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Following a day of rain across the area, a Minun was poking around in a field with some tall grass dotting the area and a Plusle wasn't too far off. The air was heavy with moisture as the long field of grass was just in between a forest and a marshland and in fact from how the clouds looked, it could rain again soon. The Minun went deep into the grass, only his blue tipped ears poking out from the dense grass while he was looking around, smelling around. The Plusle was doing just about the same thing too but was unclear why the two was doing this until the Plusle poked her head out. "What are we doing again Phoenix?" She called out, looking around for the Minun before he poked out of the grass. "Well Serena, haven't you noticed that its just the two of us out here today? Doesn't it strike it kinda strange? Normally there would be some other Pokemon out here, playing and eating on berries around here but there is... no one but us." He answered, soon going back to what he was doing, moving away and looking around until he found something. "Serena! Come quick!" It didn't take time before Serena came to him and soon saw what he had found. Aside from a Emolga tail sticking out, there seemed to be slime utterly coating the squirming Emolga as the two could only hear muffled squeaks from within. Phoenix would try to poke at it only for the blobbed Emolga to be pulled away and stopping a few meters from the two.
The Minun and Plusle would follow, wondering what was going on and anytime they got too close, the Emolga was being dragged further and further away. The two wouldn't realize that they had went into the wetlands until they was close to the heart of it, going towards a mass of trees, bushes and other plantation as the Emolga was soon dragged through the brush of it. Looking at each other, Phoenix and Serena nodded and went right after it, diving right through all the plants and trees. But things was not feeling right as soon enough the plant life as they went had slime on them, having more and more as the two went and soon enough, they would come out of the slimy forest and into a darkened grove where there was barely any light and mushrooms was plently around. The two gulpped nervously as they finally caught up to the Emolga, managing to get close to wipe the slime away where its head was. Only able to push away enough slime to uncover the Emolga's face, the two would get a warning from it. "W-watch out, this is a trap! Get out while you still-" Suddenly the Emolga was pulled towards a mass of mushrooms, a loud squeak coming from it before a loud squish could be heard. "H-help!" The Emolga cried out in a panic while the two closed in once more, climbing onto the mushrooms and jumping from one to another.
The closer the two got, the more slime on the mushrooms and this goo was fresh, still warm and sticky only to get more warmer and gooier as they went. But the two would find the Emolga squished right between the breasts of a Goodra morph. The humanoid like Goodra seemed to have led the two right to it, giving them a show as she would ease her breasts up and down against the squirming Emolga giggling as her tail swished around back and worth in a teasing manner. "Hey, what are you doing to that defendless Emolga?!" Phoenix called out but the Goodra's little show was creating a whole bunch of lewd, slimy squishes that all of his words was drowned out while the Goodra girl grinned and giggled, looking to the two and winking at them, showing that they was next. The Emogla, tired and weakened beforehand was being massaged around, feeling the warm slime oozing over their body for quite a time as they could see the Minun and Plusle watching with a slight blush on the two's faces, a bit of excitement showing from Phoenix's body it seemed but who could blame him. "H-help, don't just sit there..." They groaned. From the voice, it was a female Emolga and she sounded like she really wanted out from this sticky boob trap.
Knowing what they had to do, both Phoenix and Serena nodded and proceeded to jump off the mushrooms they was standing on only to find... "W-what the, I can't get off this gooey shroom!" Phoenix proclaimed in panic while Serena took the moment to use a Thunderbolt to see if she could fry the slime that had the two glued but it seemed resistant and bounced about and made the two wriggle around. "Hehe, welcome to my gooey and loving trap you two~" The Goodra gal annonced with a smirk as she would pluck the gooped up Emolga from between her breasts and tossed her right into her slimy maw, only her legs and tail wriggling about. "Let me outta mffpht!!" The Emolga whined out before the two could only tell the Emolga must be getting licked about. Lewd squishy chews could come from the Goodra's mouth as soon the Emolga was pulled in all the way and soon one cheek bulged out as the flying squirrel Pokemon was forced into that side then to the other cheek. The Minun and Plusle could only watch in horror as the Emolga was being teased and toyed with. Finally, the Goodra lifts up her tongue and pushes the weakened Emolga below it into a under chin sac of sorts.
Both Phoenix and Serena could see the transparent sac displaying the tired Emolga and this was working for the Goodra as the Emogla was positioned to show off its wet sex to the Minun. "Like what you two see?" The Goodra teased, paying attention to the Minun the most as the cute little thing had his member poking out. "U-using the Emolga to arouse me like that...!" Phoenix mumbled as he tried to cover his eyes with his long floppy ears, trying to hide his blushing face while Serena wasn't trying to look, also flustered. "U-um, stop this now if you know what is good for you..." She called out in a shy tone. Stepping closer to the large gooey mushrooms, the Goodra smiled and patted the Plusle's head. "Oh but I already have what is good for me, hehehehe." She answered and turned around, showing off her plump and sexy ass to the Minun before she would go to sit but making sure she gets him in the right hole than the back door. Yes, the Minun was going to be pushed right into her goopy sex and he and Serena was the perfect size to be used in that way. Before Phoenix knew what was going on, he found his whole body being slipped over and when he looked, he was all the way inside the gooey and pulsating sex and creating a slight bulge on the Goodra gal's under tummy. "Ah, such a nice Minun, make sure to squirm now." The Goodra giggled as she sat on the mushroom that had Phoenix on it, crossing a leg over the other as the fungi seemed strong enough to hold the beautiful and sexy Goodra girl as Serena watched the bulge move and squirm about.
Inside, Phoenix was pushing against the gooey walls as he could feel warm slime oozing from the top of his head toward his hind paws which was now free from the mushroom but he was being drawn upwards slowly. And with his member being out, he couldn't help but squeak and moan as the warm gooey walls pressed into it, threatening to engulf it and milk him of his seed. With each passing moment, he was being lead deeper in, the walls getting more warm and gunky with thick goo until his head soon poked into the Goodra's womb and getting the Goodra to moan lovingly as a result. The womb seemed pretty big for Pokemon of his size and could hold about three other small Pokemon near his size inside. Phoenix couldn't do much but squirm and fight as he was pulled and tucked into the womb at long last, the Goodra's slightly chubby belly rounding up around the small bulge that rested inside her womb that soon bounced up and down as Phoenix was really trying to get out.
"One tucked away, one more to go." The Goodra giggled, coming off of the mushroom as there was many long and slimy strands of slime between her ass and the slimy covered cap, even a lump of gunky goo where Phoenix stood as a reminder that getting on the mushrooms was a bad idea. Serena squeaked in horror and tried to pull her hind legs out of the glue like goo with all that she could but soon the shadow of the Goodra's ass was directly over her, seeing some green gooey slime emitting from the two plump and gooey nether lips. "N-no please...!" She squeaked before the Goodra sat down and moaned cutely, her sex now filled with the squirming Plusle. "Hmhmhm, two nice little prisoners~" The Goodra hummed happily, poking at the bulge under her chin, massaging at it while her tongue slips into the sac and slides over the Emolga's sex. She was focusing more on the consumption of the Emolga than the full and complete capture of the Plusle. The Emolga let out a weak and pleasured moan as her sex was being toyed with, trying to fight back but there was nothing she could do. She couldn't even let loose a Thundershock to make the Goodra stop. The Goodra's hands which only consisted of two long fingers on both hands gently massaged away at the Emolga, pushing her towards the back of the sac as there was a passage that led right into the Goodra's throat. The Emolga wasn't aware of this fact as she squirmed about with each push until her head was pushed right into a tight passage that would soon turn downward and with gulp from the Goodra, she knew what was going on. Swallowing the Emolga would be a rather slow process from that sac under her mouth, having to tilt her head up for each gulp but she wanted it this way, murring from the squirming Plusle lodged inside of her loving squishy tunnel and from the Minun starting to use some of his moves from within the confines of the womb, making it wobble and shake around roughly, causing slime to shake off of the Goodra's belly and around her.
After a few more gulps, the Goodra gave one final gulp to send the Emolga on her way down the throat and into the awaiting goo filled stomach. "Gah, no..." The Emolga whined adorably, feeling herself fall at a slow rate only to stop midway. The Goodra held down a hand just below her large gooey tits, smiling as she wanted to tease the Emolga even more, sliding the hand down slowly to make the Emolga slide down even slower than before until the hand lifted up right when the Emolga was just before that stomach and caused her to squeak, falling into the stomach with a plop and sinking into the sticky, warm goo. With the Emolga inside her stomach, the Goodra hummed happily and patted her belly. "Ahhh, don't worry my little bait, I ain't going to digest or absorb you, I am just gonna use you as bait for more fun food once you have a nice little trip through my body." The Goodra teased and begun to feel the Emolga struggle about, hearing about her fate to be bait again but more for having to go through the Goodra's body.
With that over, she would turn her attention back to the Plusle inside her snatch, twisting her hips to grind the gooey walls against the trapped Plusle. Serena let out a cute squeak as those twists got faster and harder, making the walls press and smother her around and around and she wouldn't feel that she was being drawn upwards, the mushroom that had her glued released her. The Goodra came to a stop after a while, resting while Serena would be increadably weak from the walls having a field day on her and soon enough, the Plusle was beaing eased right into that womb with a exhausted Phoenix waiting for her. The Goodra hummed happily as her womb accepted the Plusle in slowly, lewd pants and moans coming from the Goodra's drooling mouth until Serena added to the bulge that Phoenix made. The two was now together in the gooey womb, unclear of what was going to happen to them.
But the Goodra knew, a sly grin forming as the womb would knead and massage the two around, coating the two in a slick goo while the Goodra's hands would squeeze and rub over both bulges on her belly as she would rise up from the mushroom Serena was on and just like after Phoenix was caught, many strings of slime and a lump of gunky slime where Serena was. The Goodra then headed for a mushroom just a few feet away that was half her height and soon leaned on it, that tail of hers wriggling happily before starting to perk upwards. For Phoenix and Serena, they wouldn't know what was going on but shifted to one side all a sudden and a lewd suckling sound could be heard behind them. In the darkness of the womb, they couldn't see there was a passage forming. With a quick squeeze of her tummy, the womb would tighten and seize up, squishing the Minun and Plusle together, cheek to cheek, tail to tail as they was led right into that passage. Unlike the love tunnel before, this passage was even more slimy and extremely tight, so much that they couldn't even talk clearly and made all sorts of muffled squeaks and protests. On the outside, that tail swished around slowly until it perked up all the way and began to bulge out somewhat. The Goodra letting out a lot of lewd moans and pants as putting the two through the passage was granting a lot of pleasure, so much that she was finding it hard to stand or even continue but she did. Little by little, the tail bulged out more and more as now Phoenix and Serena would come into a new space, tight but not as tight as the passage they was being squeezed out of until finally, a pop signaled they was inside then the two began to squirm about. "N-naughty...!" The Goodra panted, looking over her tail, the base looking a bit bigger than before and those squirms making her murr and hum in pleasure. "Welcome to my second womb you two." She mumbled, moaning before the tail begins to lower, sealing up the passage until it no longer existed.
With that done, the Goodra licked her lips with a long and green colored tongue as she peers down to her belly, patting at the bulge that the Emolga made and decided to head back to her home, a small opening in the ground not too far away. Though the Goodra had to stop a few times once she entered that open hole in the ground that led into a slimy cave of sorts mainly due to the struggles of the Minun and Plusle trapped within and causing her to moan. At least the two would get a soft patting through the tail once they calmed down for a moment. And like that, the Goodra would vanish into the darkness of that cave, sporting two prizes tucked away in her tail womb and one cute Emolga to use as bait.
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Welp, first upload ever on the site since I been here. I hope anyone enjoys it as much as I did writing it. Which I did a few months ago only to get distracted and forgot to put a ending to it so I came back to it last night and fixed that.

I'll be honest, I didn't ever expect to try my hand at writing when I joined the site. But hey, gotta get a start somewhere. x3

Side note, I dunno if I should give this story a sequel or a alternate ending

-Pokemon such as Goodra, Minun, Plusle and Emolga belong to Game Freak/Nintendo

-Phoenix and Serena belong to me.

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Posted by Bookie 5 years ago Report

Oooh I think we definitely need a sweet sequel to that nice story !

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Posted by MinunChaos73 5 years ago Report

Then I shall see what I can do for that! ^^

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