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"Caressing? Lame..." (Animation) By CalinBeast

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Views: 10,204

File size: 4.14 MiB

MIME Type: video/mp4

Resolution: 1920x1080

Comments: 15

Favorites: 202

It's highly recommended that you download this file to view it in better quality, otherwise it looks very fuzzy.

If the animation looks fuzzy even after downloading, or if you're having trouble downloading the animation to begin with, please let me know.

Petting is for peasants. What kitty wants is something more~

Here's another animation. Unfortunately, I could not make this one into a gif without shrinking the image, so hopefully mp4 works for you.

Comment on "Caressing? Lame..." (Animation)

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Posted by jacobgord12345 1 year ago

oh wow thats really good looking, amazing work O.o

also yay your back! >w< where have ye been?


Posted by Novapyro 1 year ago

Awesome, glad to see your work again.


Posted by AkaFudo 1 year ago

Awesome to See that you are back :)


Posted by masterofvore1 1 year ago

oh man that is awesome! <3


Posted by HS 1 year ago

Oh yeah! No CG is gonna beat stuff like this! It's excellent, and probably even better once I get to watch it from a proper screen!


Posted by StormyRange 1 year ago

Lovely work ouo\


Posted by MirceaKitsune 1 year ago

So sweet and gorgeous and lovely ^_^


Posted by Bright 1 year ago

Quite fun to watch.


Posted by TastyTales 1 year ago

Very nicely done!


Posted by 121199 1 year ago

Great work! I'm so happy your back!


Posted by Jeschke 1 year ago

Ah man, your animations, and the subject matter in them, super great. So good to see more stuff from you. x3


Posted by ProwlingTigers 1 year ago

nicely done this looks amazing


Posted by charlesdeleroy 9 months ago

Ah, this mean ol big cat would almost certainly get me inside with little trouble. I could never resist a seductive feline!


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 5 months ago

My gosh, I wish I had such kitty!


Posted by AnimaRibelle 4 months ago

Really cool animation ^^
I really love it <3
Good work