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For a long time, I didn't even have an account because I was afraid of anyone finding out I'm a voraphile. The only reason I made one was to download the games... But honestly who cares?

So I finally decided it was time to give back to the community.

(Not sure if I'm up for commissions or requests but if you like my work feel free to ask.)

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A Best Friend But a Better Meal


Despite the rest of him trembling, Aldo’s hands were still; surgical in their precision. A bead of sweat tickled his nose as it ran a trail down the center of his face. Before it reached his whiskers, a slow and gentle hand pressed a tissue to his face and dabbed away t

James Howward


“We do actually quite enjoy your artwork,” The suited man mused, as he thumbed through the portfolio in front of him


Oleta burst into her brothers’ room in a panicked state. “It’s not working!” She cried, shaking him in despite of his wide-open eyes.

Marr sighed and groggily sat himself up. Exactly enough time had passed from him laying down that he not only got no sleep but also somehow managed to be startled awake. Clearing the dream fog out of his head, he noticed his second sister was

Full of Herself


Faye nibbled gently on her finger as she waited for ‘Word’ to start. It wasn’t a strong enough bite to break the skin, but it was enough to mark her; et her feel what life might be like behind her lips. Focusing on the vibrations flowing from her nethers, she prete

Tribute to the Titty Dragon

Perched atop his rooftop, the ranger groomed his 3-day scruff in a small handheld mirror, letting his ears do the spying for him. Crouched there, cloaked in the darkness of the night, his senses drank in the city. As his fingers felt along the sharp edges of his bristles, he heard the clattering of rapid footsteps approaching him. The sound was distorted by the echoes of the stone alleyways, yet he co

Demon Pet


Name Pronunciation Guide:

Vrignu (Vah-Rig-Knew), Shurvest (Sure-veh-st), Yovrorv (Yo’vh-roar’vh)

Vrignu brushed her horns thoroughly as she drearily stared at herself in the mirror. “Hey!”

Break Down in Communications


“This is Ensign Chi. I’ve been successfully beamed down to the planet,” the man spoke into his communicator.

“Uh… Yeah we know,” The ship answ

Bite in Brazil


Mila let out a deep, satisfied sigh. “Ah! You made it!” she sang to herself as she took a sip from her drink.

Looking out from the street-side café, she could only a

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I know I know, I just got back. But worry not, I have something really big planned... It will take months, maybe even a year; I have no clue... But I promise you it will be something you have never seen on this site before!

In the meantime, I am working on a rewrite of my first books (not vore, sorry) which is my primary focus. I do have a smaller vore side project going on where another vore author (not naming any names) has given me permission to rewrite his older stories. I have two done at the moment, but I want to drop them all at the same time, so look forward to that!

I know I still have to do that tag thing, and I haven't forgotten, but it has been pushed way to back! If you really enjoy my writing you can check out my deviant art. I finally got off my ass and eited my older...
[ Continued ... ]

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