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Hello Husband By Ergos -- Report

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Looks like Nyssa had a cute blondie for dinner!

Short story by  veender

Oliver couldn't run fast enough to the apartment he shared with his girlfriend Felicity. After she left him a racy note mentioning breaking in her newest set of red lingerie, Oliver dropped everything to meet her. What he found waiting for him in the bedroom was very much not what he expected.

Oliver could only stare at the sight of Nyssa Al Ghul laying across the bed in the apartment, posed like a supermodel on a photo shoot. Even more bizarre, she was wearing the lingerie that Felicity was so excited to try on, though it was too small to properly fit her curvy figure, her chest spilling out over the top of the bra even as it managed to conceal her nipples.

"Hello Husband." Nyssa greeted Oliver, raising an eyebrow as a sultry smile curled her lips. Oliver's eyes meanwhile, had moved down and noticed the most prominent detail of Nyssa's body: Her huge stomach.

The orb of caramel colored flesh jutted out from Nyssa's middle, sinking into the mattress and the blankets upon it. It nosily groaned and churned at whatever was inside it, which Oliver noticed pushed out with bulges occasionally across the otherwise smooth dome.

"What's the matter?" Nyssa asked, drawing Oliver's attention back to her face. "Were you expecting someone else? Perhaps someone a little more... blonde? BURP!" The loud belch punctuated her question, and Oliver's heart sank as he realized what had happened to Felicity. Nyssa ran a hand over her wobbling gut as the blonde squirmed within her belly, her smile widening slightly. "Mm, not much of a fighter, this one. But she tasted exquisite!" Nyssa added with a giggle.

"Nyssa? But... Why?" Oliver asked slowly, having difficulty finding words to voice his inquiry. Though the two were technically married, she had never objected to any of Oliver's relationships until now.

"I may not have agreed with everything my father believed in, but there's one belief we share: Take what you want. Tonight, what I want is you." Oliver saw the unbridled lust in Nyssa's eyes as she licked her lips, her stomach making its opinion known with a deep groan. "And I will have you... one way or another."

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Posted by SuperheroFood 3 years ago Report

Another great picture, fun story combo from these two.


Posted by Ergos 3 years ago Report



Posted by torontofan 3 years ago Report

Story is amazing, and so is the picture. A second part/prologue is sooo badly needed!:o


Posted by Ergos 3 years ago Report

Thanks! I do want to draw more Nyssa at some point!


Posted by Goblingobler 3 years ago Report

Nyssa needs a new bra methinks.


Posted by Ergos 3 years ago Report

She sure does!


Posted by JacktheGreen 3 years ago Report

I personally adore your work, I think you're a talented artist and probably what I like best about you thus far are the facial expressions. Vore just isn't vore if the faces don't work out


Posted by Ergos 3 years ago Report

Thanks a lot! I really, really appreciate it!


Posted by EmpDarkshadow 3 years ago Report

Mmmmm sexy, what other wife?


Posted by Moreno 3 years ago Report

Superhero food could you do a carry on story to bayonetta may eat walking lollipops