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A humble lurker with a fondness for micro/macro safe vore. I don't actually write here, but I always enjoy theorycraft.

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Tessalia was a hero. She was heir to the Lightning Clan, daughter and future replacement to the leader of her Tribe, and the final victor in the contention with humanity’s Champion she had inherited from birth. She was also, much less to her enjoyment, a first-time man-eater, having swallowed the fallen-feigning Champion in question two hours ago. While she had enjoyed the process slightly more than she would feel comfortable admitt


You lean against the soft stomach wall, gaze fixed upon the timid girl before you. Or rather, the timid girl around you. Although the delicate body looking back at you is real, the mind inside it is that of a giantess. The same giantess whose stomach now massages your body with nervous undulation.


“...I’m sorry


Something’s shaking you. The spot you’re laying is soft and warm, but...wet. And loud. A symphony of strange gurgles surrounds you as push yourself up from the spongy floor and sit upright.


“Oh, I’m so glad you’re okay!” a small voice comes from beside you. Looking over, you see a girl, d


Wake up, Senpai~”


Your eyes slowly open, revealing the girl looking down at you. Her long chestnut hair is loose today,

with bangs partially obscured by her enormous glasses. In truth, the coke-bottle lenses seem completely opaque to you, but s


Lightning tore through the heavens. A peal of deafening thunder rang out. Drenched in rain, the Champion dove at his foe, shattering only the rock behind the beast with his hardened fist. He had trained nearly his whole life for this battle, but the creature was more than just powerful.




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Saw a comment you placed where you also enjoy and remember Princess Snake.


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Hey Birichino, would you like a roleplay anytime? If so, please message me! I'm also seeking a writing partner for stories

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