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From CEO to Power Slave

Karen Starr clenched her fist around her briefcase, her super strength beginning to crush the handle. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself, loosening her grip. She had just gone from the CEO of a large company, to an unemployed due to a hostile takeover. Well, not truly unemployed, as Karen Starr was only a cover for Power Girl, one of only three Kryptonians left in the world, and one of roughly 5 in the universe. Well, that's not exactly true, she was t

Lara's Baby Chapter 4
 The river Orinoco drifted slowly down the mountain stream as the sun rose high. A small boat drifted down the river as the sun rose into the sky, shining off the water's surface. A small blanket was inside, covering the rather attractive, and pregnant, redhead. . The sun rose high as Lara began to awake, her hands pushing the blanket covering her body onto the bottom of the canoe. Lara's mind continued to wake up, her eyes snapping shut as the sun began to h

Power Lunch
 Karen Starr moved through the crowded lobby, StarrWare, her privately owned technology company. She was dressed in a tan business suit. She moved into an open elevator, hitting the button for her office. She suddenly hears a female voice call out Hold that Elevator! Karen, out of the corner of her eye, quickly saw a flash of purple and white move toward the elevator. She quickly hit the Door Open button on the elevator's button pad, stopping the doors in their trac

Lara's Baby Chapter 3
 Lara made her way down through the jungle, the day beginning to dawn. She turned her light off absentmindedly as the day got brighter. All of her muscles ached as she walked begging for rest. She moved on still, her arms at her side. She could feel her stomach bounce with each step, though fatigue began to overtake her. She trudged on, knowing that if she feel asleep now, chances were that she'd wind up as a plump, round morsel inside of a creature's stomac

Catwoman's Punishment
 Zatanna walked down the halls of the headquarters of the League of Superwomen, a team of the world's toughest and most talented heroines. Her high heels click clacked down the empty hallway until she turned, walking though a door as it slid open. She looked up to see a short raven haired woman in a purple catsuit on a table, her wrists and ankles bound by metal shackles. Her hands and feet were bare, stripped of their tools, though a pair of goggles was still

Lara's Baby chapter 2
 Lara's boots hit the soft earth beneath her feet as her arm swung a sharp machete into thick brush on the forest floor. She could feel her ponytail sway along her back, her big, round baby belly bouncing back and forth. Each swing brought her tummy left, then to the right as she moved her feet forward, stepping with a wide stride. Well, as wide as her stomach would let her legs move. She could feel her muscular thighs hit the bottom of her stomach, sending it


Deep in the jungles of Venezuela, a temple lay hidden for the last thousand years. Its complex was serviced by a mysterious race known only as the Ancient Ones. The complex itself was built on a mountain top. Five glass spheres on obelisks were arranged in the shape of a pentagram pointing east, with an rather large building at the center. At one time, it looked over a nearly perfect cliff at the distant falls, whose name had been forgotten in the sands of time. A long trail led up t

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Hey, i just wanted you to know that i'm going to be leaving the portal for a bit, until the heat dies down at my parents house. Essentially, they think I've been on it too much, and put me on it for 2 hours a work day, and 4 hours a non work day. As a result, i can't rp in the same style i know and love. However, if i were to play beyond this time, i loose my computer. At that point in time, they may find my vore stuff, and kick me out of the house. It has happened before, so trust me. I cannot allow this to happen, as i have nothing else. So, i am leaving the portal for the time being. I do not know when i will be on, and i will miss you all.

From this moment on, All Rp's are on hold, except for those over Simrobert2001 on YIM, and Simrobert2002 on AIM. However, my...
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Posted by Naganommer 4 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch.


Posted by Emperor_Palpatine 8 years ago Report

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More preggo vore~ I've been pretty busy myself, so I know those feels.

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Posted by Emperor_Palpatine 8 years ago Report

Hey man, planning on doing anything else with pregnant prey?

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Posted by Modeseven 12 years ago Report


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