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A average day in the life of a ravenous lamia By HereticalTendencies

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A pretty average day for a city-wandering voraphile 30ft lamia.

Takes place in the same setting as the Lawrence story, but does not advance the Lawrence story line. I think.

This was my attempt to try my hand at predator-perspective vore work. Started off as a single scene. Then it uh... got out of hand.

Anyways, authors rant:

This story also made me realize I cannot edit my own stories for shit. I'm just posting what I got for now, this story has consumed my time. I've spent way too much late nights working on this and I need to stop obsessing over this so I can work on other things non-erotica based, like life. Expect some lack of polish, overabundance of comma's, some pacing issues and a overuse of certain adjectives and verbs (seriously, how many synonyms can you find of squirming, swallowing and pleasure? Its driving me INSANE trying to find other ways of saying those few things. FUCK THESAURUSES, you teasing assholes. FUCK ME. I'm rolling max sanity loss over here, mumbling about pleasure and moaning and writhing until I wither away and die.) Also ass-lamia's. Or naga. Never know what to call the snake-folk. Deal with it.

Ranting aside, I think its in a relatively presentable state, good enough for public consumption. Probably. I would still love to hear constructive criticism, as I did try to edit this one a little more heavily than my last works, so I'd like to see what I'm missing for future reference.


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Posted by FunctionalGlitch 1 year ago

Huh wow this is good enough at the start that I am willing to leave my first comment on a work ever and say damn fine job sir. When the commissars come I hope is a painless plasma bolt to the face. ;P


Posted by HereticalTendencies 1 year ago

This was posted from a secured cogitator in sector command that the engiseers haven't checked in a decade.. The commissar will never find out!

He'll never find out, R-right? *worried laughter*

anyways thanks man! I really appreciate the kind words! :)


Posted by VincentShadowScale 1 year ago

That's my kind of dinner -3-