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Cirque de la Vorace - Mock promo poster By FaultyVault -- Report

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"Under this big tent there are some for which contortion is a trade, but for most it's an affliction."


A mock poster for a rather specialist circus troupe they may be appearing in later illustrations.


Big announcement! I've just started a Patreon for anyone that wishes to support my works. Supporter rewards for which come in the form of voting on subjects and themes for future works, as well as tried and tested sketch lotteries (with the bonus that sketches can be voted in to be fully rendered if people like them).

This patreon page was very recently published and if you choose to take a squiz you'll likely be one of the first people to look at it, so I'd be incredibly grateful for any and all feedback you can give me, regardless of whether you sign up or not, on things like rewards, content, prices or anything that is unclear. Let me know in either the comments here or by PM.

The first cycle will start some time next week.

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Posted by muncher 3 years ago Report



Posted by FaultyVault 3 years ago Report

Oh shit! First supporter!!! I've saved a screen print of the notification on Patreon to mark the moment :D


Posted by muncher 3 years ago Report

Whatever is needed to get you to put out stuff more consistently ;)

(If you are taking suggestions, non consensual f/f is my fav ;) )


Posted by deaddonkey 3 years ago Report

I imagine it's left ambiguous intentionally, but do the occupants suffocate/digest/suffer in your vore?


Posted by FaultyVault 3 years ago Report

People are able to interpret any ambiguity in the characters fates as they wish, in fact I hope they do. I wouldn't want to intrude on anyone's enjoyment of my work. Personally however, my interpretation of it is that ignoring the fantastical element of inserting large objects into relatively very small spaces (understatement of the day), prey experience all the inconveniences you might expect with being forcefully inserted into another person, asphyxiation included. Suffering and unwilling prey always has been and likely always will be a component of what I create.


Posted by DesuDesuKawaiiChan 3 years ago Report

Your art is unique and wonderful. Your style is something I've never seen before. Keep up the great work!
Quick Question:
Are they willing to train people???
Lol seems like my kind of circus.


Posted by Sarkopheros 3 years ago Report

You have such an interesting, distinctive style. Painterly, with proportions distorted enough to make things slightly strange, but then you make it appealing by capturing the fleshiness. The posing is also wonderfully done. Vore from angles I've never seen anyone try to tackle before. Then you throw in some pretty decent graphic design, which is a rarity around here.

I'm impressed. Makes me wish I had more time to work on my own stuff and practice my own more painterly style.