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The Amazing, Invincible Micro By Halcyon

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**A very special thanks to  VividLucidity for editing this piece for me and offering numerous helpful suggestions**

This was a commission for matheson, originally finished 12 December 2017. The thumbnail image, is credited to pop kyun. Image source:

In this alternate universe, set in modern times, humanity has split into two distinct species. One of them is identical to the human race in every way. The other is mere inches tall. Forced into subservience by the giant (regular-sized) humans, the microes live their lives in fear. If they get caught, they could be sold off as ornaments, toys, or food.

After Archie, a human, offends an ancient witch, she bestows on him two blessings/curses: First, he becomes invincible to physical harm. Second, he has become tiny. This is the story of how Archie became a micro, and how he struggles to adapt to his new life as the undigestible plaything of two very cute giantesses.

This was a commission for matheson, who I previously worked with on my "Chinese Take-Out" series. This next piece was a gem to write, and I'm very pleased with how it came out! It also surpassed my previous record for longest story ever, though I can't remember the exact word count. Enjoy!

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Posted by TheSoulessGem 1 year ago

I like it.


Posted by Halcyon 1 year ago



Posted by VividLucidity 1 year ago

I'd give some feedback, but I guess I already did that, didn't I? :) In all seriousness though, another great piece. And thanks for the shoutout too.


Posted by Halcyon 1 year ago

Of course! Thank YOU for everything as well~


Posted by ArgyleSweater 1 year ago

I like most of this, but some parts irked me. Like, When the girl finds out that the tiny made it all the way through. Why is her first thought to feed him to her sister? Also, vore aside, It feels like there were some missed opportunities for the micros to be used as servants or vibrators... All these girls wanna do is nom!