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Two stories down. Posted 1 month ago
There are now two patreon rewards in the hopper, waiting for approval. One more patreon story and I (believe I) am all caught up. Then I can chip away at trades and non-patreon commissions. Go, go, go!

And, as a treat for me, here's a stream of consciousness something or other. Let's see what comes out of my brain. Your guess is as good as mine!"


They'd been locked up together for the last few weeks. There wasn't anything strange about that, these days. Lots of people were locked up together. But they were roommates in an apartment that really wasn't meant for more than one person. Until now, things had worked fine because he had the day shift at his job and she had the night shift at hers. Now neither of them had any shift. They were...
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OOF! Posted 1 month ago
I have had a HELLACIOUS few weeks. I'm not sick. Not with the Coronavirus, anyway. But egad have I been utterly demolished by "essential work." (I'm an IT guy. We live in a world where the guy who resets passwords is a front-line soldier in a biological war.) But I've got THREE WHOLE DAYS OFF. Let's see how many stories I can crank out. I owe three commissions and there are some requests and trade offers floating around. Can I finish them? PROBABLY NOT! But we'll find out. I might have some vignettes mixed in.
A book I co-wrote is out! Posted 2 months ago
Many years ago another writer and I met at a comic convention where there was a writer meet-up. We started pitching ideas and eventually ended up with a novel and a half. It is officially released on Amazon. You can find it here: https://www.amazon.com/Silver-Dragons-Veil-Valley-Tale-ebook/dp/B0852GRM9J

It's not vore. It's not even particularly erotic. But it DOES feature a restaurant where they can make anything you've ever eaten, so I guess you can sort of imagine it's a crossover with the Fantasy Date series?
Strange couple of weeks Posted 4 months ago
I've been having a strange time lately. Insomnia is back, which would normally mean more stories for you folks, even if they aren't the most coherently written. But this time around I've had the combination of something better to do (beta reading for an author I really like) and just general anxiety problems making it really hard to think straight. The kind of anxiety were every few minutes I realize I'm clenching my teeth and I have to manually relax my jaw. Reading has really helped, actually. The guy writes deep, and I was able to lose myself for a bit.

On the plus side, I read and enjoyed a story that won't be out for months. On the minus side, I've also written a vore fan-fic for a scene in that I can't release here because:
1. It would be a violation of the trust...
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Brain Broken from Way back Posted 5 months ago
I was cleaning out an old box with a pad from high school and found this on the back page:

"A lady wears rubber pants. She starts farting and the pants start to inflate because of fart gas. As the pants inflate they creep further up and out until her upper body slips fully inside and she's just in there with all the farts."

So my brain has been weird and broken for pretty much ever.
Scraping Myself Together Posted 7 months ago
Been a bad couple weeks, folks. Work got a lot heavier, a couple big expenses drained the bank account. I've been in a real bad place mentally. Working on it. That said, I'm going to get to work on commissions again. Messages going out to patrons soon. There's a longer term story I've been itching to get rolling on with Groblek in particular.

You might see a couple vignettes from me soon. Thanks to that bluetooth keyboard, I've been able to turn short breaks into longer snippets than usual.
Light at the end of the tunnel Posted 9 months ago
After working seven days a week for the past couple weeks, it seems like I've got a couple days off coming. I'm going to try to catch up on the Patreon stuff, but in the mean time, here's something I wrote on my phone while sitting in a server room waiting for an OS to install. It continues from the last blog. I guess eventually I'll collect and post them in my gallery:

A woman with a rather bloated and very lively tummy waddled out of a doorway and leaned heavily on the wall beside it. A man with a curious and concerned look on his face was waiting for her.

"*Hic* Ooh... That was... weird," she said.

"So what happened?" he asked.

"I went in there and... let's just say I'm not hungry anymore," she said.
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Various Statuses Posted 10 months ago
Patreon Status: Probably going to have to pause it. Time is tight and so is money, and overtime pays better than patreon. (At least for the speed I'm able to write)

Insomnia Status: It's almost 3 am, but tomorrow is Saturday, so... Here, but not presently threatening to do any financial or social damage. (Not that I've got much social life to damage)

Mental Health Status: I don't want to bum anyone out by going into detail, which is probably already too much detail to achieve that goal.

Story Status; Two commissions currently in progress and inaccessible until I get my laptop charger from my friend's house. Two more waiting for when I finish them. And... This idea here.


"So where did you say you got this stuff?"...
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Hidden stories Posted 1 year ago
Did you know I sometimes post stories without vore in places that are not here? It's true! Secret stories! Unless you follow me in those places. Then just other stories. Like this one: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/31380782/
Ill advised literary itch Posted 1 year ago
I've got to say, and maybe this will fade, but I'm kind of itching for one of those longer-term stories that actually involves character and emotion. Sort of like Size isn't A Big Deal. Not sure if I should bring that story back and maybe plan out a multi-chapter arc, or maybe try to make something new. Possibly in the "Fantasy Date" setting or something like that.

I'd kind of like it to be something at least relatively new. The problem is, practically every time I write anything, people say they'd like a continuation of that, so I feel like adding something new will exacerbate the problem by potentially adding yet another thing for people to be disappointed I've not written more of, as well as disappoint people that I'm not continuing something else I've written. ...
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