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I enjoy writing short stories. I also enjoy prompts, requests, and challenges, so drop me a PM sometime. I prefer female preds, oral vore, and scat, but I'm flexible and get into strange moods, so don't be afraid to ask. The worst I can do is say no.

The Commission Status tab has more details for requests and contains my work queue.

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Ellis gave a contented sigh as he slid past his Jigglypuff’s lips and down her throat. The tightness of her soft throat massaged and teased the teenage boy as he sank into the cramped confines of the balloon-like stomach. A dim light penetrated the thin layer of taut skin between Ellis and the outside world, allowing the boy to see the soft, almost fluffy walls pressing in on him. To Ellis, it was like being encased in a warm, plush sleeping bag. There was no better way to relax after a ha

Angela waved to all her friends hanging out the window as the Everton High school bus pulled away from her stop. She gave an exhausted sigh, relieved that another grueling school day had come to its end, before turning down the stretch of road that led into her neighborhood. Ahead of her, she caught sight of Maya skipping down the sidewalk in a cute floral print dress, also on her way home from school. Maya was still in elementary school, but they were neighbors and Maya’s upbeat, ever-che

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to a P-Yu concert! SQUEEEE!”

“Pee You?” George asked his niece skeptically, unable to hide his grin as the third-grader jumped around. “That name stinks.” He chuckled as he handed over the tickets to get them through the door.

“Yeah, and so does the ending of most of her shows!” Rachel’s enthusiasm seemed at odds with the offhanded insult. George

“Aw, he’s so cute! What’s his name?”

“Buddy,” Taylor replied, beaming with pride while her friend, Casey, fawned over her large golden dog. “He’s four years old and Mom says he’s a purebred golden retriever.”

“Pure bread?” Casey asked, tilting her head curiously causing her curly blonde hair to dance across one shoulder of her flowery sundress.


“And to this day, nobody knows who pushed Gary.” Chloe ended her story in a spooky voice, flashlight held dramatically under her chin. Amber and Haley exchanged glances then burst into laughter. Chloe maintained her serious face for a moment longer before bursting into giggles along with them. It
been a pretty bad campfire story. Haley playfully pushed Amber, who responded with a swing from her pillow. Before they knew it, the three eight-year ol

In the fading light of dusk, Stitch glared across the street at the house of Mertle Edmonds. She and her friends had been harping all throughout hula class about how they were going to have a sleepover and that Lilo wasn’t invited. Stitch let out a low growl, rage burned through him at the memory. Lilo had cried on the way home. Now, with Lilo and Nani going out to the movie theater with David, Stitch had decided that this was his chance to help Lilo out and get rid of those unsavory pests

“Hello? Yes, this is Tabatha, Jake’s mom. Jake was just wondering if Todd wanted to come over for a slumber party… Yeah, Barry and Brandon will be here too... No, we’ve got dinner covered. Just send him on over… Okay, no problem. Thanks, bye.” Jake’s mother hung up the phone and turned toward her eight-year old son. “Okay, I ordered pizza and a Todd, so dinner should be here soon. Are you sure you want another friend coming over so soon after wha

"Come on back, Din!" Bill called out into the scrubby brush. There was a rustle of leaves, then the scruffy-looking dingo popped his head out of the bush carrying a quivering, furry ball gently in his mouth. The dingo obediently trotted back to Bill's side, dropping the fuzzball into his waiting hand. "Good boy, Din," Bill praised, ruffling the top of the canine's head affectionately.

"What did he bring you this time?" Gerald called from the

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At long last, I am finishing up the last request in queue. Which means I am taking new requests! YAY! At least until the queue gets too long, then it gets locked again, etc... So, if you have an idea you want me to write, check out the Commission Status tab on my user page for rules, then send me a PM. The requests will be queued up, more or less, in the order they are accepted.

Please keep in mind, I write as a hobby and my life is moderately busy, so it may take some time before I can complete your request (the last person in queue waited five months for their story). So, please have patience.

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