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With Lagoon and Imber out of the way Sadon couldn't hold his mask anymore. He smiled diabolically, wishing he never have to find an antidote ever again.
Nessie lied on her back, her breast going up and down in slow motions. She had put him on the couch so that she wouldn't accidentally smother him. Sadon,
who finally had the chance to take a closer look at his lover, began moving down the couch and unto Nessie's chest. He slid down the couch, landing on her right arm.
He could feel all the muscles under her skin, the precision and anatomy of her body was so fascinating that while he was studying he managed to trip.
Instead of falling between her arm and chest he jumped in the last minute and grabbed hold of something extremely soft. It was nothing like Nessie's arm,
here the muscles were buried under a huge layer of fat. He managed to climb unto her chest using the straps of her bra.
He stood on her chest, watching how the mountains in front of him moved with every breath she took.
"Mountains are made for exploration, right?" He slowly crawled under Nessie's tunic and went to one of the mountains.
He felt her skin become more soft and caring the more he came to the center. Fighting his way into one of the cups of the bra he lay there for a while,
pressed against the fabric and the soft breast. He had touched them with his hands before, but he had never really understood how fascinating and complex they were until now.
Wanting to see more he crawled out of her bra and slid down between her breasts, landing in a wide field.
Since he was under her tunic he couldn't really see everything he was doing. He tried to pull her tunic so that he could see her stomach,
and after about ten minutes of constant struggling he managed to curl it up a bit.
Her stomach was flat, but he could see that it was well - build like the rest of her body. She was, after all, a born fighter.
He looked down and his face turned red as he thought about doing something dirty to her. Her panties and bare legs were fully exposed.
His fingers went instinctively to the more sensitive part of her hips and he had to stop himself from going any further. It just wasn't right...
No, he had to wake her up before doing such a thing. He felt his body get more and more aroused by the thought.
Sadon walked down her legs, moving unto her bare feet and somehow managed to climb to the top of her toes. He had to use the couch and his whole body to mange to get there,
but in the end it seemed to pay off. He sat between her toes with his legs around one, massaging it with his hands and sometimes his whole body.
This was the first time she actually moved, and she even moaned. He knew she loved it when he touched her feet, she always said they were sore,
but he couldn't really tell that they were. In one moment he had to grab hold of her toe so he wouldn't fall down, but then she began giggling in her sleep and kicking.
 Sadon lost hold of her toe and landed between her legs on the sofa. She then sighed and began softly breathing again.
"Oh, you'll pay for this." Sadon said playfully and began walking toward her torso again. He only saw one thing in front of him and there was no doubt she wanted it as much as he did.
 He only hoped the potion would last a little longer.
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Exploration of Nessie (part 1/2) By TheUnknown

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A playful thing isn't it? Well the next part will be longer but also NSFW, my first one actually (so I'm really excited) ˆˆ
The next part will also tell how she feels about it and what happens to her, so if you've read the backstory it'll basically be written the same way ;)
It's always fun to get commissions and I'll always try to do my best! So I really hope you like it TheUnknown !! Think of this as part of the valentines gift :3

This is the "backstory":

This is written by my girlfriend from Fa: She really liked how it turned out and if i could upload it here, so here it is! :3

Hope you enjoy it! ;D



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