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Hey there! I write M/M human vore stories. Mostly because there just isn't enough of them and if I have to be the one to write some, so be it. That doesn't mean I'm not interested in reading other kinds, but currently I don't expect to write any others.

I'm a big fan of absorption/fusion and muscle growth so those elements tend to be present in all my works. Also cock vore is my favorite style of vore, but I write stories including other kinds because I know the struggle.

Writing Cowmen and Bullmen and Nifty.org ( just to clarify, not about furries) Vore is a theme and what ultimately inspired me to write it, but it's not pervasent. The story is more plot focused and has other themes such as mpreg, muscle growth etc. Update: my beta reader is having some 2020 problems butI will continue on.

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I was thrilled to have my son home for the summer. College was over and we had lugged his stuff back into his bedroom.
That night I had ended up falling asleep in front of the TV. The movie was long over, and it was dark outside. Thankfully my son had thrown a small blanket over me. I wasn’t planning to spend the rest of my night down here. With no lights on I had to use the monitor to plot my course upstairs. Turning off the TV, I trekked up the steps.
When I got to the top, I heard grun

I woke up groggily to the alarm clock in my hotel room going off. My head was killing me terrible way to start the day. Sleeping in my bed and using my arm like a pillow was my best man, Bento. He was curled up in my side with a smile on his face. Neither of us had made it under the cover. Bits of last night came to me. Me and him stripped down to our underwear then had a sword fight on my bed.
My hand slammed down on the alarm, shutting it off. Looking down at my briefs I had a huge case of mo

I stared at the ceiling, laying in bed. What would I do today? Days could just past by and I struggled with how to fill them. I used to love surfing; I could spend a whole day on the beach but that was along time ago.
The clock read 6pm. Had I slept the whole morning? Shoot, I was late for a date!
Standing up and looking full length mirror, I looked at lot better than I felt. I was in my underwear and my body was begging to be shown off like a model. I did a few flexes in front of the mirror,

“I love you too, ” The guys heard Romeo whisper to his boyfriend. Curtis snatched the remote from Sullivan and turned up the volume to drown out the conversation.
“Can you guys believe how much of a wuss Romeo has become?” Allen shared, looking at the other two. The three of them were gathered around the TV in the apartment, shirtless and in basketball shorts sitting living room, while Tanner was in guest room on his cell phone.
Curtis shot daggers, “That’s en

Dylan walked into the house cleats slamming onto the floor. His football helmet was tucked under his arms as he made his way inside. The game had been brutal tonight, first of the season. Dirt and grass stains adorned his uniform. His pads only increased his domineering frame standing in the entrance area. He kicked off his shoes, letting them hit the side of the wall.
His younger brother came in behind him, wrapping him in a hug, “ That was so awesome tonight! When you scored that touch d

“Guys, wait up!” My little brother, Dean, shouted to my best friend and me. We’d been on the trail for an hour and Dean was starting to get tired. My best friend, Jax and I had been hiking since we were teens, so this was no problem. Dean on the other hand, found comfort in staying indoors playing video games. No judgement here. People liked different things. Too bad my parents didn’t get the memo and practically forced Dean to come with us.
I felt bad for him. Imagine c

“I can’t believe we missed it!” Vince Rossi yelled looking out the airport window while his son clung to his leg. He had prepared everything, cleaned the rooms, folded the towels, and even set out his son’s clothes for the morning. Yet somehow, they had still missed their flight! It wasn’t much of a mystery Vince had simply forgot to set the alarm. An honest mistake for anyone, but the young father was taking it personal.
At 27, Vince didn’t have the most supp

“Wait, you want me to what ?!” Lee held the oversized dog head under his arm as the suit was hot enough without it. He had to wear this ridiculous mascot uniform for the college game. It was the form of a muscular dog, but there was so much space Lee had trouble navigating it.
“Look kid, during half time you do the act. You’re supposed to eat the person we bring onto the floor that night. You know, stuff them into your suit.” Coach Forge rubbed his temple. “H

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I'm glad you like it. :D If you want to, you can ask me more about the two in PM, since there's quite a story revolving about them. That muscle growth in that comic is part of that story. xD

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Thanks for the favorites, what did you like the best there? :)

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Thank you for the fave and especially for the comment! Those are always appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the story!


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Thanks for the Fave!!! I'm a fan of your works!

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You're an amazing author and I see real talent in you. You have all the ability to write emotion like John Green, imagination like J.K. Rowling, to choose words like Scott Fitzgerald, and the plot creation skills of Stephen King. You have many good traits that, with a little work, could turn you into a well respected author someday. Keep up the good work and don't stop practicing.

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