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Pred POV: Mouse Prey By MidnightNoon -- Report

This is the first vore story I ever wrote, about a year and a half ago. I was going to re-write and polish this to get it good enough to upload, but the new version's completely different from the original now. So I'm going to upload this version as it is, and the re-write will come out as a different story.

This story is from a predator's pov while they eat a feral mouse, with focus on the effort of swallowing it and the feeling of it wriggling around inside. I tried very hard to leave the predator's gender and species ambiguous so that you can imagine it how you like, but that may have made it a bit strange at some points.

Contains graphic digestion, and an optional disposal scene at the end.

Be warned this won't be as well built or polished as my other stories, but I think it's still plenty enjoyable.

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Posted by CalinBeast 5 years ago Report

You know, digestion isn't usually my thing (especially when it's so graphic), but hot damn, this is a pretty great story! The details are vivid, there weren't many typos, and the length is good. Outstanding work!


Posted by onemantroupe 5 years ago Report

I really like that you omitted the gender of they prey. It still reads very well, and leaves it open to interpretation. Well done!


Posted by TETRO 5 years ago Report

If this is what you consider your less polished work, your polished work must be incredible.


Posted by MidnightNoon 5 years ago Report

I'm glad to hear that. I personally consider this to be less polished than other stuff I put out, but that's not to say it's less enjoyable. I'm most fond of the writing in the midnight wolf series, though the fox's meal story is probably a better vore experience.

But it's very hard to tell what's good writing while you're writing it, this one may very well be the best experience out of all of them, even with less polish, or perhaps because of that.

Regardless, I'm trying out all different kinds of stories, and I hope they all match your expectations, and continue to be enjoyable.


Posted by Nevek 5 years ago Report

Two Thumbs Up.


Posted by Ursa 3 years ago Report

i was thinking about writing a similar piece but with the rat and more cruel animal realism but found this and it's really fucking good.