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Tsunade Cleavage Vore By Mr_Iddi

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Tsunade giving Sakura closer look on her ample bosom ^^

More than a few ppl actually wanted me to draw something like this ^^ So here it is xD

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Posted by Mokaria 8 years ago

Woo! Thank you!


Posted by Mr_Iddi 8 years ago

Your welcome, heh ^^
To be honest very few people ask me to draw things (well except *generic draw more of XXX*) so when someone did I guess I had to reply with something (even if it might have taken some time, heh ^_^;)


Posted by Mokaria 8 years ago

I love cleavage vore, no better a place to hide things, or people. You are probably one of the view artist that frequent it sort of. Would suck though to randomly go searching for your cellphone and then accidentally let them go.


Posted by Mr_Iddi 8 years ago

Hehe, I guess so. But I guess that sort of mishap is a small price to pay, eh? ^^


Posted by Darkechoes 8 years ago

this looks hot!!

can i be next? lol, joking


Posted by Mr_Iddi 8 years ago

Heh, be carefull with what you joke about xP Might just happen.

And cheers for the fav =D


Posted by alexnara1980 8 years ago

Thank you.


Posted by Mr_Iddi 8 years ago

Your welcome ^^


Posted by Throku 8 years ago

A cleavage one can lose oneself in, no doubt ;)
I'm afraid that the characters might add more to those that care to know them, I on the other hand would've liked some remark from either of them to help tell the story...

*Takes on his guide-hat*
"Few know that at the bottom of this most enticing canyon flows a very special river...not quite as pleasant as the view, an acid river it is. Might be that few have heard of it seeing as visitors have a tendency to get washed up on the shores of the white porcelain delta before getting flushed out into the sewer sea."


Posted by Mr_Iddi 8 years ago

Hehe, you might be right there ^^ Sadly Im no expert on the subject and would probably have to lie to get it to sound right, heh ^^

*Laughs at the guide-hat* Hehe, excellent my good sir. Just excellent ^^


Posted by Throku 7 years ago

Ahh ;) The troubles of fan-fics/pics when you're not the fan.

Oh, and glad you like it, care to take the tour?


Posted by Ragtime 8 years ago

I love your cleavage vore pictures. Great to see a new one. ^_^


Posted by Mr_Iddi 8 years ago

Glad to hear it =D


Posted by bloodwolfvamp 7 years ago

(Lady Tsunade is awesomes)


Posted by alexnara1980 7 years ago

I just noticed something Sakura has boobs in this.LOL I guess she wasen't flat.Oh now her boobs are apart of Tsunade's.Oh and once again thank you.


Posted by Zoekin 7 years ago

Looks fantastic!

You've made me a fan of clevage vore


Posted by kernac 7 years ago

Very nice^^


Posted by puck5 7 years ago

Is Sakura being taken into Tsunade's stomach? Or will she become breast milk?


Posted by puma_sisters 7 years ago



Posted by Straxacore 7 years ago

I was very happy to see another one of these. They are great and you do them so well.


Posted by puck5 7 years ago

I have to ask. Is Sakura going to be digested or will she be turned into breast milk?


Posted by puck5 6 years ago

Sakura was the highly talented apprentice if the fifth Hokage. Now all she will be is the fifth Hokage's breast milk. I wonder if the milk will be pink.