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Solvent Green By Lampton -- Report

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Had an idea last week that wouldn't leave me alone so had to draw it immediately. A kind-of sequel to the old Lab Partner pic... I suppose I could've waited a couple months to make this a halloween upload but I don't have the patience for that.
Also I'm not usually a huge fan of bones but they go pretty well with slime preds :)

EDIT: Here's the full 4320x7680 version:

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Posted by rugli 2 months ago Report

Would love follow up to this :) btw this awesome.


Posted by flareblitzle 2 months ago Report

Agreed. It'd be fun to see the slime go out onto the streets.


Posted by Hozomat 2 months ago Report

Oof, that's just the right amount of gruesome to make this enjoyable. ^^


Posted by Vren 2 months ago Report

Take a wild guess teach.


Posted by 676darkness 2 months ago Report

The Blob 2 The Return.


Posted by Hrothgar3289 2 months ago Report

Love it. I think you should do bones more often slime pred or not.


Posted by Juni 2 months ago Report

Goodness, Ellie is just the Queen of Misfortunate, especially when it comes to being eaten lol

The K

Posted by The K 2 months ago Report

You did a amazing job with the slimegirl vore, especially that burp with the skull.


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

thank you!


Posted by Tokaj 2 months ago Report

That was great!


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

Thanks! :)


Posted by nope01 2 months ago Report



Posted by SmaxTheDestroyer 2 months ago Report

This is an EXCELLENT Take on slime preds and science accidents


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

Thank you :O


Posted by AplaceforSTUFFS 2 months ago Report

Poor girl never catches a break, I feel bad for her


Posted by Flame14 2 months ago Report

So the Slime took on Ellie’s appearance when it digested her. Did it take on anything else?


Posted by Gimlet 2 months ago Report

I have to admit the thought of the slime girl THINKING she's Ellie, and then meeting a Vitacorp reformed Ellie later would be interesting.

And honestly, it'd be the first time Ellie could possibly get her own back, slurping the slime girl down... or given Ellie's luck probably not.


Posted by furtherbean321 1 month ago Report

Like Swamp Thing.


Posted by Gimlet 2 months ago Report

Actually... What would be more interesting? If the Slime girl gets addicted to Ellie's taste, keeps eating her... then one morning wakes up AS her, kind of panicked over who and what she is... and still with that burning need to eat the original Ellie.


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

fair question... could've gotten her memories or something as well. A slimegirl that gets smarter as it eats people could end badly for the local community :p


Posted by Flame14 2 months ago Report

Maybe after it’s had some time to settle and sort through any possible memories the slime starts to think she is Ellie and wonders what happened to her. Then when the slime returns ‘home’ it finds the real Ellie and thinking it’s an imposter, eats and digests her without stopping to question anything. Now every time Ellie returns home she gets eaten by the slime that thinks it’s her. Worse, the sister might just sit back and watch this in amusement.


Posted by LeeB 2 months ago Report

Just want to say, as a chem student that teacher's reaction is entirely accurate lol


Posted by gigaredpanther 2 months ago Report

Extremely specific scenarios I enjoy #5281: Amorphous entity melts someone, steals their shape, then immediately fucks off.

It's probably fine. When has this sort of thing ever caused a massive calamity?


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

better to just pretend it never happened... what's the worst that could happen??


Posted by Elpie 2 months ago Report

by the look of that teacher's own belly, the other one is probably about to get eaten, too :P


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

aye, she'd better think fast..


Posted by Whirlhoof 2 months ago Report

Yet another image to go somewhere in my "vore sitcom" folder. This looks amazing; the coloring on the slime especially.

Also, for some reason my first thought on seeing this was the flash game Tasty Planet.


Posted by Luxio512 2 months ago Report

Ohhh true!
Due to the scientists!

I loved that game as a kid...


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

Thank you! never heard of tasty planet before but after googling it I can see why ;p


Posted by anysizebutsmall 2 months ago Report

Kinda terrifying, actually.


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

ask the teacher next time if you're not sure what you're doing... and uh, never use or go near any of the school plumbing anymore.


Posted by VigorousJazzHands 2 months ago Report

Love it. Such a great setup, and a great final panel to end on. I agree it'd be awesome to see bones more often in your work.


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

Thankye! Might include them a little more often, no promises though xp


Posted by Catvs 2 months ago Report

This is awesome!


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

Thanks! :)


Posted by JYGaming 2 months ago Report

Man, even the chemicals are preds.
Prey can't have shit in Detroit.


Posted by Belloc 2 months ago Report

This is a fun idea. Great use of slime. Least someone left this whole experiment happy!


Posted by cheeseandmango 2 months ago Report

The way the slime smiles at the other student using the face of the girl it just absorbed is both unsettling yet fascinating at the same time. Nicely done!


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

heehee, thank you!


Posted by x9comega 2 months ago Report

There’s a joke here…hang on lemme think….

My Partner? Oh she got a little too into the experiment, and now she’s got a Bone to pick with the publisher of this textbook! Or she would, except it looks like she’s gone a bit spineless about the whole thing!


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

pfft, very humerus..


Posted by RG9812 2 months ago Report

Whelp we got a man eating slime on the lose time to get the liquid nitrogen spray.


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

it keeps happening! the sewers are starting to overflow with accidental slimegirls...!


Posted by SherlokKirya 2 months ago Report

"Solvent Green" I see what you did there.
Poor Ellie managed to create a new pred that will surely terrorize students even more than teachers. And got eaten and digested instantly. She really can't catch a break huh.
Oh and for the last... Chemistry teacher is back ! Seems someone managed to fail at chemistry already... well, as expected.


Posted by Runbot 2 months ago Report

This reminds me of The Blob horror movie.


Posted by Perodian 2 months ago Report

Why could the slime digest all the other bones, but spat out the skull?


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

could've digested that too if given more time, but it was in a hurry ;p


Posted by BMUd8854 2 months ago Report

This is honestly a good comic, good job Lampton!


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report



Posted by Netzach 2 months ago Report

I’m sure she’s fine, a little skin lost never hurt anyone


Posted by CharshToan 2 months ago Report



Posted by BellaGrey 2 months ago Report

This is amazing didn't know I needed this!


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

Thank you! :>


Posted by Jack 2 months ago Report

Whelp. That's going to be awkward to explain.


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

The teacher doesn't seem like the patient sort either!


Posted by Jack 2 months ago Report

I just noticed that the safety goggles survived the digestion. That is a nice touch. Horray for quality equipment!


Posted by Keylimes 2 months ago Report

Im sorry... is that teacher new? Shes so HOT. And is she sporting a belly???? :3


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

suppose she's not technically new because she first appeared as a tiny background character years ago, but this is her first proper appearance. And of course she is ;)


Posted by SideOrder 1 month ago Report

Was going to ask about her, actually. I've always appreciated your school series, and the different pred personalities you explore with it!


Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

Lol was she killed by a slime girl or turned into a slime girl lmao


Posted by Runbot 2 months ago Report

Both since the slime girl did eat her and took her form which could mean that the Slimegirl version of Ellie could get Ellie's clothes and could take the identity of the real Ellie.


Posted by VFF217 2 months ago Report

I love this comic so much. I wonder if Slimellie will feed on other students and staff in the school? It'd be kind of poetic if she ate people who ate the real Ellie in the past. Kind of like Ellie getting second hand revenge.


Posted by corruptedcroissant 2 months ago Report

Slime Gooilie: let me get umm.. a BONELESS Ellie!

Bad joke aside, very well done yet again. Summer is a good period for Halloween stuff B) trust.

Hopefully Ellie will be reformed and told her family what happened, though they might not believe her and simply have a good chuckle.
Having my body shivering just from the thought of Ellie being replaced.. like the bad gooey cancelling her reformation contract after gaining some level of intellect, ultimately getting rid of her for good, brrr... Please try to keep Ellie around! I'm sure our favorite prey will befriend the Lil slime! feeding it her usual preds yesyes =>. If it doesn't have the blob/the thing mindset of replacing everything that is...


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

Thank you! And I'm sure it'll be fine, it's unlikely that the slime would reproduce and start replacing people... it's probably retired or something.


Posted by Mamerui 2 months ago Report

I really adore the way you rendered the slime.


Posted by b72777 2 months ago Report

Bro is flabbergasted


Posted by fadetoblack19 2 months ago Report

Poor Ellie. Hope she eventually gets to have her own prey, even if by accident.


Posted by Rissery 2 months ago Report

Very Calvin-and-Hobbes-esque piece. Noice.


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

pfft... wait. Now that you mention it, wasn't there a similar 'joke' in a c&h strip...? damn it


Posted by daeway 2 months ago Report

Good bye, Ellie. You’ll be missed.


Posted by pbysteria 2 months ago Report

the skull throat bulge into burp is some of the best slimegirl usage out there


Posted by GoTee1 2 months ago Report

Ah, the slime found it's identity and may now live it's life to the fullest.
And I do mean fullest.
I love a feel good personal journey.


Posted by Vorelover23 2 months ago Report

And now there’s an Ellie-fied slime on the loose. Or is it just me to notice that the slime started to take on Ellie’s shape when the girl got digested?


Posted by Natolin 2 months ago Report

Anyone here ever play that game "Tasty Planet"?

Now I kinda wanna see that game starring a slimegirl ;=;


Posted by AriasDucalli 2 months ago Report

Nice text on the back of the book. You have to go to the high res version in order to read it.


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

LMAO oops! I completely forgot to do something about that while setting up the full res version


Posted by Mordecai777 2 months ago Report



Posted by Mordecai777 2 months ago Report

Ps: Can’t wait to see what you got next in the bag for us


Posted by Gges 2 months ago Report

Ay you have a patreon?


Posted by NavigerousVore 1 month ago Report



Posted by Caustic 1 month ago Report

is this a vore day comic


Posted by tummyterrors 1 month ago Report

So excellent. Love to see you trying new things <3


Posted by Mordecai777 1 month ago Report

I hope the teachers gets angry enough to eat the remaining one and digest her, now that would be a happy ending


Posted by Seventina 1 month ago Report

I love the Slimegirl Vore artwork!
It's so fantastically drawn, the burp is wonderful and the comic is one of the best I've ever seen.
One of the few images I favor, I'm happy!


Posted by Undernom 1 month ago Report

Gosh, how tragic!

I love it~


Posted by voltgaming20 1 month ago Report

They had created a monster!
A monster slime


Posted by Stunlocked 1 month ago Report

At... least it didn't have a gun this time


Posted by Guzzlord1an 1 month ago Report

I love this one! Especially the skull. I do wish Elly was wearing a short dress lol


Posted by Guzzlord1an 1 month ago Report

But this is still amazing! Poor Ellie, I'd love to see more slimegirls from you, especially scenarios like these


Posted by Clookinrex 4 weeks ago Report

So more slime girl?


Posted by VertGreenHeart 3 weeks ago Report

Idk if my lab partner is Alive in the sewers or dead on the table, What I do know us that I'll probably get a fat F....


Posted by TanookiBoy12 3 weeks ago Report

Now that's a hungry slime