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Ass Shove [REWARD] By marloweny -- Report

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Big woman, little woman, alcohol, inadvisable bets. I think you can figure out what happens.


A reward for  Ohgra

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Posted by yugen84 1 year ago Report

Oh please let this be a series!


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago Report

That's up to the commissioner, but this isn't so different so several of the other commissions from the same person.


Posted by HankTheAnt 1 year ago Report

I normally am not a fan of anal vore but seeing you had written it I thought I could give it a shot.
And I was right! I surprisingly enjoyed this a lot. It takes a lot for me to enjoy something I don't normally like but your writing is always the best that it makes everything enjoyable.


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago Report

Always glad when my stuff makes something unpalatable into something enjoyable.


Posted by Darksaber 1 year ago Report

How damn, that was awesome!


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago Report



Posted by MontyMiyagi2513 1 year ago Report

Definitely a great story, I have to throw my vore in for a continuation to this.


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago Report

Glad you liked it.


Posted by Whereaminow27 1 year ago Report

I agree, this needs to be a series. I wonder if she made it out, or was she added. :p


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago Report

The official notes call for "not fatal or anything, but implied long term/permanent entrapment"


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 1 year ago Report

Gretta might not need that plug, all thats left is to see what she does when sober


Posted by acejt 1 year ago Report

Great story!! But if i recall right~ miss small girl people forget about sober might be SUPER hard to remember burried under mass alcohol consumption and black out amnesia. Looks like greta got that butt plug after all~! :D


Posted by Apostolos 1 year ago Report

I want a sequel where they forget about the nights events and try to find her, by backtracking through the things they can remember, until one of them realizes what happened but believing it to be a hallucination tries going in after Meg, while Gretta’s asleep,which could either work and retrieve the shorter girl or get stuck in as well


Posted by Hawkeye7 1 year ago Report

Wow, fantastic story. A big fan of reading and writing about Anal Vore, this one hit all the right spots. The unwilling Meg and her helpful 'friends' created a great scenario for Gretta to deal with, which she did successfully! :)


Posted by threk 1 year ago Report

I love every tag on this story. Great work :D


Posted by Miushima 1 year ago Report

This was phenomenal! I've always struggled to frame a 'reasonable' scenario where vore could take place when writing, but a drunken hot-tub bet does the trick. Really enjoyed this ????????


Posted by DigiDemonLord 1 year ago Report

Great work, love the story! It would be cool to see the day after the party. Will the girls remember or will they all forget? Anyways, love your work and I hope to see more!


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

This is excellent, you knocked it out of the park once again Marloweny!

The concept and entire story is great, but converse to my normal preference of anal vore going deep, I really love how Meg's just sorta lodged on the wrong side of her anus. Only a few inches from freedom. You really nailed the realism of the entire scenario; describing her curling around the bend of Gretta's intestines and Meg only really going as deep as the anus can squeeze her (for now >:D).

And I adore the very last line as well, something about Gretta's complete lack of concern or discomfort. Bet won. Bikini back on. Lets get this party going!

It's a small shame this is commissioned as-such because no amount of pestering will get a sequel out of you :p. But I certainly hope your imaginative backer requests a continuation someday!


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago Report

I'm so glad you liked it! Ohgra tends to commission sequels, so there's always a chance.


Posted by Restrogenic 1 year ago Report

Loved that. Really well written!


Posted by marloweny 1 year ago Report