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Donkey wasn’t quite sure why things between him and dragon had been so weird as of late. They’d been through a lot together, saving Far Far Away more times than anyone could care to count...well...Shrek had done most of it...but he’d been there! He’d been the noble steed! Still, ever since things had cooled down between adventures, she’d been far more irritable than usual.
  Still, despite the rocky tension between them as of late, perhaps tonight would help things return to a more even keel. He’d sent the kids off with Puss, to be watched over by the swashbuckling cat. It had taken quite a bit for him to agree to do it, but once the topic of rekindling a love between husband and wife was brought up (Even as strange as the couple might have been) the poor cat’s spanish honor wouldn’t let him say no.
  He’d probably be fine...only two of the hybrid children even breathed fire long as he didn’t let them outside, they probably wouldn’t fly away either…
Still, that was something to put on the back burner for the time being. Right now he had to finish preparations.
  Shrek had helped him set things up, there was only so much you could do decoration-wise as a quadruped, let alone on a dragon’s scale. They’d gone to the castle where they’d met, now quite a bit more fixed up since it didn’t really need the whole ‘Villain’ motif anymore, with most of the villains in Far Far Away having either been taken care of, or actually showing up to the wedding between the pair.
  Dragon’s gold-chamber had remained untouched, they really hadn’t needed much gold in their lives, it seemed most of the time they either had most of what they needed, or the most important thing at hand was escaping some threat to their lives in general. Plus a lot of people didn’t even bother trying to sneak in to steal it...I mean they’d fixed the place up, but there was only so much you could do about a giant river of lava.
  Decorations had been hung, and candles had been laid out. He’d actually used a chunk of the gold to buy enough candles to light the place. It was still a massive cavern, Dragon could stand up on her hind legs and still have room to stretch if she wanted, mood lighting was hard work in such a large space, but dammit he was a smooth customer and it was worth the extra mile.
  A table had been set in the middle of all the gold, balanced on what looked to be a giant golden plate. It had probably belonged to a giant at some point, but it made a stable place to set up among all the shifting piles of riches. Beside that, was what another large chunk of gold had gone to, a mountain of desserts stacked a mile high, chocolates, cakes, pies, everything nearly every baker within a few miles had had to spare, all for her, he only had one slice of cake in front of him himself.
  If this didn’t get her, nothing would.
  Everything was set, he wore a bowtie, tied by Fiona before everyone had skedaddled to give the pair some privacy, partly out of respect for the romance, and partly because the fact that Donkey and Dragon had children raised a lot of questions, but no one really wanted the answers...particularly not in person.
  He’d left a note for her to find, it was the size of a piece of gum from her perspective, but she’d gotten good at reading his tiny writing, a mark to her intelligence, despite her inability to speak. Writing with your mouth is no way to convey a proper message...let alone with his spelling…
  In any case the note had apparently worked. Large, thundering footsteps announced the approach of his wife, the piles of gold around him shaking and shifting as she got closer. He quickly stood up straight and put on his best smile as her massive snout entered the doorway, her always expressive green eyes widening in an expression of surprise.
  “Hey baby!” Donkey called, giving that trademark grin of his. “Surprise!”
  Dragon gave a growl of surprise. It had taken him a while, but he’d managed to work out a bit of a language between them.
  ‘What’s this? For me?’ he internally translated.
  “Of course for you!” He chuckled, leaning over the table, his face pulled into a suave expression. “I don’t see any other lovely scaled beauties in this castle. Now come’on here baby! It’s been far too long since you and I had some.” His eyebrows waggled. “Private time~”
  He kicked out with his back leg, a record player started up as a tune began to play.
  ‘You’ll never find~ As long as you live….Someone who loves you, tender like I do...’ the words drifted out of the machine like sweet molasses.
  Dragon stared in surprise for several moments, before her lips, painted, as always with her customary lipstick, pulled back into a smile, revealing rows and rows of very...very sharp teeth.
  When they’d first met, admittedly not under the best pretenses, those teeth had scared him to death, now he had to admit he found them their own way. Donkey had never been picky in his choice of mates before finding Dragon, so it wasn’t that much of a stretch. She was...exotic...large...and extremely affectionate.
  The ground shook as she made her way over to the table, covering the distance in few strides with her massive form, her large hips swaying from side to side a bit more than was probably necessary, and most certainly for his benefit. He gave a chuckle and licked his lips.
  “Das’ right, swing it girl!” he teased as she swayed her tail end, her large, graceful neck stretching out to bring that muzzle right in front of him. It was easily twice as wide as he was, and some change, not to mention just as tall if not taller, her lip stood out beautifully, the deep red of her lipstick complimenting the slight pink-ish color of her scales.
  “There’s my beauty. Did I surprise you?”
  Dragon gave a growl of approval, a deep, husky sound that made the whole chamber rumble, Donkey could feel it in his belly with her muzzle so close, those big green eyes centered directly on him. She pursed those lips and, with a little breath, blew a ring of smoke his way, it was shaped like a heart.
  He thought again, to when they’d met, back then the heart she’d blown when they’d fallen in love was the size of a person. She’d learned to do smaller ones since then, this one only about the size of his face. This way it was less of an...asphyxiation hazard.
  He smiled as the heart drifted over his face, slotting perfectly around his muzzle and breaking over his forehead and neck. A lot of people assumed that a dragon’s breath would reek, but it was quite the opposite actually, a dragon’s belly was a furnace when they wanted it to be, all it took was a daily breath of fire and any germs living in her mouth or throat were purged immediately by the sheer heat, what was left instead was a nice smoky odor, like the burning of leaves or an expensive cigar. He’d learned to love that smell and inhaled deeply. That particular ability of hers was quite fined tuned, when their kids had first been born, they’d nestled close to her expansive belly and it was scarcely warmer than a baby’s bathwater for thier comfort. Plus he got the added bonus of a heated bed, her soft belly scales cool in the summer, and nice and toasty in the winter. It had gotten to the point where he really couldn’t sleep on anything else.
  “I’m glad you like it honey.” He grinned, gesturing with a hoof to the empty space in front of the table. They’d placed the gold plate on a pile of gold, so he could sit at about where her belly button would be if she’d had one, the floor before him leveled, with a nice carpet of gold since he knew how much she liked to lay on it. “Now go on, eat up. I like a girl with an appetite.”
  Dragon gave a rumbling chuckle, but didn’t sit down immediately, instead she pressed forwards, and Donkey stiffened as he found himself being kissed. He hadn’t done that in a long time, he’d almost forgotten how interesting a dragon’s kisses could be.
  Her lips were scaled differently from the rest of her, they were soft and pliant, almost like the scales along her belly, but with a bit more give, to be able to better wrap around and trap whatever it was she happened to be trying to eat. As gentle as she was, there was only so much she could do to stop her size from getting in the way here. Those softly scaled lips suddenly encompassed most of his face.
  He felt her warmth as the kiss rolled over his eyes like a tidal wave crashing against a beach dune, the tip of his muzzle penetrating into the humid, moist cavern of her mouth. The first time they’d done this he’d been terrified, but Dragon was gentle in her way, he never feared her teeth. Still...the first time had been a bit overzealous...Dragons were used to kissing dragons, and dragons apparently liked to french. This was not helped by the fact that at its thinnest, dragon’s tongue was only a little smaller around than his entire hoof, and at its thickest, slightly wider than his torso...He’d very nearly choked before alerting her to this fact.
  Still, now her tongue gently snaked forwards and lathered itself along the tip of his nose, teasing at his lips slightly, but not entering. He wouldn’t begrudge her if she did, admittedly it was a little hot...but the rare times she indulged tended to be rather...dangerous, since a dragon’s libido was never the safest thing in the world.
  Her lips undulated around his muzzle, a slight suction keeping him there. He couldn't pull away any more than light could from a black hole, but he didn’t mind so much. Dragon gave a murr of affection, the sound loud enough to rattle the walls, along with most of Donkey’s bones. He was held like that for several moments before the kiss finally ended. Dragon pulled away slowly, a little ‘Pop!’ signalling the end of the seal. Donkey’s muzzle was actually darkened with the level of saliva clinging to it, a large trail of it leading back to dragon’s lips as she smiled down at him. He could very nearly see his reflection on those very large, very sharp teeth of hers…
  He looked dazed for a moment. “Wow...I am a lucky donkey.” He chuckled, the ground shaking enough to lift him off the ground a bit as she finally sat down, that enormous rump of hers squishing against the gold on the floor as she shifted to get comfortable, the strand of drool connecting them breaking as she did. Donkey watched as her long tongue slithered out to lick thickly over those painted lips.
  Dragon’s stomach grumbled.
  Donkey’s ears perked at that sound, giving an awkward laugh. “Ahh, I see, a taste of your suga’s got your belly rumblin’ don’t it?” He ribbed, nodding to the massive pile of desserts he’d collected. “Well I got’cha covered. I know women love their chocolate, so go ahead, get’in there girl.”
  Dragon’s stomach growled again...and...for just a moment, as he looked up at her, the reptilian irises set into those deep green eyes seemed to contract just slightly, her tongue slowing over her lips as she regarded him, apparently not hearing a word he said.
  Dragon stiffened, her eyes widening, then softening, as she gave her closest approximation of an awkward chuckle, nodding to him with a sound of apology. She turned to the pile of deserts and began to eat.
  Another thing Donkey had learned about dragons, they did not have the best table manners. She grabbed a handful of desserts, chocolates, cakes and pies all in one, and lifted it to her maw, that wet, moist cavern yawning open as strands of saliva clung to the roof of her mouth. In a flash, enough food to keep a family of four fed for a week vanished into her gullet, her cheeks bulging slightly as she chewed with a growling sound of approval, before she took a mighty swallow. Her cheeks empted with a wet ‘glurk’ as Donkey watched the food enter her throat, the large bulge of it traveling down her long, graceful neck, a bit like prey through a snake, only a great deal faster. Still, with such a lengthy throat it took several moments before the lump of food vanished into the curve of her belly. Before it was even gone she’d picked up another handful and was already scarfing it down. The food he’d thought would last them the whole evening was now starting to look like more of an appetizer.
  He gave an awkward chuckle, as yet more of the decadent desserts vanished down that the slow arc of her throat, at times the bulges were so close together they very nearly fused. “ certainly were hungry…” He cleared his throat. “Look baby, I’ve been noticing you’ve been a li-” He was interrupted as Dragon’s stomach gurgled, a lump traveling up her throat this time, as the massive dragon shifted slightly on her gold. “Uhh...honey? Are you ok-”
  Dragon’s cheeks bulged before she let out a massive belch, her maw opening wide as the deep sound hit the air, shaking the chandelier above their heads and causing the mountains of treasures around them to shift again. Her hot, humid breath blowing his ears back a little as his fur got slightly shiny with moisture.
  Dragon put a large claw up to her lips, the ear-like protrusions at the sides of her head perking up embarrassedly.
  “’re excused…” Donkey chuckled, wiping off his face with a hoof. “But uh...on to what I wanted to talk to you about…”
  Dragon continued eating, that once tall pile of food now looking paltry, her fistfuls of dessert looking smaller and smaller, her fingers stained with chocolate, caramel and cream alike. She took occasionally moments to clean them, her painted lips wrapping wetly around clawed digits to suck noisily, taking the whole length of her fingers inside, tongue slithering around tightly to collect every ounce of sweetness, losing nothing.
  Donkey’s cheeks colored lightly. He was needless to say, after half a decade of marriage, and kids...very familiar with Dragon’s tongue. Still, he pushed those thoughts out of his mind for now and got things back on track as her pinkie claw popped from her lips and she reached down for another handful of sweets.
  “You’ve seemed...distant lately...irritable…” Dragon’s claw paused mid-reach. “N-not to say you haven’t been lovely as always! I-I just mean…” He paused, ears wilting. “I just want to know if there’s...ya know, anything buggin’ you lately.”
  Dragon’s stomach gave another loud growl, her expression turning uncomfortable for a moment, before she resumed gathering food and quickly stuffed it in her mouth, swallowing noisily almost...desperately.
Donkey tilted his head. “Come on baby, I know somethin’ ain’t right. You can tell me.”
Dragon reached down for another claw-full of food, then another..then another, faster, the noise of her eating growing by the moment, another, smaller burb breaking its way from her lips between bites. She still hadn’t answered Donkey’s question.
“Dragon!” He yelled. “Dammit woman, let me in!”
Her claw scraped against the stone floor. There was no more food...Her lips were stained slightly with frosting, her belly distended slightly. She was obviously full.
Her stomach growled anyway. She looked away from Donkey, the fringes on the sides of her head wilting as she twiddled with her claws. Her stomach gave a more demanding sound, a wet, gurgling shift of noise. Dragon winced.
Donkey looked worried and looked down at the single slice of cake he’d laid out for himself, then back to her. After a moment he pushed it forwards towards her, putting on a gentle smile. “Baby. Come on, it’s me.”
Dragon took a deep breath, before flopping forwards, her head landing heavily before the table in front of her. Her painted, frosting stained lips parted, and that thick tongue slithered out with a slick noise to wrap around that piece of cake and take it into her maw, no bigger than a tic-tac to her. She gave a miserable growl.
Donkey internally translated: ‘I miss it.’
  He tilted his head, ears perking. “Miss what?”
  Her stomach gave another growl, her expression turned pained as she gave another low rumble of sound, this one had a sharp edge to it, a feral edge...a wild edge..
  There was no direct translation, but he’d known her long enough to infer...that sound was predatory...that sound was hungry...hungry or something that wasn’t cake…Donkey had known dragon had eaten meat before they’d met, and she still did really, the amount of turkey they had to buy at thanksgiving was frankly embarrassing, and at dinners and functions at the palace Shrek and Fiona usually provided spreads to make a king drool. He usually tried not to think about it too hard, but the difference between them was there.
  “Do you want something else? I wasn’t thinking, I could have gotten some...some chicken or something I-”
  Dragon growled again, this sound more precise, more exactly. She moved her body back and force to illustrate her point further as Donkey’s brain deciphered on automatic. She told him what she missed, and his eyes widened at the implication.
  ‘I miss the wiggling...’ her growl said.
  Donkey realized that since they had been married, ever since she’d eaten Lord Farquaad...He’d never seen her eat anything living…
  Her irises contracted again, losing their warmth as they focused directly on him, her gaze almost a physical force, making him lean back as his ears folded. “ baby...I-I think we should talk about this…”
There was the slow, wet, sliding sound as her tongue licked over her lips, another, softer growl rumbling across the chamber. In her strange way it was affectionate...almost caring. He’d heard a similar growl a few months before the children were born.
‘I need you...right now’
  Donkey took a wary step back. “H-honey you can’t seriously wa-” She pressed forwards and in a flash Donkey found himself being kissed again, her lips encompassing his far smaller ones before he could even blink. He felt their wet warmth around his muzzle, the suction of her kiss keeping him there as he tried desperately to scoot back, to get away. He felt oddly like he had at their first meeting, but then he’d avoided ever being inside her mouth...this was different, she meant business.
  He yelled out to be let go, but the words were muffled inside her maw. He felt her massive tongue licking over his features as the suction of her lips grew greater against his face, threatening to swallow his eyes as he looked, terrified, up at those predatory eyes, lidded slightly with the pleasure of his taste, just hardly visible over the crest of her snout.
  Dragon gave a deep rumble of pleasure, the closest approximation of Mmmmmmm she could manage. Her tongue pulled no punches this time, as he tried to yell out again, it silenced him. Donkey’s eyes shot wide as the slick organ suddenly penetrated his lips, no more teasing this time. His own tongue batted at it weakly, but it was like trying to hold back the hoover dam with a fly swatter, that massive thing slid wetly into his mouth, wiggling about like an eel in the throes of passion. His cheeks bulged comically as it worked its way deeper, his own tongue battered about like a leaf in a hurricane.
  His throat made an involuntary gulping sound as Dragon’s tongue suddenly surged down into its recesses. The rest of her tongue grew thicker as the tip explored his gullet, the sudden girth of it forcing even his equine jaws wide as it just seemed to keep coming. His throat bulged as a strained noise escaped his mouth into Dragon’s humid gullet, the shape of that massive tongue wiggling about inside of him easily visible as it became more than wide enough to stop him from breathing all together.
  His hooves clicked against the golden plate as he tried to back away, but he may as well have been trying to back away from a black hole for how tight her lips suctioned onto his face, those bright soft masses of painted scale occasionally undulating and shifting around his muzzle as she kissed him so terribly deeply.
  He felt his lungs burning, his vision darkening slightly as the kiss continued. This had been exactly what had happened the first time they’d gone out, but now she seemed quite intent on tasting all of him,and not just the kissable portions.
  Donkey worried he would pass out, but as spots began to appear in the invading darkness, Dragon, much to Donkey’s relief, began to spool her tongue back into her mouth. The tip wiggled needily as it exited his throat, briefly wrapping around his own tongue in a single coil before it left his mouth entirely. Donkey took a deep, gasping breath as he was freed from that intimate kiss, the only air available the slightly stale, oddly sweet air from inside of her mouth, every breath tinged with the smoke of her inner fire, hot and wet.
  He tried to get a word out, to convince her that she’d had her fun and to cut this out, but that tongue, done with its kiss, did not leave him be, it lathered itself thickly over his lips and nose, almost drowning him as the saliva in her mouth steadily belt. He could feel strings of it clinging to his fur, it was dripping out around his face, onto his neck and chest, bits of it hanging between his lips every time he tried to open it, threatening to choke him if he tried to breathe at the wrong time.
  “Stop!” Was all he managed before his mouth was shut by another slow lick along the bottom of his chin. Dragon’s tongue had an agenda this time, it slipped out between his chin and the soft touch of her lips to slather against his neck with a slipper sound, pouring out to slowly wrap around his neck. Despite himself he moaned, she knew his neck was sensitive, and she took full advantage of that now. Her tongue coiled around his neck, the tip caressing everywhere it touched, slowly flicking up and down as it formed that first loop, then a second, the coiled, spongy flesh tightening and releasing as it moved, wringing out his flavor as it captured more of him.
  The suction on his muzzle increased, catching him by surprise. Donkey gave a muffled yell as the whole of his head was sucked into her mouth like the sweet part of a lollipop on a stick. His eyes were plunged into darkness as they entered her maw, the heat and wet stifling against his features as that tongue aided her lips, slowly caressing down his body as they now wrapped around his upper half, her tongue spiralling down his neck to begin to caress at his underbelly as her lips softly tightened and loosened.
  He was lifted up onto his hind legs as she sucked yet more of him inside, her tongue curling under his legs to slowly draw them inside as the tip caressed slowly down along his underbelly, making him squirm all the more as the slightly ticklish sensation flooded through his body. His eyes adjusted to the darkness of her maw, and he got his first up close look at the cavern steadily swallowing him deeper.
Strands of drool hung along the roof of her mouth, clinging to sharp teeth on either side, occasionally bringing as her tongue moved to wind around his body. She was careful; her jaws opened just so to allow him entrance without rending his flesh on those rows of jagged enamel. Her tongue, now easily wider than he was, cushioned him from hitting the bottom row, the thinner portions slithered out to drag him forwards.
  He felt his hind legs leave the ground entirely as Dragon lifted her head up, his back end swinging wildly through the air. Her tongue now tickled between his legs, causing his whole body to tense for a moment. The tip teased there for a few moments, but as her stomach gave another needy growl, the sound now enough to make Donkey’s ears physically hurt a little, her hunger won out over her teasing. Dragon’s tongue flicked for a moment or two longer before progressing, wrapping over his rump and giving it a little squeeze, drawing a squeak from the trapped donkey inside her maw. The tip curled around and flicked at his tail as she gave a slow slurp, drawing him slowly through the soft gate of her lips and into the wet heat of her maw.
  His rump vanished entirely, the tuft of his tail swinging around weakly outside her muzzle for a moment, before, with a short slurp, that too vanished. Her tongue’s coils squeezed around his body tightly as it carried him past the boundary of her teeth, saliva clinging to every inch of his body. Each of her tongue’s movements echoed around the cavernous space of her her maw; wet, sticky, sliding noises as it moved around him, caressing, slithering, undulating as she suckled him like a hard candy. He gave a choked moan, half-mixed with a plea as that lengthy, saliva soaked tongue constricted around his body like a boa constrictor.
  She didn’t seem to want to let him out of it, rolling him over and over again, wrapping it around him so fully only his ears could be seen before releasing him, only to lap and lather at every feature of his body. He began to feel light headed as the stale heat of her breath filled his lungs, strands of her saliva stringing between his lips as he tried to say something to get him out of this.
  His muted cries fell on deaf ears. Dragon was in bliss, her eyes closed as her lips curled into a predatory smile, her cheeks occasionally bulging with his wiggly form as she sloshed him to and fro inside her jaws, never so much as letting him brush her sharp teeth.
  Finally, her toying ended, her tongue unraveled from him fully, leaving him to fall down onto its spongy surface into a pool of drool, strands of the stuff hanging between his ears, and along his sides, practically blinding him with the stuff.
  “D-dragon?” He attempted, hoping she would spit him out.
  A low rumble issued from her throat, the sudden rush of smoke-scented breath blowing his ears back, strands of saliva flagging around his head and torso as the force of it made him trip on the ever moving surface of his tongue, falling forwards, his chin landing in a clinging puddle of drool. As the rumble ended, Donkey suddenly felt his world shift forwards, his eyes widening as he slowly began to slide to the back of her maw, towards her throat. He could see it in front of him, that dark abyss of deep, slick red flesh. slowly clenching in anticipation, the deep, moist noise of her swallowing filling his ears.He tried to backpedal, but the river of saliva around him offered no purchase for his hooves, he slid inevitably forwards.
  “No! Nonononono!” He babbled. “D-dragon! Dragon we can talk about! W-work something out We ca-”
  Donkey was silenced as his muzzle met her esophagus, her throat seizing its catch immediately, clamping around his muzzle, muffling his words as it slowly began to pull him forwards, those noises all around him growing louder as she suddenly swallowed. He knew full well she could take all of him in one gulp if she chose, but no, she drew this out, she took her time. That swallow enveloped his head in tight clenching wet flesh from all sides, his body wiggling outside of it in a desperate attempt to free himself, but if the suction of her lips had been tight, this one was almost crushing. As she swallowed again he was taken into the hug of her throat up to his belly.
  From outside, Dragon’s bliss continued, she rubbed a claw along the base of her throat as the bulge of her lover appeared at the top, occasionally squirming as he thrashed. Another swallow made the bulge bigger still as she took him in up to his hind legs, the slow, steady contractions sucking him further inwards, squeezing along his length before starting again without rest.
  Almost reluctantly she gave another swallow, taking his hind-legs into her gullet, her throat’s natural processes taking over now with a slow descent. Donkey gave a muffled cry as slow waves of pressure along his entire body delivered him ever deeper towards her stomach, the tight embrace of her muscles oddly soothing as he wiggled about in their grip, almost like a massage.
  Dragon’s long, almost swanlike neck, caressed him down across its length as she practically purred in pleasure, Donkey’s world vibrating around him as the sound used his body like a tuning rod.
  His journey was incredibly tight and hot, breath rare and often not enough to fill his lungs as his wiggles grew less and less frantic. Finally, he reached her belly. He gave a gasp of air as his muzzle left the tight grasp of her esophagus, his head popping out soon after. Her throat slowly conveyed him down into her tummy, until he was hanging by a single hind leg.
 With a gentle ‘Pop’ he fell into Dragon’s stomach.
 Donkey fell a short ways, before landing on a mountain of sweets. She’d hardly even bothered to chew most of them, his slice of cake sitting in front of him, totally unharmed, if a bit worse for wear for the trip through her belly. He looked around, his ears pinned back fearfully.
 “D-dragon! H-how could you do this! I-I thought you love m-”
 He was interrupted by a shy growl, the sound knocking him off balance.
“What?” He asked, not used to hearing her from the inside.
 She growled again, this sound a little more confident, even affectionate.
 “You’’re gonna let me out?”
 She growled again, this one indignant. He translated: ‘Of course, I’m not taking care of the kids by myself.’
 “Well you could have warned me, woman!” Donkey huffed.
 He felt his world shift and Dragon shrugged, giving another low rumble of noise, her enjoyment at what had happened obvious.
 ‘I got caught up in the moment’. She added a little lecherous purr. ‘And if you don’t want me to get irritable, I plan to again...and again...and again...’
 Donkey gulped. “Wait, you mean’.”
 He felt her nod, and he didn’t even need to translate. This was going to be their new date night for the foreseeable future. He took a deep breath, smelling strongly of smoke and dragon spit, letting it out slowly. “Fine...but next time, I expect more tongue work on my fun bits, you got it?”
Dragon growled happily, and Donkey set down on a bet of desserts as she rubbed her full belly, her low rumbles letting him know that, though she’d let him out, he was going to be in here a while.
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