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Some rustle in the bushes distracted Zola from his way home, his view moved towards the thick scrub after he was even able to hear someone panting deeply. Zola pushed the scrub aside, together with a few thick lianas that blocked his sight and found for his surprise a small circular meadow with lianas surrounding it completely like curtains, few single obelisks were placed scattered over the ground with a huge Reshiram in the middle, which was the source of the heavy panting. The Reshiram had a size that was roughly guessed around 6 meters height.
The coughing changed towards a moaning as her already quite big belly bulged out further pulsating with smaller bulges on it's surface. Zola gazed at the lower part of the belly, there was some sort of slit opening and something seemed to be squeezed through. With even louder panting and moaning of the Reshiram a baby Reshiram rolled out of the slit, she had the same size like Zola if not a little bigger. With a cute roll she overturned itself a few times before to stop and sitting on her rump, she rubbed her eyes and looked at Zola, who looked back at the baby. Zola could look into the big blue eyes of the baby Reshiram which sparkled full of cheer and happynes to see him, while it reached out for Zola with her wings. With open mouth and a bright smile she wished to be picked up, she was simply to cute and sweet not to fall in love with.
Zola being caught in the charm of the Pokemon, his heartbeat raised ever so quick he lost fully his sense for the surrounding.
The lovable unity in this very moment where Zola reached for the baby found a abrupt ending, as the eyes and face of the baby was covered by a Reshiram maw that was just slightly bigger than the maw of the baby Zola tried to pick up. Zola fell backwards on his rump from shock, scared and ripped out of the trance from the happening. The body of her was lifted up with ease let alone by the maw of the other baby that wolfed her down and with a loud "Pfumb!" she vanished in towards the belly of the other baby. Zola stood up, running towards the other baby and pressed the maw of it open to see where his beloved one vanished into, the throat was deep and dark, he could barely now see how the Walls of the stomach embraced her and literally grew over the blue eyed Babys form, like she would sink into quicksand more and more she sank into the flesh that pressed on her from all sides until she was fully swallowed. With a last lustful moan of the bigger baby she vanished fully into the other baby, which belly became smoothly round, as the bigger Babys belly grew from it. Zola stepped slowly back, with his view moving aside the baby, just to see how one baby after another rolled out of the mothers slit. They seemed to walk aimlessly around and some seemed to begin to devour each other as soon as they managed to grab or see one another. Some seemed even hungrier than others but all of them seemed only be driven by pure instincts.
One of the Babys that slipped out stayed laying in front of the slit and rubbed it's big eyes, while Zola observed it as it stretched as well it's wings towards him with a smile. Before two white wings grabbed beneath it's arms, pulling it right back into the slit. Loudly slurping another baby slipped out of the slit, that suckled on the baby that was in front of the slit before, that vanished hanging head over in the other Babys mouth.
Zola could only observe how the amount of Babys shrank eating each other up, while he kept his safe distance from the Babys he moved closer to the mother being horribly fascinated by the whole process, his view moved towards the mother as she replied towards him. "My children are hungry, they thirst for food, they devour and consume each other totally and will unite one with each other. Driven by their unsatisfiable appetite and greed for more." she snickered and lifted up one them, rubbing her nose at the youngster own, instantly the young Reshiram attempted to devour it's own mother and the mother shoved her muzzle into it's body as far as possible, bulging it's belly out, before she would pull her muzzle out again. "They would even swallow me if I would let them grow big enough." With a smile she picked another small baby and fondles it with her claw, she held one in front the other and shoved the bigger one into the smaller ones mouth, after the bigger baby had been gone half way in the smaller baby took a deep breath and literally vacuumed the rest of it down into the gut within seconds, the belly being big and round before it shrank making it's belly grow.
Zola stood with open beak in front of the Reshiram and was speechless. "What is wrong? Do you like what you see?" asked the mother with a big smirk. She leaned forward and moved Zola to her belly a wing as soon he got close enough and pressed his head against. Zola was able to be hear how the Babys grew inside while the mother smiled down on him "Nothing is lost in the circle of life. All my children will be reborn and the circle begins a new. Their existence itself could end and yet they will always come back, so will my daughter that you seem to like." she said with a evil yet caring smile.
Slowly she began to lift Zola up and pressed him onto her chest, while she groomed over his back feathers with her wings. "You want to see her again don't you? I saw how you both looked at each other." Zola nodded, gazing straight into the distance unsure what to answer. "If you like I could turn you into a Reshiram of her age and size so you could play and stay with her." Zola nodded blushing deep red under his feathers and his mind dazed by the motherly caressing of the Reshiram, he never had a mother before.
The Mother placed Zola slowly and carefully down in front of a baby slightly bigger than himself, he could see into the light blue eyes of the baby these were the same eyes he saw first, the eyes of the first Reshiram he saw, the eyes he fell in love with "Go ahead and let yourself be merged with my child Clarice~" Only the half of him had to be inside the baby, for the rest to be wolfed down sealing his fate by the hungry baby. He stared at Clarice as she opened her maw as much as she could, which was apparently wide enough to easily slip over Zola's beak and reached out with her arms for him. The Mother grinned and left no time for Zola to rethink, placing a finger on the back of Zola and pushed him forward, letting him fall on his knees in front of the baby that held him in a tight grib, that he couldn't fight off. It pulled Zola forward and sticked his beak into it's muzzle, suckling on him like a popstickle while salivating over his beak, using the streamlined form of his beak as help to press more of him into it's maw, while the lips slipped soon past over the beak and his face using the form of his beak for aid to stretch her muzzle more wide over him, the silky walls of the baby began enclosing around his head while it sucked him down. Everything went black and dark for him, with the rippling flesh that dragged him deeper. Weakened by the strong muscles he couldn't fight back at all and only let it happen. Even for a Babys muscle it seemed virtually impossible to get back out again. The dark hot moist embrace pulled him deeper and deeper, right in towards the stomach which walls seemed to be such soft to the touch that they would mold around his form while he got pressed against, like they did with the baby he saw being merged, meeting the same fate as her soon, he wiggled his hips and legs outside.
The Reshiram mother smiled and lifted Clarice upwards and pressed Zola deeper into the Babys gullet with a finger "Have no worry's, after a few days you won't remember your old life anymore and be a full part of the family." With her finishing the sentence Zola had been gone deep into the baby and the walls began close against each other fully sucking up the rest of Zola's body in a speed that made the rest of him vanish into the baby's body within moments with a loud "Thumb" having his body fill Clarice belly out completely, being cramped tight inside. Zola could feel how the baby's mind took him over and absorbed him totally, leaving not even his soul free to be reborn elsewhere, as his soul did merge with baby's body.
Even the Clarice who swallowed Zola alive, shared no other fate than himself, with the Reshiram feeding her to another baby. The baby's that were left kept on eating each other and the mother waited patiently until all of them had gone except one, that was the biggest now, that got the honor to be eaten by herself, the biggest and most round baby of them all, all the baby's shares the desire to eat their own species like the mother had, but they would never age above teenage. They lived to eat, anything that was from their own species with a unsatisfiable hunger.
With a happy grin The mother lifted the last baby that was left all way up towards her muzzle, opening her maw making her hot moist breath wash over the baby's face causing the baby to close her eyes. Reshiram rolled her tongue out and placed the baby on the tip of it, rolling the tongue up around it, with the mouth closing shut, a big swallow had send the baby down the tight throat into the Reshiram's body that began to eat all the baby's that was left to satisfy her own hunger. Soon the Circle would start a new with Zola being trapped within, as one of the baby Reshiram together with the young female Reshiram he fell in love with.
Zola's soul merged utterly with the child that devoured him, together with others that might followed they all became a true unity, a single being, after the mother ate the last one left, all their existence was devoured by the Mother, merged utterly and trapped within her for all time. Zola was now forever her child...
Zola could only see darkness as his senses came slowly back within, wherever he tried to move he seemed to push with his own body against another soft body. He felt different than he used to be, his arms where more short and his body felt a bit smaller and a lot more soft like pudding. The Reshiram mother was right that she would turn him into one of them.
As he tried to move through the mass of Babys inside the womb, he could feel how his paw pressed against the lips of a fellow Reshiram baby that wasted no time to grab his arm and sucked him up literally.
He squirmed helplessly as the soft lips slipped over his arm and face, as he got devoured even before he was born. His face pressed against the wet warm wall of the maw, while the massaging walls dragged him deeper and the maw began to engulf him whole within moments.
As Zola learned slowly the rules of his new live, he had no choice but to devour what came to close for his own safety, each Reshiram he ate caused his body to feel a blissful feeling that would suppress his memory more and more, after many attempts he managed to slip out of his mothers womb without being eaten, even though he was never the first that got out. He sneaked up on another Reshiram of his size going to grab her with his maw wide open, while she devoured just one of the other baby's, he stopped as she turned around, the legs of the baby kicking with the hips sticking out of her lips as she made the baby vanish with a single swallow and Zola starred speechless into her azure eyes, the same of the baby that he saw when he came here and again she had catched him in her spell.
While Zola could only stare at her without saying a word, Clarice made him beautiful eyes, before he found himself within the maw of a another Reshiram that had sneaked up on him. He could only manage to slightly see her between the teeth of the predator, while he could see and feel how the maw roof pressed more against his own muzzle as the maw went shut, pressing him deeper down, he managed to turn his head slightly just to see the twitching saliva dripping tunnel of darkness ahead where he was going to be pressed into.
Meanwhile Clarice observed the happening in shock how Zola's head moved deeper and deeper as bulge while his body got shoved after. She rushed towards Zola and grabbed his kicking legs and dragged at him as strong as she could, well knowing what would might happen. Her claws were dragged through the dirt, getting more and more close to the other Reshiram, as more of Zola disappeared before suddenly the other Reshiram stopped swallowing.
Unnoticed another Reshiram began to devour the tail of the one that caught Zola. With a mighty pull Clarice fell back over and managed to pull Zola out of the Reshiram's gullet that was surprised about being eaten itself. Zola layed soaked and wet on top of her belly, her tail covering his face. She couldn't help but chuckles and pressed his own tail away from her face. "Hey, off from me~"she laughed some rolling Zola off from her body, able to see how the Reshiram that tried to eat him got swallowed by the mother.
"Hey here I'am~" said Clarice and offered Zola a paw to help him up. "Ehrm... Why does it come, that you aren't driven by instinct like the others?" She had to smile, lapped with her tongue under his chin. "Who said I'm not?" Zola had to breath hard as his heart beat increased. "Why I'm eating without thinking like the others? Well I'm her only true daughter. All the others are soulless driven by their instincts. But tell me... what is your name?" Zola rubbed the back of his head "Ehrm... I think I'm Zola..." she chuckled some "You think?" he smiled back "Yes, I don't know anymore... " Clarice nodded and smiled warmly "Do you really want to forget everything and become like them?" Zola shook his head and took her paw "I-I wanted only to see you..." she blushed red and looked to the side. "You should go..." Zola shook his head "But I don't want to!" Clarice pulled her paws away "You must, else she will keep you here forever and you will forget everything..." his mood dropped and he shook his head in response "But what if I want that... if I want to BE forever together with you!" The Reshiram sighed deeply and pushed Zola back for a moment, she really did not know what she should do.... it was not like she didn't wanted it as well... but Clarice knew that this was not his world and it would never be.
With her claws digging into his chest fur she pulled him back close to her into a deep passionate kiss, Clarice claws running down his sides before they tightens against his body again lifting him up before she swallowed him merciless down, whispering a sad "I'm sorry..." within her mind while tears ran down her cheeks, as she felt how the wiggling bulge of her friend slipped smoothly down her silky wet flesh and his hips slowly disappeared within her body soon to be absorbed once more into her body.
Zola found himself captured for a unknown time within the Circle of life and his memories faded more and more while his instincts took over and all he thought about was to satisfy his virtually endless hunger to feel the pleasure of eating, but the thought that something was waiting outside of this place for him did never leave his mind. One day it came that he thought to have something seen back in the bushes, something catched his attention and he walked towards the noise and rustling scrub. Clarice noticed how Zola walked away from her mother and the other Reshiram's, that swallowed one another like there was no tomorrow. Turning her head looking after Zola she knew she had to let him go, she took out any other Reshiram that was going to interrupt her slow walking friend. Not even the Mother noticed that one of her children was walking away until Zola was already out of reach for her claws. She looked stern after Zola, but when she looked into the face of her daughter her heart warmed up and she pressed her daughter onto her belly. She knew that Zola wouldn't be happy where he was... not yet, not now. He had still something to finish outside of their realm. The farther Zola walked away from the Reshiram's, the more he remembered who he was and the feeling that something was waiting for him drove him to go further.
He did turn around a last time to take a look back at his family... He knew it wasn't his real family, but it still was his... and with tears in the eyes he looked back, clearing his eyes with his wings from the tears that covered his vision close to cry. While the Mother and the child watched him walk on his way.
Clarice buried her face into her mothers womb and cried, she had to let her friend go and she knew that, but still she couldn't face it... Her mother stroked over the back of her head and let out a soft sigh "You know.... you should go after him... I did saw that you fell in love with him... go after him, you have my blessing."
Clarice looked up at her mother and smiled "R-really?" The mother nodded and gave her a kiss with her lips that covered the top of her head. "Now go and find your brother, make sure he won't get in any trouble while he's out there. I will wait for the day my sibling will return to his mother."
The young Reshiram cleared her eyes with her arm from the tears and smiled. "Yes mother, thank you for everything..." she said before she moved ahead as well the path that Zola took.
Even though Zola left the Pokemon World, being back in his own World and had regained the shape of his former being by entering his own World again, he would yet still always be her son and always one of them.
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I wasn't quite happy with how the Story was exactly written, so I rewritten and edited it to make it fit to be a canon part of Zola's background Storyline now.

What I edited out were the fast aging of the Reshirams and made it in the ending more explenatory where Zola was and that he turned back when he left the realm of them not while he was still there.

It contains UB, Pokemon babies, TF and vore of course.

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