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Actively failing to do the thing I'm about to say Posted 3 weeks ago
Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you're in a really lousy state of mind, and you want to talk about it because acknowledging it feels like the first step to getting over the hump, but at the same time you don't want to talk about it because you don't want people to be worried about you or feel obligated to respond with messages of support?

Yeah, that.

Anyway, smut.

Start 11:36 pm


"So, anyway, my mom want's to make us a pie," his girlfriend said.

The visit, his first to meet her parents after they'd started dating during the semester at college, had been a strange one. He really didn't think it was going well. Her mother a lovely woman who had slipped into her mid-forties with her...
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Brain worm Posted 1 month ago
While I'm waiting for some clarification on some of the remaining commissions, a one-line description from an artist I really like has worked its way into my brain. Standby to see the result of me attempting to squeeze it back out. Non-Vore, for folks who aren't interested in off-topic kinks.

Start: 11:47 pm


Janice scrolled through the tablet's list of work orders for the day, sipping her coffee as she went. She was sort of a jack of all trades technician, on loan to this department or that according to need. Today, she was in the oddly named "andronics" department. Evidently "robot maintenance" was too clear and obvious.

"Uh oh," murmured one of the other techs who was looking over shoulder at the list....
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Another Last Insomnia Posted 1 month ago
Okay, so it was wishful thinking that I could use up all of my insomnia hours with commissions. I'm actually making really good progress on them, but here I am at 1 am after having finished one and sleep? She just won't come. So...

Starting, 1:06 am


"I'm not so sure this is how this is supposed to work," he said.

Mona and her new husband had each come from very strict families. No internet. Only the most family-friendly of movies. They hadn't been permitted to date until they graduated college. In short, they hadn't seen or heard a thing about sex in thier entire lives. All they knew was it was something to do with their genitals, it caused pregnancy, and that you weren't supposed to do it until you were married. Well, they...
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One last insomnia Posted 2 months ago
I"m hoping to start chipping through the commissions I lined up starting monday night, and tomorrow is going to be super busy, so tonight is my last night to do something non-commission without feeling like I'm shirking my responsibilities.

I'm also testing a new standing desk, so yes, I've decided that if I can't sleep, I'm going to stand in my room and type some smut. No plan, usual, so here we go.

Start 11:32 pm


She paced through the supermarket. It was well past midnight, and she seemed to be the only person in the place. That was a blessing, as she didn't think she could be trusted to behave herself, but it did concern her that they wouldn't keep this 24 hour market open around the clock for much longer if no one else...
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A rare commission oppening Posted 2 months ago
Hey, folks! I may be opening for commissions, something I rarely do. I gave first dibs to the Patrons (I have a tip-jar patreon: ). I'm in a bit of a cash crunch, so I'm if my schedule allows for it, I will be opening a total of 4 slots. $30 for 3000 or so words.

I don't have many solid rules about what I will and won't take, but here are some guidelines:

1. I don't do under-aged stuff. Violent Non Consensual stuff, also no.
2. I'm not super good at writing accurately within a pop culture setting. I've done it, but it's not a strength (mostly because I'm not well steeped in pop culture.)
3. Strengths are oddball vore and TF scenarios, detailed description of sensation, and generally positive vibes.

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Havin' a hard time Posted 3 months ago
Writing time has been hard to come by for me lately. New roommate who is pretty much a "read over your shoulder" kind of guy. Basically can't write unless I'm in bed.

But I'm in bed now, so let's squirt something out, shall we?

Start 11:10 pm.


It had been fifteen years since he'd seen her. He knew it, because their last conversation had been just before graduation, and now it was their fifteen year high school reunion. When they'd met up, it was like no time had passed at all. She was just as bubbly and upbeat as he remembered her. She'd just divorced, and apparently she was happy to be free of what she'd described as a painfully dull and loveless relationship. No kids. And the years had been so kind to her. By the end of...
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Behind the scenes Posted 4 months ago
I thought you folks might like to see what it looks like when I brainstorm stuff. Here's the Rubbing the Genie the wrong way file.

Must haves:
Impossible self-unbirth
Extremely casual sensuality
Wholesome, legitimate affection
Some sort of an advancement of the relationship/meaningful bonding.

Meet the parents? Maybe Majesca’s Mom shows up to check on her?
Too similar to ideas for Siren Song 12.
She gets drunk and makes a lot of wishes? Then can’t remember them?
Has a drunken fling with an ex boyfriend. They have sex, the foreplay summons Majesca under his control. Shenanigans ensue for the next twenty four hours.
Maybe something...
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Time for yet another one of these Posted 4 months ago
Hey, folks. I'm in "for crying out loud, would you please just finish something" mode. So if there's an ongoing series you'd like to see continued or concluded, feel free to comment with which set of characters you'd like to see me get a little closer to their happily ever after. My productivity has been pretty darn good in my day job, so I"m hoping that means once I put the spurs to a hobby project it'll make some good progress too.
End of the challenge Posted 5 months ago
I didn't do as good as I'd hoped, but I did better than I expected. Lots of new stories, but the inspiration well is a little low at the moment.

At the beginning of the month I had five things on my to do list that I figured would be easy additions to the heap of stories I intended to write. I did two of them.

The one I really out to do, but can't seem to get myself to push over the finish line, is the Siren Song finale.

I'm sure at least some of you remember the string of Ronya/Peia stories about the siren and her lover, Patron rewards for Groblek. Way back wnen I started writing them, I was asked if I intended to finish the story. I said I would, even if the Patron reward stories had to come to an end. Now, I've for sure written the number of words...
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How'm I doin'? Posted 6 months ago
As you folks may have noticed, I've been pumping out the stories lately. It's my half-assed attempt at something resembling NaNoWriMo. Hope you've enjoyed the stuff. I'm kind of running out of steam at the moment. There's a ton of stuff I can, or should, write. But I've reached the point where the stuff that's left requires research/rereading my stuff and I can't gather my wits sufficiently for that to happen, so I'm just writing things I can bang out in one night, mostly. Inspiration doesn't necessarily come when I want it to, though.

Anyway, if you haven't headed over to Furaffinity, I have an account there too and there are some things over there that aren't here, since they're low on vore. Might vore them up and put them here anyway. I'm kind of arbitrary with that...
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