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King of Queens (pic + story in description) By Draconatedz

"I still don't think this is a good idea, you do remember what happened the last time we went all out drinking for a victory celebration, yes?" A short haired blonde woman sighed, as she and her two companions strode to her personal bar, dubbed the 'Illusion'. She was dressed in a fine bartender's suit, which hid her womanly curves.

"Aww, come on, that was a long time ago! I'm much better at holding my liquor these days." The shortest member of the group, Yuri Sakazaki, proudly puffed out her chest at her boast. She had a long, brown braid, and a tight blue spandex body suit under her karate gi top. She considered herself to be the cutest of the group.

"We simply must make a night out of our accomplishment! It's not every year we win the King of Fighters cup, you know." Mai Shiranui, their most bodacious leader, swung the large trophy around in joy. Her nearly exposed breasts threatened to jiggle free from her 'traditional' shinobi attire, she truly had no shame when it came to her beauty.

"But why does it have to be at my bar?" King was unenthusiastic to say the least, as she drug her feet behind her friends. These two friends of hers only caused trouble when they got a bit of booze in their systems, usually leaving her to clean up their messes and apologize for. Yuri scoffed at the notion, while Mai giggled mischievously.

"You're such a worrywart!" Yuri exclaimed, with a gleam in her eye, "It'll be way better without loud music and other people distracting us. We can just focus on having a good time!" Mai nodded her head in agreement, and the two turned back around, continuing towards their destination. King huffed, but continued after, hoping she was worrying for nothing.


"That's such a great idea! When was the last time you took a load off, boss?" One of the twins working for King, Elizabeth to be exact, questioned.

"She's right, if you aren't working here, you're fighting in the King of Fighters tournament. I think a quite night of drinks with your friends would be perfect!" The other twin, Sally, agreed completely. They two girls had short blonde hair, and matching burgundy and white dresses.

"Yeah... Say, why don't you two join us?" King blurted out, hoping they'd stick around to help with the inevitable trouble that would be brewing later on in the night.

"That's a kind offer, but we didn't win any tournaments! We'll just... Check in later maybe, right Liz?" Sally laughed awkwardly, motioning her sister towards the door.

"Y-yeah, we'll just leave you three to enjoy yourselves! Have a nice night, byeeeeee!" Before King could protest, the door was already closed, with her waitresses scrambling to get to their car. Those two... They knew all about how Yuri and Mai got when it came to drinks and celebrations. Things were looking grim for King.

"The night is young! Let's kick it off with some shots!" Yuri had already helped herself behind King's bar, and was pulling out all sorts of different liquor. Vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila, and even crown royal had been strung about the countertop, completely out of order. Nothing had even happened yet, and King was already rubbing her forehead in frustration. "Orrrrr a mixed drink! Whaddya fine ladies want?"

"Here here, King!" Mai had already taken a seat at the bar, and was patting the stool next to her. Yuri was goofily mixing a drink for Mai on the other side, shaking the mixing cup hard enough to break something if it slipped out her hand. This was going to be a long night...


"Look... bleh, all ahm sayin' is you're just too tight, loosen up a little!" Mai slurred out another scold. It wasn't even past midnight yet, and both of her friends had clearly had enough. They refused to hear any of it, though. King had kept track, and she actually kept up in terms of drinks. She was just much better at keeping her composure.

"Yeah, whydya think yer still single? It's cause ya don't know how to have fun!" Yuri repeated herself once again, they somehow always ended up on this topic. "Look at Mai an' me, we've got awsum boyfriends who can't get enuff of us!" Yuri downed another mixed drink, and clumsily began fixing another.

"Correction..." Mai pointed a finger at the younger girl, "I've got the most awesum boyfriend! Everyone knows that Andyyyy is the best!" Mai hugged herself, most likely picturing her beloved in her arms. She did this even when she wasn't drunk.

"Umm..." Yuri sat down her glass, and glared at Mai, "I have the best boyfriend! Robert is the coolest! Even if I beat him up all the time, he is still totally cooler than your dumb boyfriend." Uh oh... King was sitting in-between the two girls, and felt a sense of deja vu beginning to form. This was always how their fights started.

"Now now, they're both cool, let's just-" King was cut off as Mai hopped off her stool, pointing her fan at the still smugly grinning braided girl.

"Ohhh no you don't *hic*, you take that back!" Mai couldn't even stand up straight as she attempted to reprimand Yuri. "His sleek blonde hair... His manly form... His unparalleled shinobi techniques... Ooooh, I could go on and on~" The curvy shinobi was swooning as she listed her boyfriend's stunning traits. Yuri scoffed, mostly ignoring her as she went about fixing another drink.

"Don't forget short! I'm almost taller than him, pfffthahaha!" Too busy laughing at her own joke, Yuri couldn't see Mai's temper was rising. Things could get ugly fast if King didn't defuse the situation.

"A-ahaha, uhh, Mai, is that a new hair band you're wearing?" King's attempt to change the subject fell flatter than a pancake.

"So what if he's short?! You're just jealous, you don't have what it takes to snag a real man like my Andy, so you have to settle for a loser like Robert." Mai was fanning herself as she continued, "I almost feel sorry for ya *hic*." Yuri shot Mai a look that could kill.

"What don't I got that you do? Not that I'd want to date him..." It was Mai's turn to be smug, as she puffed her chest out.

"I'll give you two hints, hehehe~" Her chest swayed as she showed her pride and joys off.

"So you've got cow tits, who cares? Men don't care about breasts, ya know. It's all about the butt!" Yuri hopped off her stool, and gave her rump a playful spank. Her butt jiggled almost as gloriously as Mai's breasts, the tight spandex leaving little to the imagination.

"Pfft, I'd still win in a butt contest. Shall we see if Robert agrees?" Mai was twirling her sash playfully, and now Yuri was the one left growling. King could only shake her head in despair, and take another shot of the hard stuff.

"Ah, King!" Yuri exclaimed, running back up beside her. The look on her face says she forgot she was there. "Which is better, Robert or Andy? My Butt or Mai's breasts?" King looked dumbfounded as the girl looked expectantly towards her for an answer. She couldn't possibly be serious.

"Yes, King, which is it?" On the other side of her, she felt a pair of soft breasts press against her shoulder. She turned in surprise, to find a drunken Mai giving her a wink. "The answer is *hic* clear~"

"Grrr!" Yuri snatched King's arm, almost making her spill her drink. She wrapped it around her waist, and pressed her hand into her posterior. Her hand sunk into the softest flesh she'd ever felt. Yuri stimulated the top of her hand, getting her to grab a nice handful of her best asset. In response, Mai did the same, wrapping King's free arm around her shoulder, and guiding the confused woman into cupping her world famous breast. The softness easily matched Yuri's rump, with just as much volume.

"Well?" Both girls whispered into her ears.

"Uhhh..." King could feel her cheeks ablaze with embarrassment. She was sitting in her bar, all alone and somewhat tipsy, groping what she now considered to be the best breasts and best ass in the world. She just sort of soundlessly groped each of the best parts of each woman, staring at the wall with no thoughts flowing through her head.

"Look at the look on'er face, she clearly loves breasts more!" Mai leaned over to shoot Yuri another dirty grin, but Yuri met her with one of her own.

"No way, she can't get enough of my butt! I win!" The grins quickly turned to frowns, and the two girls jumped up, staring each other down. King kept staring at the wall, contemplating the answer to their question, while she sipped on Yuri's ignored mixed drink.

"Ya know, I've wanted to put ya in yer place for a while now, you cow!" Sakazaki attempted to stretch, almost falling backwards on that famous but of hers.

"I hope Robert doesn't mind a girl with a black eye~" Shiranui dropped her fan, and was bent over looking for it in the poorly lit room. Yuri felt sleepy as she waiting for her to find it so they could begin fighting, absentmindedly starting at her butt. It actually did look pretty good, but there was no way it beat hers out. Mai finally found her fan, and assumed her fighting stance... or tried to anyways. It just looked like she was about to trip over her own feet.

The two girls finally began their catfight. King snapped out of her deep contemplation when she heard shuffling the smashing of wood behind her. Yuri was trying to smash Mai in the face with a stool, and kept hitting and knocking down tables. Mai was just barely dodging each swing, and retaliating with slashes with her fans. The sight would almost be amusing, if they hadn't been trashing her bar up. King rose to stop them, only for the stool to slip from Yuri's hands. It flew through the air, and smacked King directly in the face.

Her vision soon went black, and she passed out. Yuri and Mai failed to even notice King attempting to stop them. They continued flailing about, wrecking just about everything in their path. Tables were burned to ash by Mai's shinobi techniques, Yuri accidentally broke expensive bottles of liquor with poorly aimed hurricane kicks, the place was looking more and more vandalized as the 'fight' went on.


King blinked her eyes. She was laying on her back, staring at the ceiling of her bar. Her head was pounding, and definitely not from a hangover. She heard feminine grunting, and the shuffling of feet. What happened?

Rising to her feet, the sight that laid before her made her stomach churn. Her bar was completely destroyed. It looked like something you'd expect out of a horror film. Smashed booze, crushed seats, floor boards kicked through, the smoldering remains of a pool table. The funds they gained from winning the King of Fighters tournament couldn't even scratch the amount of debt this was going to put her in. The source of the struggle was none other than her teammates, Mai and Yuri.

They were still just as drunk looking as before, so King figured she couldn't have been out for long. They were pushing against one another, like some sort of sumo match. Yuri was tugging on Mai's lips, stretching her mouth. Mai was yanking Yuri's braid, while attempting to shove her head away.

"Andy... breasts..."

"Robert... butts..."

Enough was enough. King marched towards the women, and roughly pulled each of them by their collars.

"H-hey, what's the big deal?" Yuri squealed in her tight grip. Getting a closer look at them, they were covered in scrapes and bruises. Their clothing was littered with rips and tears, and they were both out of breath, almost certainly ready to pass out of exhaustion.

"You know, you knocked me out. I was unconscious on the ground over there for who knows how long." The girls looked at one another, confused.

"I-It was probably Mai who-" Yuri began, before being cut off.

"I don't care about that. Look at my bar. You've destroyed the place. Destroyed is putting it lightly, actually. I wouldn't even do this much damage to a place owned by Mr. Big. And you're supposed to be my friends." King's tone was calm, and she could see the realization of their actions becoming apparent. They looked around at the destruction they caused.

"K-King, we're sorry, we'll-" Mai's voice was shaking, they'd never seen such a cold side from their usually level headed friend.

"Don't worry about it. You don't owe me a penny. You know what I was dreaming of while I was conked out on the floor? Your question. Which is better, Mai's breasts or Yuri's butt? I couldn't get it out of my head." King loosened her grip on Mai, to give her chest another squeeze. Mai yelped, but didn't resist. The same happened for Yuri, as King's hand drifted south. Giving her rump a generous squeeze, Yuri could only avert her gaze from the taller blonde-haired woman.

"I think I finally found the answer." King finally stated. The girls held their breath, eager to see who won this pointless fight. King grabbed them both roughly by the collar once more, and slammed them together. Their faces were now pressing against one another, as King simply proclaimed, "You both win." With inhuman strength, King kept both of the women firmly in place, as she stood on her tipy toes. They were confused as to what was happening, but all became clear when her lips began stretching over both of their brown-haired heads.

Too tired from their drug out fight to resist properly, the girls resigned to squirming uselessly as their host devoured them. With great gusto, King stretched her mouth wide enough to fit both of their thick skulls past. Hearty slurps and gulps were the only sounds that could be heard in the dimly lit room. Attempting to keep the girls in her grip, some of their clothing came loose and fell off. Mai's red shinobi wear slipped off, leaving her nude, save for the red thong barely covering her ass. Yuri's white gi was ripped off from her struggles, leaving her only clad in her blue spandex.

The two women screamed in unison, as they tried to grab anything. King's hunger and rage trumped their desire to survive. The shoulders were hard to get past, but some shuffling made it possible. It was then that King got her first taste of the main course... Mai's exposed chest. Her succulent meat was divine, really. Such soft and tender meat, it'd probably melt off the bone if cooked. King wasn't displeased with her meal being raw, however, silencing their drunken cries for help was delicious. Their voices grew quieter and quieter with each swallow.

That was only the first course of her grand feast, however. Once past their slim waists, King would have Yuri's rump to enjoy. Lifting the girls up to get a better gulp, King felt their asses. Both were round and pleasing to the touch, but Yuri was clearly the victor when it came to butts. King wanted the spandex out of her way, though. Luckily, it wasn't actually a full body spandex suit, it split in the middle. King yanked Yuri's pants down, bringing her panties alongside them. They were a pain to slip past her sneakers, but she did so. Yuri's pale ass shined like a full moon alongside Mai's almost completely exposed cheeks.

King smiled to herself, as she continued eating her former teammates. Their stomachs slipped past her lips with no snags, leaving the ludicrous rumps to be savored; And savor King did. She decided to give them a thorough chewing, as her tongue explored their nethers. Their pitiful squirming intensified, be it from pleasure or discomfort, it didn't really matter which. King moaned primally, never before experiencing a sensation like this before. Her view was blocked by their kicking legs, but she could feel that her shirt had come undone.

No doubt their heads and arms pressing against the walls of her stomach were too much to expect clothing to handle. Once she got the rest of them down, she was sure to be the size of a beached whale. Their muffled cries were barely audible, blocked by thick walls of flesh. Their butts were simply too big to be swallowed without aid, so she began using her hands to shove them down her throat. It took some time, but their cheeks finally gave way, and slipped down to join the rest of them inside her gut. Their feet offered little challenge after, sliding down with long and easy gulps.

Stopping at their feet, King took the time to remove their shoes. Yuri's sneakers and socks, and Mai's shinobi wear(which was basically just a fancy pair of socks). Their toes wiggled in her sight, and they were too exhausted to kick. Defeated by her innards, the bartender took her final swallow.


And the meal was done. She had consumed her friends. Partly out of anger for the damage done, and more so for tempting her with their bodies. They could stay inside her fleshy prison until they saw eye to eye. Judging by the movement inside her stomach, their stay was to be a lengthy one. King's center of gravity felt off, she'd never ate this much meat in one sitting before. She waddled over to her bar counter, and hefted herself atop it. She laid back, settling in on the marble surface. Her stomach was like a fleshy balloon, round and full of so much meat.

Their forms could be easily traced though her stomach... She lazily prodded her gut with her fingertips. There was Yuri's butt... And here, Mai's breasts... Right where they belonged, inside of her...

"Settle down girls." King's eyes were growing heavy. Her feet dangled off the side of the bar, and she felt comfortable, despite the awkward position. She thought she was about to drift off to sleep, when a gastric movement made itself clear. It bubbled up her throat, and out her mouth, in the form of a massive belch.


landing wetly atop her dome of a stomach, it seems air wasn't the only thing that came back up. Yuri's spandex top and Mai's crimson thong... King chuckled before tossing them aside, uninterested in soggy clothing that was sure to not fit her after waking. The bartender licked her lips as she rubbed her belly. The lingering taste of their assets on her lips tasted wonderful. Their struggles seemed to be growing weaker and weaker with each passing moment.

"Almost time to turn in for the night, eh girls? I'll deal with your mess in the morning." She traced their butt and breast bulges until she found their heads. She began patting them, almost like tucking in twins for bed. "Goodnight, girls."

The gurgles that followed served as a fine lullaby, and King was asleep within moments. Her hands remained cradled around her gut, not unlike how a small child would cling to their favorite stuffed animal through the night. Her breathing steadied, until she began snoring in earnest. Quick to deal with the extraordinary amount of meat, King's gut got to work bubbling the world's best breasts and butt into goop. The churning motions of her stomach quickly mixed the girls into one mass of calories. They dripped through her system as a nutritious slurry, being absorbed by the sleeping woman.


It would seem two women were a lot to process, as King's stomach had shrunken little over the course of a few hours. The morning light was beginning to drip through the burn holes in the curtains from the battle from the night before, but King's eyes remained sealed shut. Her stomach had smoothed out, forming a round pot belly. Mai and Yuri had been completely and utterly digested, alongside their perfect assets. They now existed only as an extension of King, padding her own assets.

The door began rattling, and swung open. Elizabeth and Sally stood in the doorway, gasping at the unsightly scene before them. The bar was wrecked, as if an actual hurricane tore through it, with their boss sleeping on the countertop. Her gut was jutting up in the air, and she could pass for a 9 month pregnant woman about to give birth to triplets.

"W-what happened?" Liz whispered to Sally, wondering if it was even safe to step inside. Pensively, the two snuck inside, looking around for Mai and Yuri, no doubt the cause of this chaotic scene.

"Miss King?" Sally gently poked King's bloated midsection. The orb of flesh jiggled, rousing its owner.

"Mmmmnn?" King moaned, rubbing her eyes. Her head was pounding, no doubt a heavy hangover. It had been years since her last hangover, what on earth could have cause it? Her answer was in face the bulging belly taking up half of her sight. She gasped at the sight of it, almost as surprised as her two waitresses. "W-what is this?" King brought her hands to her incredibly oversized stomach. Her fingers sunk into the plush fat, it felt like having a bean bag for a gut. Sally and Elizabeth joined in feeling the doughy ball of flesh.

"What did you eat last night, boss?" Sally asked, too entranced to peel her eyes from the mesmerizing orb. It was almost hypnotic.

"I... can't remember." King thought and thought, but she was drawing a blank of anything that happened the night before. She just remembered coming here with Yuri and Mai, and that was it. "Help me up, you two." Supporting her, she was able to sit up, and the true weight of her girth became apparent with her shift in gravity. Her stomach was hefty, heavy, and jutting well past her popped shirt. Using her hands to lift it, it would be difficult to fight or work with all this fat in the way. she wondered if this was how pregnancy felt.

"Do you see Yuri or Mai sleeping anywhere? Maybe they can enlighten what I could have eaten to cause this..." King glanced around, and the damage done to her bar began to sink in. "I'll need to give them a beating for all this..." She tried to rise to help look, but Elizabeth quickly told her to rest, they'd find them. King didn't like being taken care of, but she made an exception this time.


The bartender simply couldn't stop belching, it was becoming a bit embarrassing. Her waitresses kept giggling to themselves. The place seemed to be empty, and King was about to assume they merely left, when a dark expression crept into Sally's face. She was behind the bar counter.

"What is it, sis?" Her twin asked. Sally bent over, and rose with two pieces of clothing. A blue spandex top and a crimson thong, to be precise. They most certainly belonged to both Yuri and Mai. They were damp, dripping with what could only be saliva.

"Did I...?" King looked down, and it seemed obvious just what she had eaten to cause such a gain. It would also explain her pounding hangover, their digested bodies would have most certainly pushed her past her alcoholic limits. Two whole people, her best friends no less, all that remains of them rested on her form. The room was silent and awkward.

"Boss..." Elizabeth finally spoke up, "It's not your fault... I'm sure you weren't in your right mind when you-"

"No... I was. I remember now." King was tired of sitting, and supported her stomach so she could stand. Seeing her from behind, Sally could tell King had a butt to rival Yuri's own now. Rips were forming in the burgundy dress pants, most likely from her expansion over night. There was a single button still unpopped, that kept her breasts tucked away. Rising caused it to finally give way, letting her bra covered breasts hang free. Liz was shocked to find them even larger than usual, it was as if Mai was standing before her.

King curiously gave herself a feel. Mai with the left hand, and Yuri with the right. Her own assets matched, maybe even trumped their sizes and shapes. Her friends had given her so much more back, in exchange for trashing her bar. It was more than a fair trade.

"I'm heading home, you two. Get this mess cleaned up by sundown. If not... You might be joining miss Sakazaki and Shiranui." King felt powerful and in control as she strode out, her hips swaying and breasts jiggling. She felt like there was no shame in showing off her feminine side now, she was more than three woman's worth, after all. The bar door swung shut behind her, leaving her to take in a deep breath of fresh air. She gave her stomach a squeeze outside the door, enjoying the thrill of reducing their lives to extensions of her own. The bartender's hands traces up, over the pot belly, until she was cupping her Mai infused tits.

"You know, I was thinking about it, girls..." Her hands then traced back down, over her ridiculous hips, until she was cupping those out-of-this-world cheeks, "About your question before... You know! Hehe..." King leaned against the front of her bar, it had luckily been spared from the destruction found inside. No one was around to see her playing with her pudge, like a child with a new toy. Yuri and Mai's malleable forms felt good to squeeze, King never realized how much she was missing out.

"Having both is best, and as for the better man... Well, you were raised with him after all, right?" Her rump couldn't respond, but that didn't stop King from giving her an approving squeeze. "I'll be taking what I should've long ago, your brother is mine, Sakazaki." Imitating Yuri's trademarked butt slap, King figured it was time to buy a new wardrobe. Demoting her staff to dinner was sure to free up some funds for some appropriate new clothing, after they finished fixing 'Illusion', of course.

A young couple passed by gawking at her, and she realized her chest and stomach were exposed... But she mused to herself how Mai would feel, being shown off to public as the world's best pair of breasts. She would surely love the attention, jiggling for a crowd would be the height of excitement in her coming days as plush orbs of flesh. Yuri might appreciate similar familiarity, she would have to make sure to show her bum off in a pair of tight spandex leggings from time to time.

"I think I'll pass on the sneakers, though." King chuckled to herself. Though, they were laying on the floor of her bar... Might make for a nice conversation piece. "Ah yes, those well worn sneakers once belonged to my butt! Pfft!" King giggled like a ditzy teenager, an act usually befitting of her departed friends turned assets.

Ryo was hers for the taking... But perhaps she shouldn't knock Mai and Yuri's opinions until she tried them? Andy and Robert were single now, and sure to be crushed by their girlfriend's mysterious disappearances. A soft pair of breasts to sink his face into, or a big meaty rump to wrap his hand around was sure to ease their coming loneliness... The new King couldn't wait to truly begin living her life.


A commission from the wonder  Tsavo, co-funded by the regular  theweirdone445, with an entirely too lengthy story by yours truly.

Not much to say about this other than the usual, so please enjoy!

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Posted by Whoishe 10 months ago

that was rather amusing, great job i like it


Posted by Tsavo 10 months ago

I loved this story the first time I read it, and even more the next. Great work, and thanks for including me on this project.


Posted by Draconatedz 10 months ago

It's an honor to hear one of my favorite artists enjoyed a story of mine, so thanks a ton!