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A humble ex-lurker with a fondness for micro/macro safe vore. I've started sharing some writing here, but I also just enjoy theorycraft.

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The cool night air washes over me. I don’t know why, but I haven’t been able to sleep lately. I also don’t know why that’s driven me to roam the streets in search of peace, but there is a certain magic about my small city at night. It’s quiet, uncluttered, even dark enough to see some stars.
I’ve always loved stars. We understand now that they’re ancient cosmic fires which dwarf the world we know, but their beauty reaches us from so incredibly far away

“I, um...worked as a caterer.” Sage began, nursing the smooth drink his memories seemed to flow from, “That Lit course I took? Yeah, the entire rest of the program was even more worthless. But, my best friend was there to look out for me when I learned that. Brian and I went all the way back to high school...he really got to say ‘I told you so’ a lot when I ended up as his employee. Unfortunately, I sucked at cooking. And no, not like the sandwiches you bagged on, I

It is hard for me to say what I am. I have heard many terms for my kind, but none have sounded right for me. I do not have a name, either, but I do know what I love: I care very much for my home, and my human.
My human is named Samantha. She has strawberry-blonde hair and hazel eyes, is a bit tall (which she’s insecure about), and keeps fit despite her slender frame. If we were the same size, she would actually look quite similar to me. Although my colours are different, and my body is la

Two men walked along the city sidewalk, their longcoats billowing in the cooling night air. Wearing fedoras and walking in-step as they were, one could be mistaken for a reflection at a glance, but closer observation revealed their distinctions. The man to their left wore a black coat, and a blood-red tie peeked out from beneath his matching vest. Although little of it showed, the dress shirt underneath was a silver-grey hue, with the collar folded down, and his black trousers matched his coat.

“Take me to him.”
“Confirm your deposit and we can begin.”
Visibly frustrated, the gruff man produced a paper from his pocket bearing a string of numbers. The level-headed interlocutor received it with a right hand clad in black leather, and produced a smartphone from his pocket with the ungloved left. Comparing the paper’s contents to the information on his phone, he nodded in approval.
“Everything appears to be in order,” the bespectacled younger ma

Sage approached the dented door, looking around for any sign of an ambush. Behind his back, he held a sleek balisong, its blade already drawn. Seeing no threats on the outside, he gently turned the doorknob, but found it locked. Biting a lip, he brought himself to knock firmly on the door.
He heard no footsteps, but after a moment the door unlocked. Tensing his grip on the knife, he took a deep breath as the door opened, then released it in relief at seeing Rosemary behind it. She quickly usher

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Hey Birichino, would you like a roleplay anytime? If so, please message me! I'm also seeking a writing partner for stories

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