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Full Capacity By Lampton -- Report

another year, another lynch for the rock. This time she overdoes it a little!

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Posted by TeruyukiKiryuin 1 month ago Report

It ain't easy being a teacher


Posted by Undernom 1 month ago Report

Your 'universe's' casual take on vore and digestion is so fascinating and wonderfully evil to watch, bravo good sir~


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

haha, glad you like it >;)


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Heavy is a good look for her~


Posted by Runbot 1 month ago Report

I don't get why they don't fire her even the teachers said it Why is she still working here? She must've digested more students then the rest of us combined. Why don't they just fire her because of this reason.


Posted by Flatheaddog 1 month ago Report

They don't want to evoke her wraith


Posted by Vorelover23 1 month ago Report

What kind of hell class did she take to tick her off this much?


Posted by Runbot 1 month ago Report

Math Class


Posted by LeeB 1 month ago Report

I love how you made it that even the other staff think she's going overboard lol


Posted by TrainerKatrine 1 month ago Report

Jeez, that's certainly a lot! Didn't expect multiple prey in this fashion from you.. but it is quite welcome! I really like the bulges and how.. tight it looks!


Posted by LIamINSecret 1 month ago Report

I think this is the first time Lynch has got any push-back. Also still love the acknowledgement that 1) Students are getting permaed and 2) Digesting is not fun.

Keep up the good work!


Posted by Vorelover23 1 month ago Report

I don’t think it’ permaed. Wouldn’t the young blonde be missing with how much she gets eaten here? Plus, I think it showed a result of a bully getting the benefits of digesting someone, and that same someone just walked out the showers?


Posted by RhinoSalt 1 month ago Report

The blonde is confirmed to not get perma'd, yeah. It's elaborated on in a comic.


Posted by LIamINSecret 1 month ago Report

Ellie doesn't get perma'd because of the reformation/cloning machine, but that costs money. Ellie's family is well off, but it's pretty well established that you die in this universe if you get digested. Only those who can afford it live.


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

It's ambiguous, they could very well be getting digested for good for all we know!

(The aftermath comic is there to provide background for the setting, but it's purposefully put into a different folder from the rest to make it easier to ignore if one doesn't care for the mechanics it introduces. It's also the reason you'll rarely see any references to it in other pictures or comics; I always try to make these scenarios as stand-alone as possible to make it easier for people to use their imagination.)


Posted by LIamINSecret 1 month ago Report

Fair enough


Posted by Millusio 1 month ago Report

Damn I wish I was punished in her class with my friends. Not sure my friends would appreciate it and at least I would.


Posted by Indighost 1 month ago Report

Love that bathroom scene!


Posted by Caustic 1 month ago Report

where's the car


Posted by Bags 1 month ago Report

You've come a long way since you've started. Keep up the great work!


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

Thank you!


Posted by doomed 1 month ago Report

That’s how you know lynch is a bad teacher lol. EVEN THE OTHER TEACHERS THINK SHES EATING TOO MANY STUDENTS

I bet instead of a graduating class they just have lunch walk across the stage lmao


Posted by VorDog 1 month ago Report

How many people did she eat?


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

Four of them :o


Posted by Novapyro 1 month ago Report

This is what happens when you overindulge. Now she's probably in trouble with the school board.


Posted by Hereforvore 1 month ago Report

We've always seen her as the biggest fish in the school pond, but of course as just one teacher shes just one of many- interesting to see her in a situation where she is equal or below to those around her.


Posted by Zen_Coyote 1 month ago Report

By the sounds of it even though vore is a social norm in this setting, even preds can't just eat all they want with impunity. Looks like ironically the punisher is going to be punished, perhaps with a gullet slide of her own into one of the higher ups. She'd certainly be a filling meal!


Posted by VFF217 1 month ago Report

Poor Ms. Lynch, I hope she feels better soon. The students may be starting to slack in her absence.


Posted by Flame14 1 month ago Report

I’m going to assume that with how much she ate and how tightly stretched her gut is, that digestion took longer to really get in gear. Poor kids having to be crammed together like that for so long…


Posted by linthia 1 month ago Report

Well, don't think her latex suit could fit that belly~!


Posted by FrioDingle 1 month ago Report

I have a theory. I think she binge eats because other teachers are happily married and she isn't, so she takes it out on her students.


Posted by Hozomat 1 month ago Report

There's gotta be 5-6 students in there, from what I'm counting!
I really like how the belly has tight irregular bulges but still manages to keep an overall round shape.
And 3 days to digest 6 students? My, that's one hell of a metabolism ^^


Posted by austinblack21345 1 month ago Report

Looks like ms lynch found her limit


Posted by ZeldaNoVorsu 1 month ago Report

Alternate title could be Lynch's Limit. I really enjoy that second panel.


Posted by Blarginated 1 month ago Report

Ooh, magnificent. That's my kind of gut. Also love the over-all scene and the reactions from the other faculty.


Posted by daeway 1 month ago Report

Who is talking in the background?


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

Other teachers.


Posted by daeway 1 month ago Report

I think it’s pronounced “dessert”
Wink wink nudge nudge


Posted by GoTee1 1 month ago Report

Guessing she's gotta be friends with the principal if the other teachers even think she's too much. I'd assume she's using blackmail, but from what I recall the principal seemed like a tougher cookie than that.


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 1 month ago Report

Damn looks like her peers are finally getting tired of her gluttony


Posted by Moonlightshadow 1 month ago Report

Oh my...
I do find it interesting that other teachers apparently hate her. Then again, it was somewhat implied that she is teacher just to abuse her position and getting easy meals that can't fight back that much.


Posted by Canace 1 month ago Report

Ah, I do enjoy it so whenever you come back to this school.


Posted by jazzyboy12 1 month ago Report

Damn this is great, poor intestines


Posted by Demonking44 2 weeks ago Report

I say give this teacher a promotion.


Posted by mrdragonbreath 2 weeks ago Report

Is there any word on how old Lynch's students are? I can't remember whether she's just teaching seniors or what


Posted by SuperheroFood 9 days ago Report

Nice work


Posted by Hugejess8 8 days ago Report

Love this!