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Nyama~ By okc_ohno

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I haven't uploaded jack squat to my original work section.... time to change that!
Nyama is my overgrown house cat who I intend to use her in an illustrated story, which will describe her background.

Definately more pred than prey, Nyama is a nekomata, who's been banished from her amazonian homeland, and is now living in institute for monstergirl breeding :P

She stands about about 8 feet tall, has orange hair and green eyes, she's very amiable and affectionate though she tends to be greedy, and loves to sleep

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Posted by Mr_Iddi 9 years ago

She's cute ^^
I dont know why, but I love her hair =3

Wish I had the patiecne to draw like that, cheers for sharing ^^


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

Thanks :) She tends to not to anything with her hair, so I tried giving her something that looks like puffy bed head :P


Posted by Mr_Iddi 9 years ago

Well, whatever you(or she ^^) did, it works =3


Posted by KlinKitty 9 years ago

Oh very very very hot o_o And not just 'cuz I have a weakness for catgirls, no x3


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

I think most people have that weakness~ :3


Posted by PyroOutlander 9 years ago

cute character


Posted by Teruyo 9 years ago

Nice design, but I've got a small gripe: nekomata have two tails (or a forked tail, with the split near the base).


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

Uh oh! I had the Nekomata from Disgaea in mind, iirc she doesn't have two tails, which mislead me, I suppose.

I have to look up new terminology now~


Posted by Reiko 9 years ago

She is lovely! Such a sexy kitty x3 Id love to eat her x3


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

I was SO expecting that from you :D


Posted by icn 9 years ago

can't wait to see her adventures

Since she's so tall, might I suggest a comic or single panel where she vores some smaller female and gets vored by something larger?


Posted by Ome 9 years ago

Oooh, I like her design. It's simple, yet still very nice. Can;t wait to see more of her.


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

I'm into simplicity~ It's faster to draw :P


Posted by Sarbiton 9 years ago

Her butt appears to love the viewer. Joy!


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

Joy indeed!


Posted by Sarbiton 9 years ago

I have to guess that by the look of that belly, she's gonna be as insatiable as Sarael when it comes to hunger. Awesome! Any chance I could try to pester you for an RP sometime?


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

Sure, but keep in mind that I'm usually on at ludicrous hours in the night :)


Posted by Crimsonangel 9 years ago

Mew. Mind if I play with your kitty sometime darling? *Smirks.* We can incorporate her into the other things we've been doing. Smexy drawings though ^-^ You know I love them bulky.. <3


Posted by GREGOLE 9 years ago

So a catgirl that's based on the actual Japanese youkai that inspired modern catgirls? I liek. I liek a lot. Ironically enough, a vore-catgirl is actually fairly true to the legends. 0_o
It's a new, creative twist on a very overdone creature.

One little tidbit. Nekomata prettymuch have to have forked tails, *but* nekomata are a form of bakeneko, and not all bakeneko need forked tails.

Or so Wikipedia tells me:


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

Well, that was pretty insightful. Right now nothing about this character is permanent (this is just a sketch page, to get a feel for the character), but after reading that, I think I'll go ahead and give her two tails... it works well with where I'm going with her background.


Posted by Requiem 9 years ago

Two tails, eh? Glad I read this before I started drawing... X3


Posted by okc_ohno 9 years ago

Urk~ I should've let you know


Posted by kernac 9 years ago

Oh! Illustrated story! That sound really neat :3 She's absolutely goergeous, great work^^


Posted by Deleteduser_120 9 years ago

I can't wait to see her in action.


Posted by acle 8 years ago

i dunno whether i wanna eat or be eaten...


Posted by Neznamy 7 years ago



Posted by Redpod 6 years ago

Veyr nice pcditure :D


Posted by LillyTheLovely 6 years ago

So cute! x3


Posted by Hot_Plate 5 years ago


I wouldn't mind snuggling up with that. :3