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Piper Pac - (WIP) V01.05 By decendingskulls -- Report

Uploaded: 5 years ago

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Resolution: 3000x2000

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This game is a work in progress.
Right now I only have one level,
with some glitches,
only one enemy that I repeat several times,
and limited animations.
But as time goes by I'll flesh this out more.

Here's the link to play!


September 4th 2017:
- Fixed the invisible platform glitch
- fixed the title and loading screen glitches
- Created different colors for the ghosts
- Made Piper run faster when she's powered up
- add bad pellets that temporarily make you slow
- removed bad pellets and replaced them with toxic ghosts instead
- added ghost voices and additional piper voices

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Posted by Spunkomatic66 5 years ago Report

Hm... that title screen looks really good, but it keeps getting stuck on the loading screen for me.

I'll try again later.


Posted by decendingskulls 5 years ago Report

It works. It SEEMS like it gets stuck on the loading screen but it's just loading. You have to wait like 20 seconds.


Posted by Spunkomatic66 5 years ago Report

Ooooooh, okay... I'll try it out after work today, then. If I can stay up long enough... late night last night, kind of dying right now.


Regardless, I'll check it out soon.


Posted by Spunkomatic66 5 years ago Report

Got it now, it looks great! Obviously it's only a start, but still, it's a really good start. Looking forward to more!

Also, I like the idea of the green ghost and the way it slows down the music when you get hit.


Posted by decendingskulls 5 years ago Report

Yeah I was playing with different gameplay mechanics to challege or punish the player. That was a simple programming variation. I have other ideas but they require new animations so they'll come later.


Posted by AlexSama 5 years ago Report

Quite cool to see you create all those game assets over the last couple weeks and then have the game in a playable state so quickly.


Posted by decendingskulls 5 years ago Report

Well I've used gamesalad before so I was already pretty familiar with it, and I got the environment graphics from a free 2d game art site. Making the assets is the time-consuming part. The programming part is relatively quick, aside from testing and tweaking.


Posted by Tassie 8 months ago Report

How did I never find this?!

This is amazing! It took forever to load, but it seemed to play reasonably well, even on a super old computer.

I love what you did with Piper, and this brings back all the best memories of videogames when I was little.


Posted by decendingskulls 8 months ago Report

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. It was very challenging for me because I know nothing about programming video games, but I think it came out ok. It's super difficult at times, but I'm ok with that. It's fun watching her lose anyway, and it also makes the times that you do prevail more satisfying.