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hi there. I'm known as JoeyTheNeko On Da, and am a well known vore commissioner, and I would say half decent writer and roleplayer. I'm always open to making new friends. I have my own setting, a dimension known as taron, that I'm interested in expanding on.

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list of breath and metabreath feats available to those
races and classes that have breath weapons with recharge
times measured in rounds, enjoy. note: metabreath feats can copy
the effects of metamagic. as a rule, metabreath feats that copy
metamagic feats have the prerequisites of: breath weapon with
recharge time measured in rounds, con equal to 12+2 per spell level
the metamagic it copy's adds to spells, increases recharge time by
number of rounds equal to spe

inclusive list of archery style feats. these are both fighter bonus
feats and ranger combat style feats. enjoy. these feats work equally
well with thrown weapons and modern ranged weapons, as well as
non-archery old ranged weapons.
Ranged Attack:Prerequisites: str 14, dex 14, base attack bonus can power attack with a ranged weapon. the same rules for a
normal power attack applies.normal: you cannot power attack to
modify damage to ranged attacks.Greater Power Ranged

lists for half celestials, half fiends, half axiomats, and half
anarchs. enjoy.Half Celestials:an inherited template that
can be added to any corporeal non-outsider creatures with int of at
least 4 and non-evil alignment, referred to as the base
creature.Type: change the creatures type to native outsider.
do not recalculate Hit Dice, base attack bonus, or saves. Size is
unchanged.Speeds: add a fly speed of 60 feet, or the
creatures fly speed if it is already higher.Armor class:

list of some various useful epic feats one can take in taron. enjoy.
not all inclusive, and any not found here or in other taron
deviations can still be used by taron ocs. only available to
characters with more then 20 hit dice.Epic Skill Focus: (epic
feat)Prerequisites: 20 ranks in a skill, character level
21.choose a skill you have 20 ranks in. gain a +50 bonus to
checks with that skill. you can take this feat multiple times,
choosing another skill you have 20 ranks in to gain this benefit e

of some feats that involve spending action points that are available
in taron, enjoy.Heroic Spirit:you gain a bonus 5 action
points per level.Epic Heroic Spirit: (epic
feat)Prerequisite: character level 21, heroic gain
a bonus 10 action points per level. this stacks with the bonus action
points of heroic spirit.Greater Fortune:you can improve
the dice size of the dice rolled for a D20 roll by one step. so a D6
becomes a D8.Epic Greater Fortune: (epic feat)Prerequisite:
greater fo

list of useful draconic heritage feat available for taron characters.
enjoy. not all inclusive, others may exist then those found here.
(draconic feat)Prerequisite: character level gain the
dragonblood subtype. you gain a bonus HP per hit dice, a racial bonus
to spot and listen checks of 1 per hit dice, and immunity to magical
paralysis and sleep effects. you can take this feat even if you don't
have draconic heritage, and it allows you to take other draconic
feats without

list of useful Fey Heritage feat available to taron ocs. far from all
inclusive: others can be found that are not here.
enjoy.Feytouched: (fey heritage feat)you are
distantly decended from feykind. you gain benefits from embracing
that gain 1 hp per hit dice, and +1 bonus per hit
dice on social skill checks. you gain immunity to magic sleep
and paralysis effects. you can take other fey heritage feats.Fey
Heritage: (fey heritage feat)Prerequisite:
gain immunity

a list of some of the ones I personally thought are the most
useful incarnum feats one might find in taron. not all inclusive,
Essentia: (incarnum feat)Prerequisites: con 14, character level
6.gain 2 bonus essentia per hit dice, or 4 per hit dice if your a
meldshaper.Epic Essentia: (epic, incarnum
feat)prerequisites: con 22, character level 21.gain 4 bonus
essentia per hit dice, or 8 per hit dice if your a meldshaper.
you can take this feat multiple times, i

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that is all I wanted to say. have a lovely day.

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