Hiya, I'm Nyxon!
Vore is actually not a fetish I have much engagement in, but I love to accommodate and experiment with different materials, so I'm more than comfortable drawing it! In some cases, I find it rather fun!
I'm pretty body-positive so if there's a lack of Vore content, there's a lot of big tummies, breasts, and butts to make up for it! I am okay with drawing BBW and thickly-built characters, so I hope that suffices in place of Vore!

Also, the only Vore content I draw is Soft Vore. If the piece contains absorption or digestion, it's depicted as non-violent and with the ideal that the prey benefits the predator via anatomical enhancements. I appreciate realism, but I also appreciate nobody dying, even in fantasies!

Also also, please don't ask me to make sequel drawings to commissions. That is up to the client whether they want more or not!

Please take note that I like to title my art with alliterations because I am literally a child.

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