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Gilly vs Ms. Verde (part 2/3) By StretchySophie

Gilly charged at the now-giant Ms. Verde, roaring intensely and tackling the woman into the opposite wall. The wall crumbled under the weight of the two fighting giant women, and suddenly Gilly found herself falling, outside with the sun on her bare skin. She smiled, grabbing Ms. Verde in the air and flipped herself, throwing the ‘green haired bitch’ to the ground.

Ms. Verde groaned as she hit the ground hard, forcing the dildo in her ass to fly out, with Ms. Lastic shortly behind.

“Sophie! You’re alright!” Gilly said, catching her breath.

Sophie looked up at the now standing, escaped giantess with awe. “How did you...”

Ms. Verde groaned and tried to pick herself up, but Gilly sat on her back, forcing her back onto the ground.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Gilly said, leaning over and picking the green dildo up from off the ground.

“Let me go, NOW! You have no idea what I’m capable of! The people I have working for me! Plasmia, Wick, powerful people who will end you in an instant. Let me go now, and I might just let you two live.”

Gilly moved her hips a little, rubbing her ass on Ms. Verde’s back. “I can’t quite fit her in my stomach when she’s this big. Sophie, would you like the honors?”

Sophie licked her lips and nodded.

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Posted by Apparitionized 7 months ago

"could you not-"

love it


Posted by StretchySophie 7 months ago

Haha, thanks! I like putting some humor in my stuff


Posted by Apparitionized 7 months ago

its good. keep it up.

also. come on and SLAM. and welcome to the JAM, ms.verde.


Posted by Apparitionized 6 months ago

Also. Just noticed
"Totally secret base"
Humor is strong with this one