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Sometimes I make Sprite Animations, Render 3D Images or draw badly. Sometimes I do nothing.
Most of the Time I play games that have Guns and EXPLOSIONS!


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Or not do what ever floats your boat.


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This is a thing is it? I dunno.

Anyway I have a problem you may have noticed. I have issues with coming up with ideas or what characters to use for scenes for Renders.
So I turn to doing silly things normally or Rendering guns but no one comes here for that ( Much to my disappointment , I blame Rayen ).
So what kind of scenes and characters do you peeps want to see more of from me. throw some Ideas in the comments.
Obviously there is a bunch of stuff I won't do ( Scat, Male Preds, Monster Preds and Guro ) and some stuff I can't do at the moment either to limitations ( Lack of Skill or Hardware Limits ) or lack of assets but I'm slowly growing my asset library.

As usual I have no Idea what I am doing.

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Posted by whimsy 3 months ago

Dropped this comment in the wrong place originally, but... Your renders are spectacular. They're so aesthetically pleasing--not a hint of the uncanny valley in there at ALL, and that's so hard to do... good stuff. :D

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Posted by SukiiK 3 months ago

Thank you very much for the watch! ^_^


Posted by jyles 3 months ago

You fooound meeee


Posted by incendiumursa 3 months ago

Thanks for watching and favoriting!


Posted by MaximumImpulse 8 months ago

Thanks so much for the fave~ <3

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Posted by snuggleproxy 9 months ago

Thankz fer favin'!


Posted by cooleatme 11 months ago

Your goo girl should try eating the orc ;P


Posted by lXlNeMiSiSlXl 11 months ago

<< Reply To CrazedCultist

Heheh~ Thanks for watching! Keep those lovely Demongals coming~


Posted by CMvoreroom 1 year ago

I don't know why I did, but I'm gonna watch ya. You got some awesome work going on ;)

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Posted by FrostByte 1 year ago

Thank's for the watch, CrazedCultist. I love your work. ♥


Posted by snuggleproxy 1 year ago

Thx fer tha fav!


Posted by ItsWibo 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch!~

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