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Catwoman's Punishment
 Zatanna walked down the halls of the headquarters of the League of Superwomen, a team of the world's toughest and most talented heroines. Her high heels click clacked down the empty hallway until she turned, walking though a door as it slid open. She looked up to see a short raven haired woman in a purple catsuit on a table, her wrists and ankles bound by metal shackles. Her hands and feet were bare, stripped of their tools, though a pair of goggles was still on top of her head. Off to her right stood Wonder Woman, her armor glistening under the fluorescent light. Power Girl stood on the opposite side, her gloved hand behind the raven haired woman's neck, holding her in place. Zatanna stood directly in front of the trio, looking over the scene, her soft voice filling the room.
 Well, This is new.
 Power Girl smirked at Zatanna's comment, before she spoke, her smile dropping.
 We found Catwoman breaking into the museum Her voice boomed around the room authoritatively. We were going to feed her to a gator, but Wonder Woman had another idea.
 Without skipping a beat, Wonder Woman spoke in a soft, delicate royal voice. I've studied her extensively, and I believe that I've come up with a solution that will work for all parties involved, in addition to gaining us a possible Ally.
 Power Girl snarled as she looked over at Diana, her glance moving down Catwoman's top. Catwoman stuck her chest out a bit, smiling, her voice cooing
 You like what you see, blondie?
 Power Girl's eyes shot over at Catwoman's face, an indelible smirk had formed on Catwoman's face.
 Power Girl was quick to retort, Are you sure we can't feed her to a Gator? Or just shove her in the oven and i'll do it myself.
 Wonder Woman continued on, her voice heard over Selina Kyle's bellowing laughter.
 My theory is that she never learned responsibility, or how her actions will affect another. We need a way to teach her that level of responsibility quickly, and irreversibly. So, my proposal is that we give her a child. Fill her womb with an infant, and force her to take care of it for at least 9 months. This should teach her the responsibility that a member of society learns.
 Zatanna blinked at Wonder Woman's suggestion.
 Selina Kyle smirked, her voice calling out. So, Zatanna gives herself a cock, and gets to knock me up? She lay her head back, and loosened her body. I'm ready!
 Power Girl turned to Zatanna, a mischievous grin forming on her face as she placed one hand on her hip, posing. Its not like you can't do it some other time, Zatanna... Like, my place?
 Zatanna thought for a moment, and took out her wand, chuckling at Power Girl's offer. She thought for a moment, tapping her wand against her thigh. She looked at Selina Kyle's body, placing the wand to Selina's stomach, her free hand moving Selina's zipper down the front of her body.
 Selina Kyle quickly got a worried look on her face. now wait a moment... you're not...
 Zatanna smiled, her voice cutting Catwoman's off. . I have the perfect spell... !mrof ybaB!
 With that, the wand glowed, and with a loud POW! magic shot from Zatanna's hand into Catwoman's stomach. Selina cried out as she felt the magic penetrate into her skin, balling up in her womb. She could feel energy and nutrients begin to surge forth, her stomach beginning to stretch outward. A creaking noise was heard as a bulge began to form, growing outward. As the flow of nutrients and energy began to increase, Selina began to feel hungry, starving to the point where she could eat a horse, and fuck one, once her hormones began to hit.
 Catwoman cried out in discomfort, trying to move her hands to her growing stomach, which began to push her unzipped catsuit aside as it grew outward. It slowly became more round, Selina breathing deeply and quickly as if she was going into labor. She screamed as she felt her stomach began to grow heavy, tears running down her eyes as she twisted violently against her binds. She felt stretch marks begin to form as the rounds stomach began to become more ovular, gravity pulling it down toward her legs.
 Zatanna drew her wand away from Catwoman's bulging stomach as Wonder Woman undid Selina's binds. Catwoman immediately tried to sit up, only finding her stomach rolling against her own thighs, forcing the thief to lay back on the table. Wonder Woman made her way down to Selina's feet, untying those binds as well. Quickly, Catwoman spread her legs apart, and sat up, her muscles flexing as her body powered itself upward. She could feel her stomach hit the warm table, and slide across down toward the end of the table. She yelped in pain as her hands touched her stomach, her skin still sore from the stretching. She looked up at Zatanna her eyes wide open.
 You... BITCH! hissed Catwoman, her face contorting with embarrassment and anger.
 Zatanna paid her no heed as her eyes where lost in Power Girl's cleavage, her hand brushing Catwoman's insult away. Power Girl brought her arm around Zatanna's hip, and began to walk out of the room, taking the magician with her.
 I'd offer you milk, Catwoman, but you're a bitch....Shall we? Power Girl cooed, the door opening in front of them.
 The last thing Catwoman was able to hear from those two was Zatanna remarking we shall! As the door closed behind them.
 Wonder Woman helped Selina onto the floor, her stomach growling. She could feel her breasts sway on her chest, rolling on top of her stomach, the cool air hitting her breasts as they were exposed to the air, pushing her catsuit aside. She looked down at her bloated stomach. It appeared as if she had swallowed a basketball, her heavy stomach now surged outward, the heavy weight inside pulling the bulge down toward her feet. Catwoman lifted her stomach, the initial shock beginning to wear off.
 Wonder Woman's smooth voice filled Catwoman's ears as she cradled her stomach. Are you allright?
 Catwoman looked over Wonder Woman, her eyes settling on Wonder Woman's somewhat impressive rack. She begins to calm down a bit more, imagining herself patting those luscious orbs around like cat toys.
 There was a devilish grin forming on Selina's face as she spoke. I would like some milk actually.
 Wonder Woman heard Catwoman's stomach growl, giving a smile at her obvious flirtations. I can get you some. Catwoman perked up a bit. From the Cafeteria. Now, come on, I'm sure you're famished.
 Catwoman followed, faking her disappointment. Well, not faking exactly, she knew that she'd probably be turned down by the Amazon princess, but she REALLY wanted to drink from the Amazon's chest. She walked out the door, feeling her new found stomach hit her thighs as she walked.
 Wonder Woman spoke as Catwoman's mind raced. If you're still rather horny afterwards, perhaps I help find someone to find some aid for you. Its only natural to have those urges after a rush of hormones like you've been through...
 Catwoman's mind was brought out of its concentration, she looked back at Wonder Woman, tensing up at the sight of her breasts. She sighed sadly. This is going to be a long 9 months...
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Catwoman is punished by zatanna of the justice league.

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Posted by Stormblaze 7 years ago

Fun fic!