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I enjoy writing short stories. I also enjoy prompts, requests, and challenges, so drop me a PM sometime. I prefer female preds, oral vore, and scat, but I'm flexible and get into strange moods, so don't be afraid to ask. Please don't get offended if I decide not to fulfill your request and please don't write me a short story about the short story you want me to write. Just a few sentences, a setting, some character descriptions, your preferences, and any little details that you think would make the story awesome. I'll do my best to make it work.

The Commission Status tab has more details for requests and contains my work queue.

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Chris, you’re in charge this weekend. That means you’re
responsible for taking care of Gabby and keeping the house in order.
We left $100 on the counter so you guys could order food or go
grocery shopping. Try not to let the house burn down while we’re
worry guys, I got this,” Chris assured his parents, as they grabbed
their luggage and headed for the door. He tried to project as much
responsible confidence as a sixteen-year old could, but inside he was

Take that!” Jake bounced in his seat on the couch next to his two
best friends, Brandon and Barry. They’d been playing video games
all morning, and Jake had finally won one. It was a lazy Saturday
morning and the eight-year old boys planned on playing games all day
if they could get away with it.
you can’t do it again!” Barry challenged starting up the next
round. Soon all three boys were immersed in the game, the clack of
the controllers constant. Jake glanced up, distrac

Tommy strode
confidently through forest, humming to himself, impervious to the
encroaching dusk. He felt invincible. He was on his way home from
Emma’s house where he’d just received his first kiss. The twelve
year old boy felt so great, that he’d even ignored his mother’s
warnings to avoid the woods at night, just so he could get home
faster. After all, nothing could harm him on this glorious night.
Suddenly a twig
snapped behind him. Tommy stopped and listened, but heard only

“Remember, I’ll be
back at 8:00am to pick them up,” Ms. Debston croaked from behind
the wheel of the van. “And, while I understand accidents do happen,
try not to let too many of them run away.”
Jim chuckled guiltily, recalling the last time he’d suggested an
orphan might have run away. “You sure you’re going to be okay
with eight additional little kids all night long?” Ms. Debston
looked at Jim skeptically.
“Of course we’re
sure. This was mostly our idea after all,” Jim

loved neighborhoods like this one; bunch of upper-middle class
families secure behind their laws and gated communities. So secure
they even let their children play at the park unattended, if it
wasn’t too far from the house. Mac had finished shopping at the
mall earlier than expected and was still waiting on his ride home.
Finding himself hungry, he had wandered through some neighborhoods
looking for a snack, and the husky teenager had indeed found some
tasty looking snacks. Mac strolled n

patted her bulging belly contentedly, enjoying the feeling of her
older sister settling in her stomach. There was no turning back now.
Susie had been hatching a plan for a couple of nights now, ever since
hearing her parents talking about someone named Will. Whoever this
Will was had said that if anything happened to her mom and dad, the
children would go live with her dad’s sister, Aunt Sheela. Auntie
Sheela was a nice, quiet woman who always said nice things and kept

Jack threw a switch dramatically and
cackled like a mad scientist. Tesla coils hummed to life around the
bulky equipment crammed into the small apartment. One of the images
frozen on the big screen at the center of the strange contraption
grew brighter, sharper, more defined. The air seemed to crackle with
electricity and excitement as Jack watched the familiar image, object
of his obsession, clarify and unpixilate until she looked almost
real. The screen continued to brighten until it was almos

“Hey Sis,
how was the rehearsal?” Ethan called out, hearing the sound of the
front door slamming below and little feet hustling up the stairs. He
was shocked to hear his sister crying as she streaked past his open
door and slammed another one. “Hey, wait!” Ethan threw down the
script he’d been studying and went to investigate the cause of his
little sister’s distress. He checked her room, it was empty, before
pressing his ear to the bathroom door. Faint sobs and sniffles could
just b

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TL;DR work queue moved to commission tab. No new requests until I finish with the current batch.

Thanks for all the support guys, never thought so many people would request stuff. Unfortunately, life is happening and my free time has recently become scarce. As a result, I'm not taking any more requests at the moment. I have enough requests right now to easily fill two months, and I just don't want people to have to wait that long. If you have requested something from me recently, don't worry. I still plan on finishing everything I've already committed to, I'm just not taking any new requests until I'm finished with the current queue. Thank you for your patience.

Obviously the blog containing my work queue won't be stuck on my user page after this and I don't expect people to dig through...
[ Continued ... ]

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