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Writer, only write M/M stories, prefer Human/Human. Almost all will revolve around Absorption/Merging and a few will probably dip into Cockvore as a means to the previous 2.

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So this story kinda follows a lot of the same rules as my Cockvore Royale series except with a more competitive structure. Sooooo...
-Men only
-Human world/society
-You only become vulnerable to cockvore after orgasm.
Also I'm using a Patreon backed game called Nakedfighter 3D to do up the character references and also get a video of the sex fights involved in the story. The game does not and will NOT ever include vore! I'm just using it as a way to show the muscle growth and trait theft as well

Just a word of warning that this story is a little political, uses some strong language(Anti-LGBTQIA slurs) , and involves hate crimes and capitol punishment. It was mostly a way for me to work out some of the emotions I have in regards to how I’ve been feeling about the state of the world. If you have a problem with any of those things I would suggest this story is not for you. Also if you dislike the standard fan fare of absorption probably not a great story pick for you either.

Gotta catch'em all!
Part 5
Trevor stood silently at the edge of a lake looking down at his clear reflection. Behind him two transparent souls drifted around behind him, one of Murkrow and one of Kecleon. His two victims forever fused to him. Even knowing it was kill or be killed didn't seem to alleviate his guilt for doing what he did. He hated people who were cruel to Pokemon but now he was one of them. He watched their spirits drift around him, twisting and wrapping around his person until al

Better than nothing
Part 5
Speeding down the road Greg casually took a drag from his cigarette. Burning it down to the butt he smiled seeing a small black squirrel jump onto the road up a head. With no hesitation and no remorse he hit the gas and sped his car directly at the unsuspecting creature. Trying to line his wheels up for the perfect hit he swerved trying to crush the rodent only to have it panic and jump back over the curb mere seconds before it’s certain death. Snarling at his

Just a reminder that this series is based off of the wonderful vore game that was created by Aurilika, Vore War. All the races involved in this series will be ones that were present in that game. While I won’t be using all of them I will give a run down of the ones that exist in this series.
I can’t promise we’ll get a lot

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Thibs' Blog - Retiring from Eka's Posted 1 year ago

Just a little post to say that I'm moving on from Eka's. I've started a new job and have less time to write. Plus while I will always enjoy the Absorption/Merging/Cock centric things I write about I kinda feel like very few people feel the same so it starts to feel like I'm just writing for myself and it makes me feel defeated before I even start writing anything anymore. I'm tapped out. I'll still pop in from time to time but don't expect any new stories. Later all.

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Posted by penguins 8 months ago Report

Great interactives!


Posted by Kingsusiepen 2 years ago Report

You do requests?


Posted by lupinus911 3 years ago Report

Hey, haven't seen any new stories lately, looking forward to new chapters!


Posted by Toleco 4 years ago Report

Your stories are impressive. It's been awhile since I've enjoyed something this much on Eka's!


Posted by TalenKlaive 4 years ago Report

Wow! I absolutely LOVE your work!

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