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I enjoy writing short stories. I also enjoy prompts, requests, and challenges, so drop me a PM sometime. I prefer female preds, oral vore, and scat, but I'm flexible and get into strange moods, so don't be afraid to ask. The worst I can do is say no.

The Commission Status tab has more details for requests and contains my work queue.

Discord tag: Tyslan03#2633

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Ember stalked quietly through the neighborhood, glancing through windows as she passed. Her empty stomach let out a loud growl of complaint. She was about to turn and start up a different street when a dim glow through a living room window caught her eye. Sneaking closer, her keen ears could just pick up the faint sounds of children bickering…

"Santa is too real! If he's not real, why are you staying up?"
"To prove to you he's not real," Levi retorted, stealing another cookie off the Sa

“Why are you sitting in your underwear?”
Angela jumped so hard that she almost fell out of her computer chair.
“I’m streaming! What do you want?” The teen yelped, ducking down and blushing furiously as her hands frantically covered her large tits. It took her panicked brain a second to register that it was her little sister, Aubrey, and not their mom who had barged into her room. She turned and glared at the younger girl dressed in a princess nightie standing in he

“Miranda, can you go keep an eye on the playground?”
Miranda heaved a deep sigh at her manager’s command from the other room, but reluctantly stood up anyway. A wave of dizziness immediately washed over her, and she felt her knees buckle for an alarming moment. One hand shot out to the nearest wall for support, the other wrapped protectively around her midsection. She felt the reassuring kick of little feet against her palm while she waited for the dizzy spell to pass. One of t

“Alright, Melonie, I'm going to the store. Try to behave and stay out of trouble. And get dressed, it's almost noon for crying out loud."
"Yeah, whatever, mom," Melonie replied without looking up from the show she was watching.
Joanna sighed in exasperation as she waited futilely for the eight-year-old girl to move. Her daughter remained rooted to the couch, her long blonde hair tangled and unkempt, her Pikachu pajama pants and shirt wrinkled from overuse. Joanna knew it was a weekend, but

“Ugh, why do we have to be out here?” Kiera whined as she and her friend walked down the suburban sidewalk.
“You know why. The members of the team that gets the most donations get to eat a teacher of their choice. I want to see if I can talk them into letting me eat the principal!” Bailey exclaimed. “Could you just imagine that pompous old man squirming in my gut?” Kiera rolled her eyes as her blonde-haired friend jumped around excitedly.
“But this is em

Jon took a deep swig of his soda then sighed heavily. He looked up at the kitchen ceiling as if seeing through it. Despite only wearing boxers, the chill of the night air seemed to be the last thing on his mind. His head tilted back and forth as if he was considering something while silently mouthing words. A moment later he shook his head again and sighed.

“What’s wrong, bro?”

“So, did ya look over the script?”

“Yeah, of course,” David said as he slid into the passenger seat of his sister’s car. Crissy gave him a skeptical glance before pulling away from the curb and merging into the downtown traffic.

“Right, so what product are you advertising?”

“Easy, it was…” David flipped through the first couple of pages of script.

Kaylee had almost nodded off when a sudden rustling from the chimney snapped her back to consciousness. She scrambled to untangle herself from the blanket she’d been wrapped in and peaked under the couch she was hiding behind. The eight-year-old girl put a hand over her mouth to stifle her excitement as she saw the coal black boots land in her fireplace and step forward, a giant red sack following a second later. The large feet approached the tree and there was a rustling of cloth before a

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Tyslan03's Blog - 2020 Posted 1 month ago

I am dead, bleh.

Nah, I'm hanging in there. 2020 has been a hectic year for everyone and I am no exception. While many lost their jobs, mine actually increased in workload, leaving less free time for smut writing. Quarantines mean there are more people consistently around me at home, making writing difficult. Weird moods, no motivation, some other excuses that sound plausible, it just hasn't been a good year.

All that doom and gloom aside, I do have a few stories I've written over the year that I didn't post because they weren't requests and I feel guilty posting them while people are waiting for their agreed upon stories. I really am sorry to everyone who has been waiting more than a year for a story I said I'd write, I swear to whatever unholy entity powers me...
[ Continued ... ]

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Once again, thank you very VERY much for the fave, as one of my own fav writers on the site


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Thanks - Same to you!


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Holy shit! YOU favorited my story?! What an honor!!!


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You ok? Been almost a year since your last story.


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Paimon is so happy for your Fav!


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Thanks! Finally started uploading some of my own work on here. Time to give back to this awesome community I suppose :)


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Thanks for the Fav!


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