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Lara's Market Snack 1 By BIGBIG -- Report

commission for  artlover8999 Who basically is rewriting the Tomb Raider,
Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider trilogy
so that preds are a normal part of society, have been forever. Lara's trying to find magical methods
of cloning people so that there's not a shortage of prey for preds to feast on.
This scene in particular is from the Shadow of the Tomb Raider game.

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Posted by Nemyon 6 months ago Report

i hope she dint spent fortune for her dinner :)


Posted by Artlover8999 6 months ago Report

Thank you so much for the very awesome picture Big! Lara's looking lovely!


Posted by FRENKI88 6 months ago Report

We can clone animals in the real world and we could clone people too but it´s forbidden due to ethical reasons. She doesn´t need to search for magial cloning methods if they are at the same technology levels.


Posted by UnknownAlias 6 months ago Report

Yeah, but modern cloning technologies still require the clone to grow up from embryo to adult at the same rate. Therefore if you wanted to create more people to eat, cloning wouldn’t achieve that any quicker than traditional methods, and the cloning process would be a needless expense. That’s why we don’t clone our farm animals today. The only way cloning could create livestock more efficiently is if it could somehow create another adult instantly (or just more rapidly) and that seems to be scientifically impossible. Therefore I imagine the magic that Lara is seeking in Artlover’s story is capable of instantly creating a new adult person, and that is why she is seeking it. Sorry for the essay, but you seemed a little confused and I just wanted to clear this up for you


Posted by FRENKI88 6 months ago Report

oh, ok.


Posted by Artlover8999 6 months ago Report

Yeah, Unknown's basically right on the money. That, and when the entire female population in the world is a pred, you kinda need to make sure they all have plenty of food whenever they get peckish so that there's not a population deficit.


Posted by FRENKI88 6 months ago Report

EVERY GIRL? BOI you have a wild imagination. and i thought my idea of a vore multiverse was wild.


Posted by goddessyuri 6 months ago Report

Okay sign is perfect


Posted by F1reDem0n 6 months ago Report

And not a conspiracy for White Power that was started by 4chan as a trolling prank.



Posted by Straxacore 6 months ago Report

.... And for no reason I decided to play Tomb Raider today. And now you gift us with this :D


Posted by linthia 6 months ago Report

Well, Lara Croft ate some guys before too looking at her breasts~


Posted by Sparkachu 6 months ago Report

The guy in the back lmao


Posted by Umhuebr 6 months ago Report

Your profile pic made this comment the whole lot better


Posted by maxnine 6 months ago Report

now that's a damn good haul.


Posted by JamKat 6 months ago Report

Damn 0.0 That's one perfect belly