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Incredibles - Elasticgirl Stretch Belly By chaotic123

Commissioned by A0IISA

Elastic girl is a superhero who has a elastic body. Elastic girl now has children and as her daughter (Violet) got older she got more disobedient and disrespectful to her. While trying to chill after having a hard day as being a superhero sat down, feeling tired and hungry. Violet was about to go home and asked for money but elastic girl was tired and just wanted to sleep and asked violet to say please. Violet being in a rush annoyed Elastic girl for money and eventually pushed her too far. Wanting to find a way ti cure her hunger and teach her daughter a lesson suddenly came up with an idea. Elastic girl opened her mouth to gigantic size because of her size and attacked Violet. Violet now scared turned invisible but didn't move out of the way in time. Elastic girl than swallowed her daughter into her belly feeling her hunger she had before. Since her belly was elastic violet body image can be seen through her superhero suit and not compact her inside. Violet tried to find a way out but only moved forward because her mother belly allowed it to stretched. Her mother tells her daughter is useless to struggle and she was gonna nap while Violet thinks about what she has done.

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Posted by Bright 1 year ago

This one is pretty funny.


Posted by chaotic123 3 months ago



Posted by Bright 3 months ago

It is a rather cartoonish stretch.


Posted by 157and493 11 months ago

I guess it would not be a STRETCH to say she has no chance of escaping.


Posted by chaotic123 3 months ago

true that, no disappearing/vanishing away