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Hello Everyone!

I am a Gay Pred (Obvi I know) and I prefer m/m vore! If thats not your jam beware!

I'm finally done just lurking and decided to try my hand at writing fics!
Any positive comments or critiques are welcome! negative commentors will be devoured!

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Old Money – Collaboration with –

Contains M/M, Digestion, Disposal

Crown Falls was a beautiful city, truly the gem in the crown of the empire and was widely regarded as such. Carefully laid cobblestone roads framed the tall, white and copper roofed buildings throughout the sprawling metropolis, with a monumental glittering iron tower a

Tych – Uninvited Guest – Give-away

M/M, Digestion, Anal Vore, Heavy Disposal

Tych laid back in his gaming chair and slowly rubbed his large sloshing belly. He let out a deep

that caused the other three gamers in

Tych and Leviathan – Comm

Contains: M/M, Digestion, Disposal, Reformation

Tych sat idly in at his desk, pen in hand, pondering what he could do to liven up his next stream. He had already digested a good number of fans and special guests and

The Commune

Contains: M/M, Oral Vore, Digestion, Disposal

Max yawned as he exited the local grocery store, tired after a long week of hard work. He blinked the sleep away from his eyes, he sure was getting tired of these long work weeks and unrestful weekends. He thought of himself as an average looking g

Post-Vore Day

Contains: M/M, Digestion, Disposal

Aiden sat up slowly in his bed and groggily rubbed the sleep from eyes as the warm beams of golden sunlight cascaded across his rented room. He stretched, reaching one arm and then the other over his head before settling them on his bulbous stomach.

Steamy Date – The Other Side

Contains: Digestion, Disposal, Pred POV, m/?

It was a beautiful summer evening; The sun was setting, and a faint breeze kept the stagnant city air crisp and cool. You were going to see them there, the restaurant you picked was perfect; secluded and romantic, it drew prey in like a moth to a flame. Y

Meal Planner

Therapist says I need to start keeping a weekly journal of all the guys I’ve tanked, not only for submittal at the end of the year to the Predation Bureau but for dietary reasons….to help me watch my weight. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try for a week or two to see (I also figured I could write what kind of dudes are the tastiest, maybe I

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Hey Everyone!

Thanks for playing, but everyone got it wrong XP
For the record, I work in Architecture! I always try to include nice descriptions of whatever building my stories take place in and around. I was so confident it was a dead giveaway XD

For everyone who made guesses, I entered you into a draw and congrats to Okideb for winning! I'll get in contact and we'll work something out!

Thanks everyone for your support! It's been a good year I think and hopefully more fun stuff to come!

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Posted by PumpkinSugarSpice 2 weeks ago Report

Hi GayPred! Thanks for the watch XD I appreciate your support!


Posted by GigiFabulous 2 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the fav <3

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Posted by Muttsmutt 3 weeks ago Report

Thanks for the fave! Love your stuff <3


Posted by JustNothing 1 month ago Report

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Your welcome honey, Love your stuff <3


Posted by Daru 1 month ago Report

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Of course~.

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Posted by Pc2424 1 month ago Report

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I really liked the Post-Vore Day. Something so hot about the aftermath. Of course the experience of vore is so hot... but know what happens after, what the person becomes is really amazing.


Posted by Pc2424 2 months ago Report

Really enjoyed reading all you work. You've give me so many jerk off sessions.


Posted by riri4g 3 months ago Report

thank you so much for the watch friend! eue/❤

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Posted by Alonelysoul64 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by Garwood 3 months ago Report

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Thanks for writing M/M stuff!!


Posted by Voyager99 3 months ago Report

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Np! You have the best male pred + disposal stuff out there and good male pred with scat is hard to come by


Posted by bastard 3 months ago Report

Thanks for giving me a watch dude, means a lot <3

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