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I desperately needed something cozy Posted 13 days ago
Been feeling cooped up in my own head. Needed to conjure some fluffy thoughts.

Start: 11:58 pm


It had been a tough day. He flopped down on the couch in their shared apartment. He didn't bother turning on the TV. He just sat there, eyes on the corner of the blank screen, letting his brain decompress.

"Oh!" came a voice from the doorway. "You're home!"

He turned to one of his roommates. She was cute, about his age. He liked her, but they were really only acquaintances, despite living together. She always had a smile for him, and he had one for her, but they had their own lives and didn't intrude on one another.

It took him a moment to notice that there was something different about her. Her...
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Another Interactive for you all. Posted 2 weeks ago
This was a collaboration with Toonvasion on FA (and DA):

Not a lot of vore (but some, if you look for it). This one's a bit more of a puzzle to get from end to end. Might add some more stuff to it.
More can't sleep Posted 2 weeks ago
As often as this happens, it happens far less now than it has in the past. That's a plus.

Start 1:15 am


"So would you like to tell us about your new hair salon? What makes it so special?"

"I'd love to. Most salons have boring styles created by boring old humans. But we feel that to embrace the essence of beauty and style is to embrace the chaos of nature. And to do that, we allow animals to style the hair. Bring in the client!"

A lovely young woman, quite likely a hired model, enters the room and sits down in the salon chair. A window behind her is opened, and a giraffe sticks its head in. It sticks out it's long black tongue, swirls it around the woman's long hair, and pulls it into its mouth to start...
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Another experiment Posted 3 weeks ago
This is another interactive. This one's pretty light on vore and is filled to the brim with other kinks. It was suggested by someone on FA.
Insomnia is my least favorite Posted 3 weeks ago
Laying awake, staring at the wall, waiting for sleep. Decided to do this instead.

Start 1:58 am


"Now just relax," she said to her customer, though the words really should have been to herself.

This was her first solo massage, which normally wouldn't be so harrowing, except this was the massage parlor who had made waves a few years ago by introducing, "The Special," a massage type that used a proprietary oil that allowed bodies to be made malleable in any number of ways. She cast a nervous glance at "The VIP suite," which was what they called the display shelf that showed the various sculpted clients at some stage of their thirty day stay in some compressed shape or another. Most were vaguely phallic....
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An experiment Posted 4 weeks ago
So I tried to make an interactive story. I believe the link below will download it as an html and you can then open it in your browser and try it.

If you try it and it works, let me know what you think! I might do more of these.
Rejected Scenes Posted 1 month ago
It's time for more rejected scenes! These are ideas that I had for recent (and less than recent) stories that I either decided I didn't like or decided might belong somewhere else.


Vivvie and Judy

Judy stretched a bit and took a deep breath, slowly sliding from sleep. Whiff she got was of spiced honey. She smiled dreamily and nuzzled a little closer. There was a soft, moist pressure when she did so, and a gentle *squish*. It was just enough to push her fully to wakefulness and discover that she was nose deep in the reptilian slit of her dragony bedmate. She licked her lips and grinned at the sweet flavor. A though occurred to her, and she decided to give it a try. She nuzzled her face still harder, pressing her face into the slippery, stretchy...
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Taking advantage of a Hiatus Posted 1 month ago
Since I pulled the plug on the auto-commissions, I decided to take a couple days to indulge some of the less common stories I'm asked to/commissioned to write. You saw one in the form of Spider-Dom. The other isn't even remotely vore, so I'll just link it here:

Also, here's an idea that I swear I wrote before, but a cursory search didn't turn it up, so...

Start 11:49:

"So... you... Uh... You stretch everywhere?" Strongfella said.

"Yep," said Elasto-las.

The pair were waiting in the alley beside the police station, waiting for some crime to fight. Things had been slow lately, so they tended to spend hours waiting and getting progressively more bored. ...
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Merry Christmas Posted 2 months ago
It's been Christmas for 8 minutes. I might be one of the few people who is slightly relieved that festivities are canceled this year, because my tolerance for crowds has diminished lately and I'd just be anxious the whole time.

Let's see if we can squeeze out some Christmas cheer in the form of weird fetish vignettes, shall we?

We'll call these non-canon until I say otherwise.


Christmas 1

Hydra bounced excitedly as they stood outside the quaint suburban home, waiting for the door to open. Dorothy was looking terribly nervous, her arms weighed down with wrapped presents. The goo-girl, on the other hand, was giggling and jiggling with anticipation. Her gooey body was a head to toe "Ugly Christmas Sweater" design,...
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Christmas is coming Posted 2 months ago
There's not likely to be much of a holiday celebration this year, for obvious reasons. That's a little bit of a relief. I'm looking forward to spending the christmas break recovering from the once again breakneck work schedule.

Here's a little more therapeutic stream of consciousness to see what perviness is floating around in my head, keeping me awake.

Start 11:56 pm


She fluttered her eyes at me from across the room. I looked around to see who else she could have been giving such a come-hither stare to, but we were alone. By the time I was finished looking, she'd already made her move. He gasped slightly as her soft, substantial curves pressed against me, pinning me to the wall. She was a foot taller than me, and had the most...
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