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By the Throat By CalinBeast -- Report

Uploaded: 5 years ago

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...And down the throat.

Summer is just about here, so why not have a snow leopard comic?

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Posted by StormyRange 5 years ago Report

Very nicely done as always ouo/


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 5 years ago Report

Down the throat is where humans belong


Posted by hatchmaster3 5 years ago Report

This is what i like to see!


Posted by BadassBlastoides 5 years ago Report

I love how well you make the belly sag, great work!


Posted by jacobgord12345 5 years ago Report

Oh nice to see you back after 2 weeks~ ^^ really nice comic, better back rounds then what i can do


Posted by SoshaLemieux 5 years ago Report

They always seam to have their rumps up there.. almost as if these ladies are.. expecting something else. ;) But my question is, how do you keep making it out of all these cats?!


Posted by Dele02b62862 5 years ago Report

Nicely done once again, it's always so much better once you add the color and text, then when you show me the ink. Also that human is not supposed to be you right?


Posted by CalinBeast 5 years ago Report

The human isn't based off of me in any intentional way. In fact, I've been trying to make each human I draw in these comics look somewhat different (Though I suppose it's hard to tell, because I suck at drawing different faces) >.<


Posted by Jayezox 5 years ago Report

I would choose down the throat too.


Posted by phade 5 years ago Report

Nice comic hope more are on the way and maybe this and others in the future could have a story tied to them to.


Posted by Oxurus 5 years ago Report

God I love your comics, keep up the great work!


Posted by MirceaKitsune 5 years ago Report

I legitimately don't know how I can adore the preds you draw any harder; It feels like this is the maximum I can go, yet somehow it feels like it is just not enough!


Posted by CalinBeast 5 years ago Report

It's hard to appreciate lovely preds the absolute most when they're a mere drawing behind a computer screen. :(
If these preds were real living beings however...


Posted by MirceaKitsune 5 years ago Report

Gosh... so much yes. And I appreciate them either way, because they're awesome ^_^


Posted by ProwlingTigers 5 years ago Report

Your doing an excellent job on your comics


Posted by Gold_King 5 years ago Report

Mmmm...I wanna fuck that snow leopard.


Posted by CalinBeast 5 years ago Report

Same here.


Posted by Achilles 5 years ago Report

I really love your feral felines. Lucky humans. :D


Posted by charlesdeleroy 5 years ago Report

Oh such powerful hungry big cats! So sultry and seductive and dominating! I MUST CREATE ONE TO SWALLOW ME WHOLE!!! *And so, all sorts of horrible mutants resulted and we ended up with CHUD...* O_______o ME SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED GOD!!! XD


Posted by CalinBeast 5 years ago Report

Eh, playing god in an attempt to create big, hungry, seductive cats is well worth the risk of creating horrendous monstrosities if you ask me. d:


Posted by Zira 5 years ago Report

Man I really want to make some puns but I don't snow any good ones at the moment.

Anyway this is a really ice drawing, I love all your feral vore art work like always. Meow to wait for your next one.


Posted by Nathmurr 2 years ago Report

She’s like, “I’m the Captain now.”