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Serving a Queen By CalinBeast -- Report

Those lionesses are pretty rough on their prey, aren't they?

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 6 years ago Report

He's going to tire out eventually.. and when he stops struggling..


Posted by TaciturnTiger 6 years ago Report

*blush* Great stuff~


Posted by jacobgord12345 6 years ago Report

I have a feeling that person would be me if i meet that lion hehe... uwu


Posted by CalinBeast 6 years ago Report

Agreed. I could only hope her Majesty is merciful~


Posted by phade 6 years ago Report

So will this have a story to go with it like the others or is this it?


Posted by CalinBeast 6 years ago Report

Actually, my buddy More-Vore said he may write a story to go along with this if people are interested. He actually did the story for my last comic, you should give it a read if you haven't already. d:


Posted by simalst 6 years ago Report

I'd like such a story a lot


Posted by Jayezox 6 years ago Report

I wonder if she would accept rubbing?


Posted by MirceaKitsune 6 years ago Report

Why do the creatures you draw have to be so awesome and amazing <3 <3 <3


Posted by Achilles 6 years ago Report

Lovely lioness. Great work and felines are never rough to their prey. This only look like this! :D


Posted by JackJackal 6 years ago Report

Love it! Big beast not going easy on her prey at all!


Posted by Vitcent 6 years ago Report

Gosh I love the details you draw in your preds :3c Good expressions even on feral looking animals! <3


Posted by byzantine27 6 years ago Report

Can I make that an "and" instead of an "or"? :P


Posted by charlesdeleroy 6 years ago Report

*Charles da Hyooman just sorta... liquifies in lust* Oh to be held in that gorgeous regal belly.. Digest me if you please, mighty lioness!

*Charline de Lyon is pleased her human is perfectly brainwashed* >:3


Posted by ProwlingTigers 6 years ago Report

This is an amazing picture have you ever considered doing a sequel of this picture and a story.


Posted by Oxurus 6 years ago Report

There isn't enough lioness vore out there, you truly are a rare jewl. Keep up the amazing work!!


Posted by RedNastyFox 6 years ago Report

Really lovely work! Thank you! :3


Posted by simalst 7 months ago Report

Doing commissions? If so, pm me please :)