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School's Out (C) By Lampton -- Report

This was the last remaining commission from the 2019 batch. We had some minor delays on both ends, but at least it's finally done! Commissioned by who else but  TheWickedKing and featuring his character Aria. :)

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Posted by Robotdocter 5 months ago Report

Voreception AND Aria? amazing :>
absolutely love this pic a ton! really nice shading and backgrounds :o


Posted by Lampton 5 months ago Report

Thanks! Had to shake off some rust because it'd been almost half a year since I last shaded anything, but it turned out nicely in the end x0


Posted by doomed 5 months ago Report

miss lynch had that coming


Posted by Green_Glutton 5 months ago Report

Hehe nice try Anya but I'm a warlock....


Posted by Lampton 5 months ago Report

LMAO god damn it green


Posted by TeruyukiKiryuin 5 months ago Report

I never would've imagined Lynch being prey, but I'm all for it :)


Posted by Lampton 5 months ago Report

heehee, it's a fun change of pace


Posted by Vorelover23 5 months ago Report

So who’s aria in this situation? Teacher, student, or higher authority?


Posted by Trex4 5 months ago Report

Wow that’s tough for Ellie


Posted by Trex4 5 months ago Report

But one day she will avoid all the pred


Posted by Lampton 5 months ago Report

she'll turn the tables some day ;p


Posted by Pokerus 5 months ago Report



Posted by Wyvern14 5 months ago Report

"There's always a bigger fish"


Posted by Lampton 5 months ago Report

hehe, exactly


Posted by EmblemMan 5 months ago Report

Absolutely love the intestines shot, as usual.


Posted by Soundwave 5 months ago Report

Ellie just couldn't catch a break. but one day, she will get past all of this.


Posted by saitofang 5 months ago Report

Man, you're probably one of the best artists here and I love your colors.

Every pred you draw is so enticing and I just wish I could reach in.


Posted by Lampton 5 months ago Report

Thank you! :)


Posted by Birichino 5 months ago Report

Well there's something you don't see every day. Although, Ms. Lynch really could do with the occasional swallowing. Now the question is: who will keep Aria humble?


Posted by Furanz 5 months ago Report

Damn, Ms.Lynch looks good as prey, despite she may not be enjoying it~


Posted by animewriter127 5 months ago Report

I feel like lynch should the next day look at at the girl she digested with and be like "can we talk


Posted by threk 5 months ago Report

Poor Ellie, after that thing with the Principal that's the second time at least that she's been eaten and then had her pred eaten with her still inside.

Maybe it'll be a good lesson in humility for Lynch, but probably not, she is absolutely FUMING in there.


Posted by SpotLight 1 month ago Report

Just call her "Edible Ellie"