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I enjoy writing short stories. I also enjoy prompts, requests, and challenges, so drop me a comment or PM. I prefer female preds, oral vore, and scat, but I'm flexible and get into strange moods, so don't be afraid to ask. Please don't get offended if I decide not to fulfill your request and please don't write me a short story about the short story you want me to write. Just a few sentences, a setting, some character descriptions, your preferences, and any little details that you think would make the story awesome. I'll do my best to make it work.

A couple more details on requests in the commission tab and the request queue is posted in my blog.

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patted her bulging belly contentedly, enjoying the feeling of her
older sister settling in her stomach. There was no turning back now.
Susie had been hatching a plan for a couple of nights now, ever since
hearing her parents talking about someone named Will. Whoever this
Will was had said that if anything happened to her mom and dad, the
children would go live with her dad’s sister, Aunt Sheela. Auntie
Sheela was a nice, quiet woman who always said nice things and kept

Jack threw a switch dramatically and
cackled like a mad scientist. Tesla coils hummed to life around the
bulky equipment crammed into the small apartment. One of the images
frozen on the big screen at the center of the strange contraption
grew brighter, sharper, more defined. The air seemed to crackle with
electricity and excitement as Jack watched the familiar image, object
of his obsession, clarify and unpixilate until she looked almost
real. The screen continued to brighten until it was almos

“Hey Sis,
how was the rehearsal?” Ethan called out, hearing the sound of the
front door slamming below and little feet hustling up the stairs. He
was shocked to hear his sister crying as she streaked past his open
door and slammed another one. “Hey, wait!” Ethan threw down the
script he’d been studying and went to investigate the cause of his
little sister’s distress. He checked her room, it was empty, before
pressing his ear to the bathroom door. Faint sobs and sniffles could
just b

Moonlight struggled through the
cloudy sky, occasionally lighting upon the dreary facade of Student
Housing Building F. Half way down a hallway on the third floor was a
whitewashed door with an age-tarnished brass nine nailed to it. Long
ago someone had painted a crude six in front of the room number, its
peeling red paint a testament to the uncaring attitude that pervaded
the cheap college dormitory. Past the vandalized door, in a cramped,
dimly lit living space, two young women sat on a couch,

"Oh my God! Why do your farts
stink so bad, Jimmy?"
Jimmy and Brianna were in the
changing room at the Center for Kids Who Can't Swim Good, getting
into their bathing suits. Since the center had just opened, they were
the only two kids in the five-year old class. Brianna had stopped
undressing for the moment, gagging at the foul stench Jimmy had just
blasted from his rear.
"Shut up, Bri. Like your farts
smell any better." Jimmy retorted as he shed the last of his

Hannah cupped her hand over her
phone to shade it from the harsh glare of the warm Hawaiian sun, and
checked the time. She stretched languidly and rolled over onto her
back, so her tan would stay even. It was spring break and Hannah’s
father had decided, much to the approval of his family, that they
would spend the entire week off in Hawaii. The rest of Hannah’s
family, consisting of her mom, dad, and two younger brothers, were
somewhere down the beach building a castle or swimming or some o

Jessica glanced curiously at the
woman sitting on the bench next to her. She appeared to be somewhere
in her mid-20's, had long blonde hair and brown eyes. She was wearing
a thin, red sweater and an ankle-length pleated khaki skirt. The
woman also had a sky blue diaper bag but Jessica hadn't seen any
children with her. Jessica dismissed the stranger from her mind as
she turned her attention back to her twin little girls fidgeting in
their stroller.
"You're brave, bringing two
infants to the

Janice Wenton looked up from her
roll to the blank faces of the second grade class. It was smaller
than an average class, only eight students. Apparently there had been
an incident not too long ago, but the principal had been vague on the
details. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves. It was after
all, her first time subbing at this school. She wanted to start off
on the right foot and had taken great care to appear professional.
Her large DD-sized breasts were modestly stuffed beneath a

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First off, I want to thank all of the people who have commented, favorite'd, watched, and PM'd me since I started writing again a little while ago. I never expected to receive so much support and encouragement from you guys. It means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it. Thank you also for the requests. I love being given a prompt and building a story around it.

That being said, I'm beginning to feel a little guilty about accepting requests when I know I can't get to them immediately and I don't want you all to feel like I'm ignoring you. So I'm making a list here to give you guys an idea of where your request currently stands. The list is in the order the requests were accepted and probably the order I'll write them in. I reserve the right to work out of order or on my own personal...
[ Continued ... ]

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