arms and head fall limp so that he's staring like a ragdoll up at the
ceiling. His whiskers twitch, his ears flatten backward against his
skull, and his bush

has always considered himself a fairly average person. He had an
unremarkable childhood, passed highschool with a B average, takes gen
eds at the local community college like everyone else, works four
nights a week, and overall just does 'all right.' He's always been
slightly introverted, and keeps only a small circle of friends. No
criminal record, no skeletons in his closet (not that any would fit
around the mess of clothes and junk stuffed into it,) just another 20
year old trying to ge

day started out picturesque—calm and warm, sunny where light was
able to break through the forest's canopy, alive with the movement of
hundreds of pokemon going about their day to anyone with a keen
enough eye to spot them. This particular stretch of woods is home to
very few top-tier predators, the pokemon living amongst one another
in relative peace, scarcely troubled by humans or danger of any kind.
a deerling just on the cusp of her evolution, has made her home here
since she w

Dearheart. Lovey, come on. I need you awake for this.”
raccoon groans at the feeling of a soft hand gently patting her
cheek, tries to respond, and then gags on whatever apparatus has been
inserted into her mouth. She tries to roll over, tries to shake her
head wildly to dislodge it, and finds that not only have her limbs
been strapped down, but whatever it is has also been buckled or tied
to her, tight enough that she can't do more than wheeze and clench
her palate and tongu

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