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A full decade later Posted 1 year ago
My gallery hit the ten year anniversary mark earlier this month. And I realized... I'M OLD! HELP

anyway, thank you all of you for these good & cool years! Now let's see if I'm still here and alive in another ten years!!!
(I originally wanted to get the pokemon sketches done in time for the anniversary, but decided on quality rather than arbitrary time limits.)
Absence Posted 3 years ago
Sorry about the long period of quiet, been busy with other things! Took a full-time programming class during the spring that took most of my time, but it's all done now. Can't promise to upload more consistently because some life matters appear to be already veering out of control again, but I'll do my best!

EDIT: I meant this just as a heads up, but thank you very much for all the supporting comments anyway :)
2020 Posted 3 years ago
Heyhey! It's a whole new year and a good time for a small update!

Let's get the bad(?) news out of the way first; I don't plan on opening for public commissions anytime soon, maybe ever again, unless some financial calamity happens. Apologies, but I'm still more interested in working on my own ideas than making money. I have promised a couple comms for some friends so don't be surprised if they pop up later in the year, but they'll be few and far between.

As for future content there shouldn't any major changes. I'm planning to focus slightly more on my original characters/world this year, but there should still be enough Pokemon and miscellaneous content coming too. There'll be more AV and UB as well (maybe they'll even feature in a full pic instead of only...
[ Continued ... ]
I'm back, sorry about the long silence. Posted 4 years ago
Long story short, I was a bit worn out for a while and didn't feel like uploading. Unlikely to be opening commissions to the public for a long while, gonna take a break to draw my own ideas again!
Update (Sep 25th) Posted 5 years ago
I'm a little behind on my schedule (as often happens), so many of the upcoming commissions will be delayed by a week or two from what I predicted. Sorry about the wait, I'll do my best to hurry up!

I just finished uploading the four first sketch commissions. The first colored commission was finished a couple weeks ago but I won't be uploading it for the time being due to non-vore content. Currently shading the second color commission and expecting to get it done and uploaded this week.
Comms closed again! Posted 5 years ago
Closing down the 3rd batch a couple hours early, but I'm almost up to 30 ideas sent in already...!

I'll start parsing through them tomorrow and contact the people who end up chosen. A huge thank you to everyone who sent their ideas! : )
Reminder Posted 5 years ago
Just a reminder that I'm open for commissions today and will be for about 13 more hours.

Send a PM detailing what you'd like, and as before, I'll choose the ones to work on the following day. This time I have 4 regular slots and 4 sketch-only slots, and I might take additional sketches if the initial ones are finished quickly.

Here's the price sheet and guidelines.
Opening for commissions on 1st of September! Posted 5 years ago
Haven't uploaded anything in a while, I know! Didn't get very much drawing done in July due to a horrific heat wave, and a lot of my time in August has been used for studying various art books, so there's no huge stockpile of drawings waiting to be uploaded (there's a few, however).

Anyway, I'm taking another batch of commissions next Saturday (GMT)! This time I'll have four regular slots and four sketch slots. I'll add sketch prices to the price sheet tomorrow (as it appears I've lost the original file and have to remake the damn thing from scratch), but sketches will be priced starting from $12 for a single piece, non-colored. I'll sketch a couple example pieces during the week, as well.

That's about it, if you have questions feel free to ask as usual!
2nd batch closed! Posted 5 years ago
Thank you for all the comm proposals! I received a whopping 20 in total, which unfortunately means I'll have to turn down a lot of people again. I've contacted the four I chose, and for the rest: I'm sorry, but there's just too damn many of you! :(

To alleviate this problem in the future, I'm thinking about offering some sketches in addition to the normal slots for the next batch, which will hopefully happen in July or early August. More on that later!
Opening for commissions on June 3rd! Posted 5 years ago
As the title says, I'll be opening for my second batch of commissions next Sunday (GMT) . Same as last time, I'll pick four ideas from he ones sent in during the day (with a focus on personal interest and variety).
Will close down the following Monday.

Prices will be the same (this time): If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM! :)