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Royally Screwed By Lampton -- Report

Uploaded: 1 month ago

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Originally a birthday sketch gift for  maniacalfork back in July (and later properly rendered), featuring their excellent princess Priscilla and an unlucky tourist..

Experimented with a lighter shading style that involves less time wasting and crying than my usual way of doing it. Trying to find a good balance for rendering longer comics without it taking months and months.

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Posted by Green_Glutton 1 month ago Report

I like the sign in the back!


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Guess she’s screwed then~♥️


Posted by Nagafanguy34 1 month ago Report



Posted by maniacalfork 1 month ago Report

Do NOT say no to pilk!
Ellie didn't drink her pilk, and look where that's gotten her.
This is still seriously amazing, thank you so much!


Posted by HoneySquare 1 month ago Report



Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

the pilk master...
thanks to you as well!!! :)


Posted by Reiko 1 month ago Report

I adore this picture! Poor, poor Ellie...Another recovery for her ;3


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

her vacation was cut a bit short :0


Posted by Reiko 1 month ago Report

She got to stay in the finest castle at least~ T-Take that Elena and Eliza!


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

and she got a very in-depth guided tour as well!


Posted by Undernom 1 month ago Report

This is absolutely devilish and evil, I adore this~


Posted by Silentlyred 1 month ago Report

Hope we can see some art of Ellie’s mom


Posted by SerenaBlaze 1 month ago Report

Lynch and Kainan's Airi spotted as easter eggs. X3


Posted by RegalRoyal 1 month ago Report

The look on the maid's face is cracking me up


Posted by Tanookicatoon 1 month ago Report

OOH I loved this one back then!! XD
what a horrible predicament, I love it! lol


Posted by Omega273 1 month ago Report

Man you have been busy, good to see you back!


Posted by Novapyro 1 month ago Report

I love this, but man, that poor girl can't catch a break. I'm hoping one of these days she gets a win.


Posted by killerpancakesz 1 month ago Report

Your art style has evolved into something else kudos to you!


Posted by VertGreenHeart 1 month ago Report

Ellie was later on replaced by the maid look alike.


Posted by ZHunterX 1 month ago Report

Ooh, more situations with Ellie becoming chow. The crossection with this is amazing.


Posted by lore74 1 month ago Report

This is soooo good! I always love seeing Ellie in belly. Always a treat when you upload.


Posted by DrakeHillside 1 month ago Report

Looks like someone narrowly escaped the jaws of gluttony ~ :U


Posted by Hozomat 1 month ago Report

I really enjoy the fact that the internal view is actually inside her body, and not simply limited to a round belly that has simply been added as a midriff attachment. It's a small detail but it's appreciated ^^

I'm also trying to spot the Easter eggs in the background, buut I'm afraid I'm not that good... x) What's up with the brown hair girl thinking about a fiery hat?


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

Well at least Elle has dozens of other bodies at the ready


Posted by Hoboman 1 month ago Report

Poor Ellie just can't catch a break, it seems.
Hope to see her turn the tables and be a pred someday.


Posted by Bruh110 1 month ago Report

I love the stomach effect


Posted by Vorelover23 1 month ago Report

Wonder how she's going to feel when she runs into the maid she thought she ate while Ellie is stewing in there.


Posted by Pebbleroni 1 month ago Report

Long live pilk


Posted by Birichino 1 month ago Report

Oh, this is cute. I guess the maid's exit plan is to just replace that girl, then.


Posted by Rissery 1 month ago Report

This actually makes me really sad, but it's my own fault for developing feelings for a cartoon.


Posted by Bright 1 month ago Report

I like how the blonde older sister has such an optimistic outlook on things.