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I've long since been a fan of more or less all kinds forms of giantess media and for taken up making some of my own. I dabble in more than is just found here, so below or links to other profiles I upload to on other sites.

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Exposure"Do I have a right to know..."-MarcusLately, it was a good day for Marcus to wake up to little pain from all his injuries. It had been about a month or so since he was attacked and when he first woke up with multiple casts he could barely understand what was happening. Police questioned him about his attack once his doctor said he was well enough, and for a week and a bit they had officers standing guard outside his room.Today, the injured athlete awoke to the sound of someone lightly

Day 01: Friday - Completely at her Mercy"Don't thank me just yet..."-Mercedes RandiThe moment the girls saw Carol and Derrick turn a corner, both Megan and Dolly approached Kevin and started poking and feeling his muscles."Hey, cut that out." He said, trying to shake them off while keeping his eye closed with no success."Oh, but you have such a firm body." Dolly teased, pressing her D-cup breasts against his back as she squeezed his bicep."Hmm, you've been working your core quite well." Megan

"You want me to do what!?" It was a reasonable request for clarification from the young, brown-haired boy. Currently alone in the house of the girl he had been crushing on since before boys were 'allowed' to think girls were anything other than cooties, her confession to him was unbelievable enough but that was only a firecracker compared to this."A contract. You know, like an official one." She replied, motioning to a slip of paper on the table next to her. He could see a signature stamped

Defending the Human Order is a heavy burden to shoulder, especially if you are under qualified to perform such a duty. However, despite his ineptitude for Magecraft, Fujimaru Ritsuka diligently worked hard daily to fulfill the role passed on to him. It also really helps when you can receive training and guidance from history's most talented and accomplished figures. Martial training from the greatest warriors like Fergus mac Roich, Sakata Kintoki and Leonidas; lessons on Magecraft from the mo

Day 01: Friday - Summer Vacation"Oh my, oh my. What do we have here?"-Kisha BlaisIt was the final day of school and summer break officially started a few hours ago. The school had mostly emptied by lunch time, the students all hurried along with plans for an exciting and fun two months without school. Though for some, like the young Mercedes Randi, today marked the end of their high school career. Though not the most fond of days to remember, the 17 year-old blonde still knew that as time we

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