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Waiting... by Glitch By Fae Stranger -- Report

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Sometimes, you just have to wait for the phone to ring.

Art by Lumesa!

Colored by Kaede/Endemic Productions!

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Posted by Royal_Starlord 5 years ago Report

I want to hug all three heads. ;//w//;

Fae Stranger

Posted by Fae Stranger 5 years ago Report

I'm sure they'd be happy to hug you back, as long as they're not working. :3


Posted by UnidentifiedTurian 5 years ago Report

Huh, I never knew each of Nyx's heads had different hair colors. :p

Fae Stranger

Posted by Fae Stranger 5 years ago Report

Helps to keep them visually distinct, so there's no easy confusing them. :3


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago Report

X: "Aw man, I shouldn't have drank so much coffee."
N: "Come on, either ring or don't ring, we really need to use the restroom!"
Y: "Hmm... The clock on this phone says it's midnight, but I don't think it's really midnight." XD

Very nice, Fae. Yeah, I remember this from Lumesa a while back. And Kaede does such a great job taking B&W pieces and giving them a nice splash of color. =)


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago Report

Say, Fae, I was just wondering: what pronoun does Nyx prefer when referring to all three of them as a whole? Is it still "she", since technically these is one physical body, or it is "they" since there are three individual personalities? How does that work for a hydra?

And since each of their individual names are proper nouns to make up their "collective name", wouldn't it be more correct to spell their name as "NYX" instead of "Nyx"?

Fae Stranger

Posted by Fae Stranger 5 years ago Report

They're happy to go by "They" or "She" when being referred to as a collective, even though they're still different personalities, they share a body (though, with different heads) so they're not about to split hairs over using they or she.

That said, they do refer to themselves as "we" as a collective, and "I" when referring to the individual personality.

And I guess it could be NYX instead of Nyx, but, again, single body, so they could be considered a single object as a collective. Again, they're not terribly picky about this sort of thing. They know who they are, and the least of their worries are if their name reflects their proper noun status. As long as each personality is treated with the respect she deserves, there won't be an serious issues. :3


Posted by CGR-7 5 years ago Report

Yeah, I thought that same thing about their personal pronouns. Those are pretty self-explanatory.

Thanks, Fae. Grammar and pronouns and such are so fluid these days, it can be tricky to keep up with it all. Just wanted to be sure. =)