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Indulgent (Part One) by Gillpanda. By Masquerade -- Report

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Sometimes Mary-Rose will go completely off the reservation. Any number of different things can trigger this. Sometimes she just gets into the mood. Sometimes something triggers it deep in her psyche. Sometimes a Hippo has to do what a Hippo has to do and this is fall off the grid for any number of days and pig out.

It's happened a total of three times since she began life on her own in the void. The first time she was much younger, barely 21. She was struck and that was that. She was away. Of course back then she didn't have a crew of her own. It was just her and the endless abyss before her. She could do anything she wanted and no one would care. She returned back to work and back to normality a week later, the effects of her binge clear for all to see.
The second time occurred two years later. Now 23 she had just heard a rumour that Seque Decar was still alive. That fabled Husky and his story... Some of it had to be hype but she couldn't help but think about him from time to time. Of all of her possessions he was the one she craved most. This trigger caused her to disappear off the grid for a week and a half. Her crew spent most of it frantically searching for their Mistress. Like before, she returned heavier and satisfied.

Now finally was the third of her so-called "episodes". She was aware of them of course. It wasn't as if she went into some kind of trance no. She was conscious throughout her binge sessions. Sometimes Mary-Rose would just grab anyone she could get her hungry hands on or sometimes she would hire a whole bunch of people to serve her every whim...

This little fellow was the last of his fraternity group. Their party was supposed to have a set limit. That was until a rather hungry Hippo showed up. Mary-Rose swiftly dispatched each member one or sometimes two at a time. Her hunger demanded to be satisfied and it was going to be once the last guy was swallowed.


Ooh boy I've been looking forward to this one. Gill is just an amazing artist. So when I saw that commissions were open, I had to grab one. Well two as this is the first of two images. The second will be coming tomorrow as I like to space out my uploads. But of course the series is already up and has been for a while on Gill's page so go there if you'd like to see the second picture!

Gill did a fantastic job with Mary-Rose. I love that outfit a lot but it's going to be a lot tighter to fit if the Hippo continues to binge like this!

Anyhoo, enjoy!

Artwork © Gillpanda -
Mary-Rose ©  Masquerade

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Posted by LoneCatboy 8 years ago Report

Mary-Rose can be a big gal, sometimes!


Posted by Masquerade 8 years ago Report



Posted by ZeusTheta 7 years ago Report

One of my favorite characters on Ekas.