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I've long since been a fan of more or less all kinds forms of giantess media and for taken up making some of my own. I dabble in more than is just found here, so below or links to other profiles I upload to on other sites.

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Divine Spirits, the highest ranking classification for spirits born of nature and natural phenomenons. They were the Gods that were forced to migrate to the Reverse Side of the World as the ultimate result of the invasion of the White Titan. Beings on a magnitude of power and ability greater than what the Throne of Heroes is normally able to record.Though many Servants possess the trait of 'Divinity', rather than marking them as Divine in nature it is more of a measure for their aptitude to be

Burdened with the lofty duty of ensuring humanity's future, those that reside in Chaldea lead more stressful lives than most people. Thankfully, the facilities for rest and relaxation were built with this increased mental and physical strain in mind and boasted state-of-the-art technology to keep everyone working in their best conditions.This obviously included the many Servants summoned by the only able bodied Master remaining in the remote observatory. Chaldea was equipped with the newest vi

Settling Debts"Oh, that got his attention."-Enma"This has to be a nightmare." Randall thought to himself as she tried to process all the impossibilities happening around him. He had gone from picking up two incredibly hot chicks in one of the most reputable clubs owned by his boss to being shrunk somehow by an amount he couldn't measure by one of the girls. The other 'girl', or at least he thought she was, was currently holding him aloft by the huge, even by normal standards, live dick standi

"How did it come to this?"He wasn't a bad person, per se. Sure, he served a Mage family and had done some questionable things in the past, but he was better off living a normal life than practicing Thaumaturgy. That was one of the reasons he was sent to Chaldea to begin with. His family didn't care that he didn't have a decent enough compatibility to Rayshift, he was an expendable pawn that could spy on the Animusphere's big project and bring back whatever knowledge or techniques that seemed

Posted by u/witchy-but-kindSo, just to get this out of the way first, I'm one of those 'rejunvinated' Witches that took a deal with the Goddess after she took over the world, which means I'm far older than I look. Having an 80 year old great-grandmother in a body younger than her own grandchild can make for awkward situation, like when a guy she likes approaches you instead, but that's neither here nor there for this story.This story does start with a young lad putting the moves on me though an

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NRawk's Blog - Anime Captions Posted 9 days ago

Hey, just wanted to say I've got a collage/caption thread now:

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No Problem! Your stuff is awesome and worth the watch!


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You're welcome. ^^


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I know, lol I was just as surprised. Was checking my watch list and didn't see your name. Was hella confused. XD

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You are welcome


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You're welcome man! Love the work you've done.

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My pleasure. (:


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No Problem


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no problem keep up the good work!


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I follow you on tumblr too. Keep up the good work and thanks for doing that post about your inspirations way back when.


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No problem, no idea why i hadn't done it already, must of slipped my mind.


Posted by Niggle 2 years ago Report

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nice to hear the next chapters done, but i hope whats keeping you busy IRL isn't anything bad.

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