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I enjoy writing short stories. I also enjoy prompts, requests, and challenges, so drop me a PM sometime. I prefer female preds, oral vore, and scat, but I'm flexible and get into strange moods, so don't be afraid to ask. The worst I can do is say no.

The Commission Status tab has more details for requests and contains my work queue.

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“Where are my pizza rolls?” Her son’s impatient voice demanded from the living room. Stephanie sighed as she pulled the steaming plate out of the microwave, her thoughts spinning uselessly around her son again. Travis’ behavior had been gradually worsening and she didn’t know how to stop it. It went beyond normal teenage rebelliousness. She’d loved him, provided for him, and saw to his every need. Where had she gone wrong?

“Can I have a pony?”




“I promise to take care of it and feed it. I'll play with it every day. I’ll even clean up its poop.”

Jason sprinted down the deserted hallway, careening off lockers as he took corners without slowing. At the end of the long hallway, he could just make out the pinpoint of light that was his freedom. The guttural snarls behind him, getting louder, sent adrenaline coursing through his veins. Despite the extra boost, Jason knew he’d never make it down the corridor before she caught up to him. Ducking into a dark classroom, a science lab it turned out, he hid under a table in the back of the r

“Are we there yet? Why don’t we have any signal out here? My stomach hurts.” Gwen whined as she trudged behind her older brother.

Adam gave a deep sigh and readjusted his pack, trying to ignore his little sister’s constant gripes. Despite being only two years apart, he’d never felt close to his sibling, a distance that had only grown since he’d moved out when he turned eighteen. Now, two years later, their parents were dead, the resul

“This way, my apartment is just up these stairs.” Tom couldn't believe his luck as he lead his childhood crush up the stairwell and down the hallway of apartments to his modest dwelling. He’d run into Louise quite by chance at a local nightclub. They'd caught up over a couple of drinks before Tom had plucked up the courage to invite her over to his place. The attractive brunette, who was at least a head taller than him, smirked playfully and gave his hand an encouraging squeeze

Angela waved to all her friends hanging out the window as the Everton High school bus pulled away from her stop. She gave an exhausted sigh, relieved that another grueling school day had come to its end, before turning down the stretch of road that led into her neighborhood. Ahead of her, she caught sight of Maya skipping down the sidewalk in a cute floral print dress, also on her way home from school. Maya was still in elementary school, but they were neighbors and Maya’s upbeat, ever-che

Troy stared down in amazement at the fairies trapped in his hands as he crouched in the garden. The two naked, four-inch tall women, their iridescent wings bent awkwardly, clung desperately to each other, shaking like leaves. He had caught them while they

were picking some fruit off of his mother’s berry bushes and he was pretty sure their wings were damaged beyond flying at the moment, though they didn’t appear to be in pain. His teenage gaze roved

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Woo, I have over 300 watchers and almost 4,000 faves. That feels awesome! Thank you all for all your support! We should celebrate! How do people usually celebrate this sorta thing? I know, I'll take requests! XD As if that wasn't how most of my stories got there...

If you have a request for me, make sure to check out my "Commission Status" tab for instructions, rules, and work queue. As always, when the queue get's too full, I'll lock it until I've cleared it out a bit. Also, please remember that I write these stories for free as a hobby so it may take me a few weeks (or months ^^; ) to get to your story. Please be patient.

And... requests are closed. Damn, that was fast....
[ Continued ... ]

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