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About Me
Hello everyone, my name is Pochii or PonPon/ChiChi. I am a jack of all trades master of none. I specialize in emotional writing and my lovely sketchy artwork. I been doing artwork almost all my life and been a writer for a few years. I tend to be a very friendly passionate person. One of the reasons I chose a dog as my demi side is I am very much a dog personality wise. I like to try my hand at everything to see what I am good at and never speak of what I am not so good at. That way I always seem awesome!

I currently live by myself and I am trying to find my place in life. I live in the United States; Merica! *pumps fist* I like to be funny and I spend most of my time playing video games. I also enjoy watching anime, reading manga, making artwork of course and I love music. So that is a little about me... hope I did not bore you!

Pochii's Rules
1. Do NOT make RP requests on my Skype. PochiiPon <- that's my skype...
(You will know when that is allowed on my Skype.)
2. If you see me on any chatroom it's ok to whisper me.
3. Please please feel free to send me a PM. Especially if you have a question I love them.
4. If you like my artwork please comment.
5. If you want to commission me check my commission page first to see if I have open slots.

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Pochii's Blog - I AM NOT DEAD!!! Posted 5 years ago

Just really really busy. OMG I been so busy. I know I got commissions to do and I have not ran away from you guys! Ill be finishing them up ASAP. I am so so sorry for poofing for so long. I am back though and don't worry I am ok.

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Posted by daeway 4 months ago Report

https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=44372 I'm sure you've answered this question before, but is this game still in development?


Posted by scottypilgrim 2 years ago Report

hope you just poofed again. Hope things are going well.


Posted by DrShadow 4 years ago Report

Helllllooooo anyone Hoooommmmeee? Pochii y.. You copy.... O... Ber

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Posted by bob8boy8 4 years ago Report

your art and writing are both great, you have a lot of talent! I hope you aren't dead!


Posted by Cupakizz 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Pochii

oh no problem. I just like your art style. lol, sorry for replying 3 MONTHS late, but uh.. wanna be friends?


Posted by TheWickedKing 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Pochii

No prob~


Posted by Itsuune 5 years ago Report

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You. Are. Amazing. I can't believe I didn't watch you before! :'D Keep up the great work! >w<b

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Posted by JoshTheCyborgCat 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Pochii

Your welcome, Also yeah I'm from DA, I don't check Eka very often so sorry for the 1 month late reply


Posted by CutenessOverlord 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Pochii

You deserve it! you have a unique and really amazing art style!
Your colors and your shading both are incredible! ♫


Posted by minomi 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Pochii

Likewise,As one fan, I watch a picture! :)


Posted by GrinningCheshire 5 years ago Report

<< Reply To Pochii

You're welcome!

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