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Promoted to stomach-filling duty By BunnyWrites -- Report

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Luna gets promoted to a full-time position and her female colleagues throw her a celebration party in a fancy restaurant catering to a special kind of clientele. What she doesn't know is that interns who fail to get promoted are served up as a treat to the winners, and the healthy competition she had with her rival Sebastian turns out to be a little less healthy for him.

This story was inspired by a mixture of  Omnium51's A Meal For One, Prepared By Two story ( and the fantastic Forbidden Dish series  oishi1 writes. If you enjoyed this, I'd highly recommend checking out their stories <3

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Posted by grenade 6 months ago Report

I love this story! ^^ bondage and vore mixed together with strawberries whats not to love. Being prey my self i loved the full tour and digestion a lot. Great work ! <3


Posted by BunnyWrites 6 months ago Report

Thanks grenade, I'm thrilled to hear you liked it <3

This one was pretty focused on the pred's POV but I'm glad to hear it was still fun to read if you prefer being prey. I have a few other stories that touch more on the prey POV you might enjoy if you check the gallery~


Posted by grenade 6 months ago Report

I well check then out ^^ thank you for the heads up and i know it was more Pred Pov i just always put my self in the preys point of view. Lol


Posted by surtech5 6 months ago Report

Fantastic story, glad to see it published!


Posted by BunnyWrites 6 months ago Report

Thanks! And thanks again for your suggested edits~


Posted by ShinjiIkari 6 months ago Report

What a great story, thank you for sharing! I love how Luna turned from, well, reluctant, to full on dominating him and even his girlfriend a little~
And I think her boyfriend might not be safe for long. Hmm... In a society like this, it should be easy to find a new one.

The laws which seemingly are becoming "fairer" with consent sheets, the work ethic and the male/female relationships in this universe are really well described, even though they were not the focus of the story at all. It makes for a world that I really would love to live in... for 6 to 8 hours... <3

And a great ending!


Posted by BunnyWrites 6 months ago Report

Thanks Shinji <3

I wanted to try and write a slightly less eager pred in comparison to my other stories, where the pred is gagging for it from the start. It makes for a fun arc seeing what makes them change their mind.

And yeah I love adding the little teases about other vore things going on in the world, it's pretty motivating for other stories~


Posted by Omnium51 6 months ago Report

Great story! I love how much Luna teased Sebastian before and during the swallowing scenes. Thank you for the shoutout as well! <3


Posted by BunnyWrites 6 months ago Report

Thanks, I always love pred-prey teasing <3 You deserve the shoutout, I adore your stories~


Posted by oishi1 6 months ago Report

I really enjoyed the story. It is very flattering to be marked as an inspiration.

Spoilers in review

I liked how realizing he knew caused Luna to go all in.

The girlfriend reveal was funny

The ending line was perfect.


Posted by BunnyWrites 6 months ago Report

Yay I'm glad you liked it! I love including a reference to prey calorie counting in my stories, it adds a wonderful objectifying vibe to it.


Posted by Eclipseneko51 5 months ago Report

I really enjoyed that, I like how luna started off almost fully apposed to the idea of swallowing a person until abigail threatened to eat Sebastian for her and decided that eating him would be a good thing and changed her whole opinion on eating people specially at the end when she was having thoughts about how many calories her boyfriend would have.


Posted by BunnyWrites 5 months ago Report

Thanks Eclipseneko, glad to hear you enjoyed it <3

And yeah that change in attitude is one of my fav things to do in vore stories. It really sells the appeal of vore.


Posted by TheMouthsOfBabes 5 months ago Report

This one is probably my favorite of your stories, simply because it has what I'm picturing as a goth chick. Goths > All, imo. They also make for perfect predators. The addition of uncaring observers makes the whole experience that much hotter, too. Looking forward to the future, naughty, adventures of Luna!


Posted by BunnyWrites 5 months ago Report

Yeah I love the goth aesthetic. My wardrobe didn't contain a colour beyond black until I was into my 20s. It's a lot of fun, especially when used in a predatory context~