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Cutie Ayumi By acsmine -- Report

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Views: 43,470

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Resolution: 1875x900

Comments: 27

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License: Creative Commons License

so hard -_-

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Posted by redsquallff8 9 years ago Report

*instant hard-on**jaw drops* You are easily the best artist on this site


Posted by acsmine 9 years ago Report

Thank you ^^


Posted by acsmine 9 years ago Report

It's been a long time ^^


Posted by killerbush 9 years ago Report

Great to see your drawing again.


Posted by Redpod 9 years ago Report

Nice picutre:)


Posted by lolcp123 9 years ago Report

I would like to say you are my favorite artist on this site. Your comics always blow me away.


Posted by CGR-7 9 years ago Report

Very nice Acsmine.
Has anyone told you lately that you are so awesome with these UB comics!?


Posted by Dragonjaj 9 years ago Report

wow you skills jumped up a lvl i think.


Posted by YuriFan 9 years ago Report

This is top-notch stuff. Like, professional-level work.


Posted by NovaAftershock 9 years ago Report

I really love your art and have regularly checked to see if you have added new material, I hope you continue to draw these types of comics it is amazing what you have accomplished with art. Looking forward to the next thing. :)


Posted by Beheader205 9 years ago Report

Truly the best work I have ever seen!


Posted by Ilksurthysys 9 years ago Report

You always seem to give us something great.


Posted by Sith 9 years ago Report

Super yay more art from Acsmine! =D

Woah I dunno how its possible but your art is getting better so fast, thats amazing! My jaw has dropped as well, I really hope you keep posting your incredible unbirth comics and art on Ekas Portal for as long as you can Acsmine you have alot of fans. ^^ <3~


Posted by fried24 9 years ago Report



Posted by zelphi 9 years ago Report

Epicly done ^_^ way to go Acsmine best so far


Posted by vore111 9 years ago Report

wooow a new work from ascsmine
welcome back its nice to see you again


Posted by freedomgd01 9 years ago Report

Best Artist No Doubt for everything he drew.


Posted by tailsjordan 9 years ago Report

a very great comic X3
i like it.. XD unbirth, well.. i like it..


Posted by carscarscars91 8 years ago Report

can i go in her vagina please


Posted by thunder533 8 years ago Report

i love this! :D u planin on makeing any new ones like thies?


Posted by azza3695 8 years ago Report

Thats better..feet first


Posted by raisanes 8 years ago Report

i always like the unbirth comics you make, also i like that they don't die or anything but that the girl becomes pregnant of the boy :)


Posted by tobytop 8 years ago Report

I couldn't agree more. Nice pic btw.


Posted by tailsjordan 8 years ago Report

this is the kind of unbirth what i like xD


Posted by azza3695 7 years ago Report

Smart and hot...legs first cant run


Posted by TheMastermind 4 years ago Report

I just want to ask..
this has no effect on how amazing it is but i was wondering
since men dont have normal sex.. why do they have penises? they are just shoved into the woman's womb arent they?