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El was giddy with excitement. After years of being alone with her desires and needs, she was finally reunited with her own people, including by some miracle her own mother. And now, she got

Cersei Lannister's stomach rumbled as she once again felt the painful ache which could only be truly satisfied by stuffing a highborn woman inside it.


she wouldn't have to wait much longer for that, as grinning members of the gold company presented her with a large wooden box with something human-sized inside it.

Under h

Cersei Lannister grinned wickedly and then licked her lips at the sight before her. Sansa Stark

might be a filthy traitor, but she had always been beautiful, and she certainly had never looked better than like this, lying naked on her front with her arms firmly tied behind her back, her legs bound and a bright red apple in her mouth.

If it where

Selina Kyle was a little angry, but mostly frustrated. After years of the classic will they, won't they routine with Batman he just seemingly shut her down once and for all, telling her that if they were ever together she'd become a target.

Of course

she had argued that she could take care of herself, but he had argued that she just didn't have the resources and

"You can't do this! I'm the Queen!"

Margaery Tyrell yelled for what felt like the millionth time as she and Sansa Stark were dragged through King's Landing.

Sansa mostly ignored her. There was little point to Margaery's protests, as these guards were loyal to the Lannisters. All the guards at the wedding between Joffrey Lannister and Margaery Tyrell ha

Maggie Sawyer swore and struggled in her restraints. Which she had been doing when she was cold and alone, but now she was being moved she kicked it up a notch, wishing she clearly see where she was going, as her world had been darkness ever since that van had pulled up, opened up and the men inside it had grabbed her, throwing a bag over her head.

When it was finally removed Maggie found hersel

Laurel Lance had been warned by Nyssa al Ghul about using The Lazarus Pit to bring her sister back, but it was Sara! Her sister. She couldn't just leave her dead if she had the chance to resurrect her.


she had ignored the warnings and insisted that Nyssa didn't kill Sara when she came out of The Pit, and not once had she regretted it. Not while having to repeatedly sedate Sara while travelling back to Star City, or while chai

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