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Jeanne Beauregard: The weather could not have been any better for the Kareiths' garden party. It was a warm, sunny day, with small groups of clouds drifting about here and there in the otherwise bright, blue sky. A mild breeze kept the heat in check and made it more bearable, and spread the tantalizing smell of the barbecue through the whole neighbourhood. Tables and chairs had been set up outside in the garden by Kayla's parents, but the living room and kitchen were occupied by the family's gue

Day 01
Damn alarm clock. With
a groan, Peter's arm rose slowly from his bed, feeling around blindly
for the origin of the stressing noise on the sideboard. When his
fingers finally found the clock, the room went silent again. With a
deep sigh of satisfaction, he opened his eyes. Eight fourty-three.
With a jump, he was out
of his bed. He had forgotten to correct the alarm time after
yesterday. His boss would kill him. Cursing, jumping on one leg while
trying to get into his jeans with the o

He took a step back, contentedly beholding his work. She looked beautiful. From her shoulders down to her ankles wrapped in seaweed, her hands slightly raised above her head, tied to a hook in the ceiling. In her mouth glistened a red apple.

She had invited him over to her apartment this afternoon; some small talk, probably watching TV or a DVD. And traditional food from her home country should be served: Sushi. What a luck he had remembered to bring along enough rice. After chatting for a w

[Jorlande] Panting, Jorlande wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. It was hot in the jungle out here, and all the mosquitoes and other insects were annoying her as they crawled through her fur. Peeking around the thick tree again, she caught another glance at the entrance of the hidden facility. There she would find the mutagen. But first, she had to get in. This was a side entrance and only one guard was on duty, but she would have to get him down with a single shot. Otherwise, he would

[Sevali] The grasslands are not a very caring environment. The animals are wary and fast, the rivers are few and rely on the rains, and with nothing but dense, impenetrable forest to the east, arid, inhospitable desert to the west, and mountains even further beyond that. The air is warm enough to set the mind buzzing, the sun hot enough to threaten with heat stroke, and all of this culminates in one thing; the people living on the grassy plains are not ones with unlimited patience. Tempers flare

[Sanyukay] The rain was heavy and the wind was strong, shaking the trees and blowing cold, humid air into the den. However, it was surely much more comfortable than on the outside. But as soon as it had started, and as heavy as it had blown, as suddenly died the wind down and the rain stopped. Raindrops were dripping from the trees and the earth outside was still muddy, as Sanyukay opened his eyes again. Aided by the gently massage Kenji had given him, he had well rested and digested the last re

[Kenji_Misoto] It was on this sunny afternoon that Kenji found herself wandering through the forest, allowing her mind to wander just as she did. It was in this day that she found herself thinking back to one that she had encountered several nights ago--though he seemed to be such a hazy memory. His scent, his taste, his voice, all were ingrained in her mind yet she could not seem to bring herself to paint a clear picture. It was infuriating, like an artist who had every color known to man and t

[Jorlande] It was dark down there, the light was dim, the room only enlightened by the various candles. Jorlande had left her clothes outside, she had nothing to hide from her beloved lords. The jackal girl was kneeling in front of a small altar, her voice swinging up and down, as she praised the dark gods. "Bastet, guide my luck in the future, Apophis, help me to crush my foes..." She was so deep into her praise, that she didn't noticed as a small crack opened in mid-air in the middle

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Jack's Blog - From good to evil Posted 9 years ago

So. Almost right after my last blog, here is another one.
This time, because I have a question.

I am currently writing on some sort of a story and I am rather stuck somewhere in the middle, because I am confronted with a problem I cannot seem to solve.
It is about a friendly guy, of the type which gives cookies to kids, helps grandmas across the street and is generally polite, kind and helpful. But in a likeable way.
But now, where I have (hopefully) built up the readers sympathies after half of the story, I want to corrupt him. Because there would otherwise no way that he would ever start devouring people and kill them by digestion.

The question is, how do I do that without turning the readers against him? Of course I could go with "It's...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by PrinnyDood 5 years ago Report

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Thanks a bunch! These archives are the results of many years of gradually, obsessively writing naughty stories, so I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've seen so far.

And yeah, real life has been cutting into my writing time, but I'm not retiring anytime soon either, so you can expect that sooner or later inspiration will hit me again, and there'll be some more vorish goodness for me to upload.


Posted by Skittles209 9 years ago Report

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Posted by Svartvinge 9 years ago Report

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Thanks, and i did enjoy it XD

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Posted by Shryland 10 years ago Report

Thanks for the Watch :)


Posted by KrasnyiKoiot 10 years ago Report

Thanks, of course, for the watch! It's an honor, and most appreciated!

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Posted by LordStorm 11 years ago Report

Heh No problem;) Always good to know my stuff is enjoyed. As long as people like my comics My cast of ladies will keep meeting tasty ends:D


Posted by LordStorm 11 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! Hope your enjoying the comics;)


Posted by blackrain 11 years ago Report

Thats good to know, I do need to do a few more centures drawings. I am working on a new comic with Sunmane, like everything its just taking a little time for me to finish it.


Posted by blackrain 11 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch. let me know if there is anything that you would like to see more of?!


Posted by Gimlet 11 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch


Posted by Tsavo 11 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch. :D


Posted by Throat_Wolf 12 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch! It means a lot to me to know there are people out there who like my stuff enough that they want to know right away when there's more of it.

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