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If you're interested in doing an RP with me:
Here's a link to my LFRP post: https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2468036#p2468036
...and here's my F-list to give you a general idea of what I'm into: https://www.f-list.net/c/darro_/

I don't really use Skype anymore, so PM me for my discord.

I'm open to trying quite a lot of new things. I'm also fine with creating new characters on the fly to fit the situation. I'm not too picky about whether I play as a male or female or what the sex of my partner is.

Don't be shy. If you contact me with something to say, I'll be happy to talk right back at you. I just want to give you a hug... and maybe eat you.

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Well, we're currently living in the time of the underage character purge, as foretold by the prophets of old. As it turns out, I've made some stuff like that. (Oooo! Scandalous!) Who know how long it will be until this stuff is able to be posted again, so if there was something of mine you liked, and it isn't visible here anymore, contact me through PM and I'll get a copy to you one way or another.

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Posted by HarvestMageRR 11 days ago

Thanks for the faves! =)


Posted by APoetOfTheFall 2 weeks ago

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Thank you!!! You flatter me! And my shit XD


Posted by NightRoller 1 month ago

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Not yet, just heard from the forum that you are a great writer in some fashion or other.

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Posted by Scottglass 2 months ago

Thank you again for the fav! ^.^


Posted by Scottglass 2 months ago

Hey! Thanks for the fav! I love your stuff!~ ^^


Posted by pzu 3 months ago

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Thanks! I’m still working my way towards getting to be a better writer. I hope I can still maintain my good habits I have now in the future

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Posted by alexanderrea7 5 months ago

Thanks for faving one of my drawings... particularly one of my dirty ones :)


Posted by Fallenfox 7 months ago

Thanks for watching!


Posted by Marked 7 months ago

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Heya, thanks for the comment, I noticed “the bait that bit back” and wanted to keep up when you release new content.


Posted by dragonwing1 8 months ago

Aye aye,thank for watching TETRO-san


Posted by jaime 9 months ago

ty for the favs <3

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Posted by IvesBentonEaton 10 months ago

What’s this? A favorite? Oh, you shouldn’t have! And I didn’t get you anything! Wait—I know just the thing!

(thoom) (thoom) thoom thoom *thoom* *thoom* THOOM THOOM **THOOM** **THOOM** HO-O-ONK!

“What IS that?” you cry? Why, that’s Whitford, the friendly giant albino elephant! And look, he *likes* you! Don’t worry, I'm sure he’ll put you down in a moment—wait—

Whitford, no. Stop that, Whitford! Whitford!

Oh, dear. I *am* most *dreadfully* sorry. You see, Whitford hates flies. But I’m sure he’ll put you down after he swats the last one… :D

Seriously, though, thanks for the favorite. :)

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