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Slipped. By iseeyouthere -- Report

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A nice picture that was drawn for me by an artist known as 'Cold'. He and I traded favors. A certain story for him. A certain picture for me.
Worked out well. I really like how it turned out.

If you know the artist, please don't ask him for this type of vore picture. This was a favor for a favor and an exception on his half.
Pandaren and Night Elves belong to Blizzard

The Valley of the Four Winds had many secrets to share to both the native pandaren and the races of the Horde and Alliance. While the farmlands did not contain vaults of treasure or lost empires waiting to be found, the valley instead held a more peaceful treasure. The beauty of the land, the hidden nooks and crannies where one can find many a place to rest, hidden caches of clean sparkling water and secluded hills were one could sit in peace for hours without interruption.
These were the treasures of the Valley, save the fertile fields. Not exactly what the adventures who had come to this land were hoping to find. But while most left in search of the treasure of gold and exotic weapons, some remained in the Valley. Be it to join the farming community, benefit the rich land for their own needs or just enjoy the peace and quiet, these adventurers stayed, finding that the valley offered the reward they were seeking.

The addition of new arrivals meant that the pandaren who were living there had to adjust to seeing the new faces when they travelled around. Some pandaren were slightly annoyed when some of the various adventuring races had started discovering some of the secret and secluded resting spots, complaining that the Valley was becoming rather crowded. But soon, they settled down as most of the adventurers assisted around the valley in removing the dangers and pests, generally improving life around the farms.
Linnshi was one of farmhands working on Mudclaw’s farm who was determined to own a patch of farmland herself one day. When the adventurers came, she had doubled her efforts in order to make herself seen. She was worried that the influx of new faces would distract the head farms from her, meaning that all her work would go unnoticed. This, of course, left her feeling exhausted nearly every day, with aching muscles and tired legs.

In order to be ready for the next day, Linnshi always headed towards a secluded pool of water after a long day of working at the farms. So far, she didn’t think anyone else knew about this location, as she never saw anyone in or around the place when she went there. The pool of water was hidden well by a grove of trees, providing cool, pleasant shade from the hot weather. The only downside is that it was difficult to walk down into. The walls of earth surrounding it were extremely steep, with one false slip enough to cause someone to fall down into the water below. Linnshi had tumbled down several times before, but a dip in the refreshing waters always helped relax her.

Today, however, was an extremely dry day. The farmers and farm hands all pitched in to make sure that the crops were tended too, while brave adventurers rode atop of kites, dropping buckets of water down on dry patches of ground. Linnshi worked harder than ever, pushing close to her limits, but was determined to not let the hot, dry weather slow her down. By the time the day was over, she was drenched in her sweat, her muscles ached and she was starting to wobble slightly from exhaustion.
Just before she could retreat to her hidden pool, one of the head farmers called her over. Having been watching over her the past few weeks, he offered her a chance to manage some of the farmland herself. If she performed well there, she would be well on her way to owning her very own land. The news filled her with joy as she seemingly forgot her exhaustion and skipped away, planning to cool off in the pools, ready to show the farmers what she was made of.

Coming up to the hidden pools, she stripped down, piling her sweat drenched clothing in a messy heap to the side as she approached the edge. Before she started moving her way down, she stopped. Someone else was in the pool. Hiding quickly, she peeked out to see one of the adventurers from across the sea was causally wading through the water. The adventurer was one of the elves, the taller, purple skinned kind known as night elves. A pile of her clothing nestled neatly at the top of the edge of the pool, with a large bulging bag of herbs next to it. Obviously, the night elf had been looking for herbs for alchemy and had simply discovered the pool.

Linnshi paused, wondering if she should join the elf or not. She wasn’t happy that someone else had found the pool which she thought was a secret. But at the same time, she wanted to swim in the cool, refreshing waters, ready to take on her new duties. With a shrug, she decided to go in. The elf was naked and so was she, so there was no embarrassment there. Besides, the pandaren wished to enjoy herself.
The night elf didn’t notice the pandaren who began creeping slowly down the edge. Linnshi was being careful not to slip, but as she took another step, the night elf made her way closer to the edge which she was coming down at. Stopping for a moment, Linnshi decided to call out so she didn’t scare her. Before she could even open her mouth to say hello, her body shivered slightly as a wave of the exhaustion suddenly surprised her. Losing her grip on the edge, she fumbled, twisting around to stop herself, but with no chance of stopping.
With a small cry, she stumbled down into the pool, right on top of the night elf. A large splash followed by some flailing splashing of water as Linnshi found herself in the water, gasping for air. She had landed rear first into the water, so now she was sitting in the water, but something was wrong. She felt as if she had landed on something hard, as her rear felt strange and she felt heavy. Hoping she didn’t hurt herself, she paused to regain her breath, recovering from the shock of falling.

Looking around, she noticed that the elf was no-where to be seen. She had been right underneath the pandaren when she fell, but now there was no sight of her. Looking down to make sure she wasn’t pinning her underwater, Linnshi let out a loud gasp. Her stomach was bulging out greatly, wiggling slightly underneath the water. How she failed to notice it straight up was anyone’s guess, but it was most likely because of the shock of falling that she didn’t notice it. Moving her hand along it, she confirmed that it was her stomach and that it had somehow managed to grow in size.
Then, she felt movement from her rear. It tickled slightly, making her jump slightly. With a deal of effort, she tried hefting herself out of the water, amazed at how heavy she felt. Once she could stand up, after gaining balance with her wiggling belly, she felt something move around her rear again. Reaching a hand back, she froze as her hand grasped something. Looking down in the reflection of the water, she her eyes went wide as she saw in her hand was a pair of purple feet, sticking out of her rear. They wiggled about, curling, twitching and kicking. Linnshi couldn’t believe it. Somehow... she had landed on the night elf. And the poor elf went straight up into her. Looking down at her stomach, she had a good idea what had filled it up now, and what was causing it to wiggle and squirm. The shock of falling down masked any other of the feeling she had when the elf disappeared up into her rear, so it would explain why she didn’t notice it straight away.
Then, she heard a muffled voice. To faint to hear through the flesh, Linnshi automatically knew who the voice belonged too.

“”Aah... Umm... Hold on... I...” she started to say, but in truth, she didn’t know what to say or do. And she was hoping that the night elf would stop moving her feet around so much, as the tickling was making it hard to concentrate. She could barely reach around to grasp at the feet, let along pull them. The elf was stuck like a yak in mud.
Then, Linnshi had an idea. Yak in mud! Whenever a yak got stuck, they had to tie some rope around it and pull it out. All Linnshi had to do was get some rope, tie it to the feet and then pull out the elf.
Well... hopefully pull her out. But the rope was at home, so Linnshi would have to travel there. At least it would be dark by the time she got there, she thought, beginning to clamper up the sides of the edge. She grunted and groaned as she struggled up the steep edge, not helped by the night elf’s constant squirming. Twice she slid down back into the waters before she finally managed to climb out.
Retrieving her clothing, as well as the elf’s own, Linnshi started dressing herself. Her shirt couldn’t stretch over her stomach, so she was forced to wear it, exposing the giggling gut. Her pants proved difficult as well, as they pushed the feet up against her rear’s cheeks, causing her to blush greatly at the kicking and wiggling.
Not exactly the calm swim she was hoping for, as she sent off for home, hoping her plan would work... otherwise, the elf would be stuck in there for a while.


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Posted by dragonfred 9 years ago Report

very nice :O liked it! nice story too


Posted by iseeyouthere 9 years ago Report



Posted by dragonfred 9 years ago Report

your welcome :3


Posted by CGR-7 9 years ago Report

Proctologist: "So, you say you 'slipped.' Is that correct, Ms. Linnshi?"
Linnshi: "Yeah, that's right, Doc."
Proctologist: *Sighs* "Well okay, then, if that's how you see it. But you're not the first one to come in here with that story, I'll tell ya that right now." XD


Posted by iseeyouthere 9 years ago Report

If only they knew it was a legit story.


Posted by Negator 9 years ago Report

What an interesting picture, and a good story to go with it. :)


Posted by iseeyouthere 9 years ago Report



Posted by Savagerush012 9 years ago Report

Interesting story, and a great Pandaren ass! I'm not suggesting anything, but this would make a good origin story. How Linnshi and a unamed night elf first met, and latter became friends...or not so much.


Posted by iseeyouthere 9 years ago Report

I did have a few ideas how this could continue. Perhaps she gets shoved in or let out.

Of course, this is mainly a one off idea which I wanted to write a silly story for.


Posted by ublover1 9 years ago Report

i wish i slipeed and got this lucky:P


Posted by Sharktooth987 7 years ago Report

will there be more?


Posted by TheCrimsonWolfe 7 years ago Report



Posted by iseeyouthere 7 years ago Report

Sure what?


Posted by TheCrimsonWolfe 7 years ago Report

The word slipped, It just looked like it was comfy enough to "Not" be an accident