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"You gotta be careful now, Andrew", Jack said as Ian returned to normal. "You're my best friend and I don't want anything bad happening, so you gotta promise me you'll watch out for anything that might squish or eat you." Andrew had been bitten by Selena's new pet kitty, Ian, and had become malleable and gooey as a result and was currently just as vulnerable as his friend.
"Fine, fine", andrew said. "I'll be careful. I don't see how you can be all scared and stuff when you're basically immortal."
"I mean it!", jack whined. "You're all gooey and gummy now, so you gotta watch it. Your brother might..."
"Jeez, jack, i told you i'll be fine."
"well... Alright. I trust you", jack said as he walked home with Ian in his arms.
As soon as jack had gone home, Andrew turned around to see his little brother staring up at him. "Oh, uh, hey Stevie...", Andrew said. “ I gotta get to my room, so…” andrew was cut off as stevie poked him hard in the stomach, creating a small divot.
"Heehee! Bubba all squishy like ack!", the younger boy giggled
"Stevie! Cut it out, you little brat!", andrew yelled as he pushed his little brother away... Only to be knocked to the ground.
"Hah! You wimpy now, bubba!", the toddler giggled, finding his big brother's newfound vulnerability hilarious.
“Y-you better stay back, Stevie”, Andrew cried as he turned and ran away.
Stevie quickly followed, laughing as he chased after his now-squishy big brother. “Imma smoosh you, bubba!”, the toddler laughed as he chased his brother into the house. “Imma eat you up!”
“I should’ve listen to Jack!”, Andrew said to himself as he ran through the halls, only to be stopped by his mother, Barbara. She seemed a bit sweaty, and her work out clothes was speckled with weird pinkish blotches.
“Andrew!”, Barbara yelled as the boy skidded to a stop. “What have I told you about running in the house, young man?!”
“But mom!”, Andrew whined. “Stevie's chasing me and i-”
“It’s nice that you're playing with your brother, but keep it safe”, his mother said. “You're a lot bigger and stronger than Stevie, and you could really hurt him if you aren't careful.” Barbara walked back to her exercise room, completely unaware of her eldest son's condition.
Andrew gulped as he looked around, unable to find his little brother anywhere. Thinking he was safe, Andrew breathed a sigh of relief, headed to his room, and locked the door. Suddenly, his closet door opened and out burst Stevie, grabbing his malleable older brother and squishing his mouth shut! “I tricked you, bubba”, Stevie giggled. “Now you allll mine!” Andrew panicked, attempting to squirm out of his little brother's grasp, only for Stevie to toss him up into the air before he landed back on the floor with a *SPLAT*! Andrew’s eyes rolled as he was reduced to a flesh-colored splatter on the floor with eyes. “Heehee! You look funny, bubba!”, Stevie laughed. Andrew simply lied there in his daze as his brother went through his closet and dragged out a box that contained his toys, as well as some that Jack had let him borrow. Andrew had never allowed his brother to play with his toys, both because he was too young for them, and because he often broke his own and he knew he’d do the same to his. The boy-blob had only barely begun to snap out of his daze when a shadow covered him a Stevie's rapidly descending butt filled his vision! *SQUELCH!*
“Hehe, you really comfy, bubba”, Stevie giggled as he wiggled his plump little butt on top of his brother. “Now I can play with your toys all I want”, Stevie said as he shifted from side to side on his brother-cushion.
Andrew's screams were muffled underneath the toddler's cheeks as the younger boy made himself comfortable while he dug through his toy box. “Mmmmmmffff!”
“You can't stop me, wimpy bubba”, Stevie teased as he grabbed one of the toys from the box, Jack's Knockout figure, and fiddled around with it as his older brother struggled in vain beneath his butt. Andrew continued his futile attempts to squirm free, and mentally cringed as he heard a *SNAP*. “Oops. Sorry, bubba”, Stevie said, sounding genuinely apologetic before he pulled out another toy.
“Oh man”, Andrew said to himself as Stevie shifted his weight on top of him. “Hope that wasn't Jack’s. He’s gonna kill me… if my brother doesn't first”, he whimpered. Andrew’s whining was suddenly interrupted by a rumbling sound. The boy panicked and quickly renewed his struggles, knowing that noise meant one of two things, neither of which were good for him.
“I’m hungry now”, Stevie said as he stood up. He turned and giggled at the sight of his big brother, now reduced to nothing but a perfect mold of his round, chubby little butt cheeks. “You gonna be food now, bubba!”, Stevie giggled as he peeled his flattened brother off the ground. “Imma eat you up!”
Andrew attempted to escape the grasp of his ravenous little brother, but only managed a bit of a wiggling, causing Stevie to laugh.
The younger boy licked his lips and took a bite out of his Andrew pancake, causing the flattened boy to mentally yelp in pain. “Mmmmm! You taste like banana pudding!”, Stevie exclaimed as he chewed him up, savoring his brother's sweet taste. The toddler continued munching on his older brother, enjoying both his brother's flavor and the feeling of being so much stronger than his big brother. Stevie greedily scarfed down every bite of Andrew's body, giggling as he felt him slide down his throat. Soon, Andrew was nothing but mush in his little brother's gut, his hot stomach juices quickly reducing him to nothing but a liquid. “*UUURRRRPPP!*” Stevie laughed after letting out a sizable belch. “Heehee! You sure were yummy, bubba!”, the toddler said as he patted his belly, causing the boy inside to slosh around. “Now I got two yummy toys!”, Stevie cheered.
Andrew gurgled inside of his brother’s tummy, fearful of what the terrible toddler had in store for him.
Stevie yawned and walked over to Andrew's bed, climbing in and pulling the covers over himself. “Your bed’s a lot bigger and comfier than mine, bubba”, Stevie said as he wriggled around and got comfortable. “Now I’m gonna sleep here, and you get to sleep in my tummy! G’night, bubba”, Stevie said, yawning before he fell asleep.
Andrew would get no sleep as he was forced through his brother's digestive system, cringing as he felt tiny bits of his body get sucked up and absorbed into Stevie, being turned into a little layer of pudge to fuel the growing boy. “Ugh… this isn't as cool as I thought it’d be…” Andrew felt more of his body being absorbed by his little brother and started to mentally panic. Something was very wrong…
Stevie was awoken by a rather loud fart. The boy yawned and rolled out of his brother’s bed. He quickly noticed that his clothes were now too tight for him. “Bubbaaa”, Stevie whined. “You make me fat!” Stevie found that he had gained a good amount of weight, particularly in his butt. The boy laughed as he shook his hips. “Now I get your clothes, too, bubba”, he giggled. The toddler yelped as he felt his butt wobble on it's own. “My butt moved!”, he cried. Stevie pulled his shorts down and his underwear, which barely fit him by this point, and grabbed ahold of both of his plump, pale butt cheeks.
“Stevie!”, Andrew yelled, seemingly from nowhere, “You better let me out now, you little brat!”
Stevie gasped as he felt his rear jiggle as his big brother yelled. He looked down and behind him at where he thought he heard the noise. “Bubba? Izzat you?”
“Yeah, now get me out of here or else!”, Andrew yelled once more, causing his little brother’s butt to jiggle.
Stevie laughed as his brother gave his empty threats. “Hahahaha! You my butt! You my butt, bubba!” He found his big brother’s humiliating fate to be the funniest thing ever. He began shaking his hips and continued laughing at Andrew’s plight, singing a little song as his movement sent ripples along his butt. “I got a bubba butt, I got a bubba butt, nyeh nyenyeh nyenyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh!~”
Andrew became incredibly dizzy as his brother shook him around, whining as Stevie slapped each of his butt cheeks and made him wobble some more.
“Now we the same, that means your stuff mine now”, Stevie said.
“The same? No, we’re not the same person, you dumb brat! You’re gonna help me get out of your fat butt right now, do you hear me?!”
“Uh-huh. I heareded you, bubba”, Stevie said. “You said-” Stevie stopped and grunted before letting out a loud fart that reeked of rotten bananas.
Andrew gagged a bit as he was forced to smell his little brother’s flatulence while the younger boy laughed at him. “You my butt now, bubba”, Stevie laughed. “You can’t tell me what to do no more. All you do is fart and poop and sit now. Now I can play with ‘Ack all I want.”
Andrew mentally gasped. “You better leave him alone!”, he cried. He quickly got a response in the form of a slap from Stevie. “Owww!”
“Shut up, bubba-butt”, Stevie said as he reached into Andrew’s dresser and put on a pair of his shorts, which were still tight, before running off.
Next door at the Harper residence, Jack was looking for beatles in the backyard, waiting for his friend to return. “I hope nothing happened to Andrew…”, Jack said to himself as he crawled on the ground. Suddenly, he felt himself being compressed by a soft, heavy weight that quickly squashed his entire body, leaving only his blinking eyes and his nose poking out.
“Haha! You super comfy now, ‘Ack!”, Stevie giggled as he bounced up and down on Jack, his brother-turned-butt fat wobbling slightly.
“*groan* Go away, Stevie”, Jack whined, muffled beneath his chubby young neighbor. “You’re gonna be in big trouble with Andrew if he catches you”, he said, hoping that the boy didn’t know about his brother’s condition.
“Nuh-uh”, Stevie said. “I gobbled up bubba, and he my butt now!” The boy laughed as he ripped a rotten banana-scented fart on the whimpy gooey boy.
“Y-you what?! Andrew, no…”
“Jack!”, Andrew cried from his fleshy prison. “I’m sorry! I should’ve listened-” *SMACK* “Owwww!” Andrew was quickly interrupted by Stevie slapping his brother-butt once more.
“Butts don’t talk, they sit and squiiiiiish!” Stevie said as he ground down on Jack. If he were older and had an understanding of irony, he likely would have found it funny that his brother, previously so protective of Jack, was now helping to torment his friend. Jack whimpered as the younger boy pulverized him, saddened both by his friend’s fate and the fact that he couldn’t save him from the innocently sadistic little boy. After a couple of minutes, Stevie stood up, leaving Jack stuck to his butt like a sticker and forcing him to wobble along with his young tormentor as the boy left to inspect the strong scent of butterscotch...
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Gooey Bite (bad end/non-canon) By Derpatron

Andrew quickly figures out just how tough Jack's got it as his little brother discovers his condition and things go awry.
Takes place directly after this story:

A (non-canon) bad end version of this story:
I'm going through a writer's block, and redoing different versions of my stories seems to help.

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Posted by Xenophage17 9 months ago

Once again I am a sucker for Stevie and his innocent cruelty. Nothing quite as humiliating as being cursed to be your baby brother's stinky butt. Well at least Andrew can appreciate what his friend went through.